O'Neal's Restaurant

4 Central Terminal Area, Queens
(718) 656-6210

Recent Reviews

Shelley B.

Wow, this has got to be the worst service and subpar food I've encountered in all my travels around the world. If you want slooooow service, burnt toast with 2 tiny pieces of bacon on your BLT, and no coffee until 45 min in then this is the place for you. Enjoy! They're lucky I'm required to give at least one star.


Stopped for a quick bite, yes it's not the cheapest but the homemade apple pie was sublime as were the strawberry milkshakes. I would definitely call again.

Angel Gonzalez

There was a lady doing the "one woman show" ...she was kind and friendly. We had to wait for 8 o'clock the hour is legal to get an alcoholic beverage. The drink was so good yes way rose.

Natasha Litchinitser

The waitress who took the order has never showed up after taking it, it took me 20 minutes to get my burger while a man next to me who came 15 min. later got it right away. Bringing water also took 20 minutes. And finally had to ask for a manager to get the silverware! Until I specifically asked - he didn’t even apologize! They took that burger off the bill, but this is not the point - I am happy to pay, but the service must be the same no matter if you are a big guy or a petit women! Will never eat at that place again.

Win P.

My expectations at an airport restaurant are not high, so my giving a generous two star rating that I consider high to be telling. Three positives... competent waitress, generally clean, and one very nice bottle of wine that was within its proper price range. I guess that sitting beneath a print of a pub where we drank in Waterford should count as a fourth plus. So, the non-positives... 1. Nowhere to charge any devices. 2. Other than the lovely and only slightly above price point bottle of Freemark Abbey Cab,there was not a bottle of wine prices within sight of an appropriate markup. 3. My wife's bistro chicken was flavorless and dry. 4. My burger was two of those frozen patties that are served by the worst diners... so much grease that I opted for fork and knife and still dripped grease on my shirt. 5. French fries were obviously microwaved.... they DO use good ketchup so there's a plus. 6. Unique to where we sat, but our cute corner booth was impossible to get in and out of. Summation... because of the wine, the start to our vacation was still an overall positive, but overall, I'd find somewhere else to dine in JFK terminal 8. I'm writing this from Vina Volo by gate 38 and am wishing we had found it first!

Riccardo B.

I don't remember last time I had such a bad burger. The quality of the meat is really low, the bun greasy and the fries old and definitely reheated in a microwave.. a delicious treat for nearly 20$

Mike S.

Just no urgency here. As an airport bar/restaurant, you have to seat people, take their order and deliver their food in a timely manner. Just not the case here. Nobody, but a handful of people seated, yet so darn slow. By the time the food (Eggs Benedict) cane out 25 minutes after finally being seated, it was cold, gross looking and tasted even worse. A TOTAL JOKE OF A RESTAURANT.

Marie Laure D.

Pretty bad service to be honest. Was there on Friday 13th at 8am, restaurant was pretty empty ( 2 tables was occupied) and the waitress was particularly rude and shows no interest on customets. Wont be back, you get better treated at Mcdonals

Frank Sapienza

I'm quite surprised at the other reviews of O'Neal's. I got to T8 early for a flight, mid-November 2019, intending to have a quick bite before heading off on vacation. I spotted O'Neal's and after a quick look at the menu decided to try it. I was not disappointed at all. I ordered the BLAST sandwich, and it was amazingly good. There was only one waiter on duty, as it was close to closing time, but he was responsive and professional. The sandwich was prepared in a reasonable time. I have no complaints, and would eagerly recommend O'Neal's to anyone that might ask.


Terminal 8 has limited food offerings and this was just an easy alternative. Small place with slightly uninterested staff.

Sharlene S.

Food was good, service was mediocre. It was super busy and you could tell the 1-3 servers were doing their best. Pretty solid airport food.

Luisa R.

Located in the American Airlines terminal, we stopped here to grab a bite to eat after being on a plane for close to ten hours. We ordered water and drinks (they have Pepsi Products) we also ordered the calamari and sweet and sour popcorn chicken. The waiter was nice enough to turn down the blaring music at our request (Yes, we were THOSE people!) Service was not spectacular but we came, ordered food, received ordered food, ate and paid for food. So all is well in my book.

Joseph Garcia

This place has the potential to be a great, but the la k of leadership and training is apparent. Sept 28 Saturday morning they had in person at the bar and working the floor, not in common but she was resentful for it! Lack of urgency and customer service and safety protocol. A woman fell on the floor hard, you think a thump would of have sounded mild, this was a loud splat!! There was no manager in site and no attention to detail as far as cleaning up the spill and or response for the person who fell. The wait person was nonchalant and still was slow in attending customers. It saddens me that you continue to have this time of work cultura especially in an airport setting. It looks like it’s time for a change and it’s gas to start at the top!!!

Gabriel Genier

“There’s a reason there’s no one in there”..

Grayson James

Don't risk it if you have a plane to catch


Nice atmosphere to grab a bite while changing terminals at JFK. Clean and friendly staff. Ruben was worse than bad.

Arthur Massei

Visited on 7/12/19 in Terminal 8. We ordered a bottle of Padrillos Malbec @$53.00. Kind of expensive but was pretty good. 1 order of the calamari @$14 and the Empanadas @$12. Recommend both dishes for a quick bite before getting on the plane. Jackie was fun and delightful to have serve us. Will go back.

Claudia B.

Came here for early morning breakfast before a 6 hour flight. Service was excellent and the breakfast was delicious. Pancakes with a side of scrambled sausage

Patrick Tam

Good food, Good service, Good cooking, everything is good

Tim B.

We had very good service, a decent bite to eat and decent pours of beer and wine while waiting for a flight from JFK. This will be my go to spot in this terminal from now on. Food came quickly, the bartender was very pleasant and took great care of us. Airports can be stressful places and timing is everything so I recommend seeing for yourself. For me I will definitely be back.

Qiang Ning

Waited for a long time until boarding. Had to do a to-go box finally. The people are just not serious.

itsthepip .

Plastic silver ware for a mid range restaurant...really

Qiang N.

Waited for a long time until boarding. Had to do a to-go box finally. The people are just not serious.


Plastic silver ware for a mid range restaurant...really

Moya Cavanagh

Just received notification from my credit card company that the tip I left for the server was doubled off my bill. I am a server myself and I am extremely displeased. The tip I left was generous to start. This is unexceptable and it is THEFT. I am abroad presently and I am unable to call the restaurant and can find no other way to contact them. Hopefully this saves some one else from dishonesty and robbery though I am sure no one reads the reviews of airport restaurants. Here’s hoping someone in management reads this and holds staff accountable.

Evan Lenox

Mediocre food. Overpriced. Not worth it.

Dennis Moynihan

Assuming this is the one in t8, have to say much better than food court or other choices. Very pleasant and attentive serve -- only place in entire jfk with a smile and kind word! ...and much better price than , say, Vans. Peaceful place to sit and enjoy some food and a big beer.

Fernando Gomes

We ordered a steak Cooked Medium. It came so well done and dry it was hard to eat. Likewise We ordered a bistro chicken sandwich no ranch no avocado. It came with avocado and the chicken was also sooooo dry I could only manage to get down half. We also ordered the mahi mahi, same problem. Quit over cooking your food!!! Ambience is alright but doesn’t make up for the lack of quality. I only wish we looked up reviews before.

Kyle B.

Was waiting for a flight to DFW and order the steak and eggs and it was Ight I had better ..the orange juice was good the service was good but the steak had a lot of fat. The eggs and potatoes was good but everything the steak I feel they have better ...I think cause of the waitress ..if your in the terminal stop by ...Give it a try

D.E. M.

This place is a JOKE. The calamari is soggy, flavorless, and a really small serving for what you pay for. The "crispy" pork banmi is disgusting, as crispy as a soggy cardboard, and has a disgusting funky sauce that someone probably created in the hopes of recreating what garbage ooze should taste like. Even their soda drinks don't taste like how they should be, I doubt they clean whatever those come out of because they taste disgusting. Everything about this place is disgusting. Don't waste your money and time, you're better off getting something from the other overpriced places around


Chicken wings were too sour. I could only eat three with tears. Meatballs are OK.

Bev Johnston

Worst coffee I have ever had and I am from UK so used to drinking instant poison!! Waiter wasn't surprised when I complained, didn't charge me for it and gave me a complimentary orange juice. Sort your coffee O'Neals and stop embarrassing your staff who have to serve watery, bitter, black poison. Eggs Benedict were really good, thank you chef.

Jimmy Steadman

Terrible service. I sat at the bar for 15 minutes and there wasn't a server in the restaurant. I left and saw them hanging outside chatting.

leslie h

Waiting just to get some one to help me..over 10 minutes.got up in left.was sitting at bar.was not but 10 to 15 people in place..

Fancypants X.

Congested freeways make getting from Manhattan to Queens a little slow going, but the rain turns the roads into a parking lot. Erring on the side of caution, we arrived at JFK earlier than we normally would & had time for a sit-down meal. O'Neals menu has the best intention to keep up with food trends, but their execution is stereotypically mediocre bar bites from an airport restaurant. We ordered banh mi flatbread (looked interesting with its puffed fried tortilla base), chicken Korean tacos (the fried chicken nuggets tasted better than expected), & poutine (which was sprinkled with a cheese that was 100% not cheese curds...parmesan, perhaps?) To spill some tea, as the kids are saying these days, a couple who were obviously unsatisfied with either service and/or their food complained loudly as they left mid-meal. Service here is a comedy show -- all three staff members hung out outside gossiping, but they served us promptly & were always available when we needed anything. Amusing only because we had time to spare, would be completely unacceptable if we were short on time.


After a bad experience in O'Neal's we went here and had a really good pepperoni pizza. The whole pie did the four of us. Great thanks

Sonja B.

Horrible service!!! Left. Didn't have service for 20 minutes at the bar while bartenders head was planted to her phone.

Calin C.

Terrible place, I wish I checked the reviews first. I ordered the steak (I know big mistake in an airport!)....more than half was fat, and the other half was tasteless...the peppercorn sauce made it somehow manageable, because I was hungry. I'm not coming back to this place, even if they pay me to eat here!

Lenox C

Fine restaurant, with a correct menu and a convenient price at T8 in JFK International Airport. Tasty food and Friendly service. It is a good to stay till the boarding time.


It's like r/shittyfoodporn opened a restaurant.