O'Neal's Restaurant

4 Central Terminal Area, Jamaica
(718) 656-6210

Recent Reviews

Arthur Massei

Visited on 7/12/19 in Terminal 8. We ordered a bottle of Padrillos Malbec @$53.00. Kind of expensive but was pretty good. 1 order of the calamari @$14 and the Empanadas @$12. Recommend both dishes for a quick bite before getting on the plane. Jackie was fun and delightful to have serve us. Will go back.

Claudia B.

Came here for early morning breakfast before a 6 hour flight. Service was excellent and the breakfast was delicious. Pancakes with a side of scrambled sausage

Patrick Tam

Good food, Good service, Good cooking, everything is good

Qiang Ning

Waited for a long time until boarding. Had to do a to-go box finally. The people are just not serious.

itsthepip .

Plastic silver ware for a mid range restaurant...really


Plastic silver ware for a mid range restaurant...really

Moya Cavanagh

Just received notification from my credit card company that the tip I left for the server was doubled off my bill. I am a server myself and I am extremely displeased. The tip I left was generous to start. This is unexceptable and it is THEFT. I am abroad presently and I am unable to call the restaurant and can find no other way to contact them. Hopefully this saves some one else from dishonesty and robbery though I am sure no one reads the reviews of airport restaurants. Here’s hoping someone in management reads this and holds staff accountable.

Evan Lenox

Mediocre food. Overpriced. Not worth it.

Dennis Moynihan

Assuming this is the one in t8, have to say much better than food court or other choices. Very pleasant and attentive serve -- only place in entire jfk with a smile and kind word! ...and much better price than , say, Vans. Peaceful place to sit and enjoy some food and a big beer.

Fernando Gomes

We ordered a steak Cooked Medium. It came so well done and dry it was hard to eat. Likewise We ordered a bistro chicken sandwich no ranch no avocado. It came with avocado and the chicken was also sooooo dry I could only manage to get down half. We also ordered the mahi mahi, same problem. Quit over cooking your food!!! Ambience is alright but doesn’t make up for the lack of quality. I only wish we looked up reviews before.


Chicken wings were too sour. I could only eat three with tears. Meatballs are OK.

Bev Johnston

Worst coffee I have ever had and I am from UK so used to drinking instant poison!! Waiter wasn't surprised when I complained, didn't charge me for it and gave me a complimentary orange juice. Sort your coffee O'Neals and stop embarrassing your staff who have to serve watery, bitter, black poison. Eggs Benedict were really good, thank you chef.

Jimmy Steadman

Terrible service. I sat at the bar for 15 minutes and there wasn't a server in the restaurant. I left and saw them hanging outside chatting.


After a bad experience in O'Neal's we went here and had a really good pepperoni pizza. The whole pie did the four of us. Great thanks


It's like r/shittyfoodporn opened a restaurant.

Yani Cardenas

Yesterday June 15 around 9 AM our 4 daughters (2 of them special needs), my husband and I had a lay over at JFK after a 15 hours fly coming from South Africa. We stopped to have breakfast at O’neal’s Restaurant on gate 6. It was almost empty only a couple. We had our carry on with us and since we were 6 pleople it took 2 extra chairs. The waitress very rude told us that we could only use 6, my husband told her that the restaurant was empty but we would pay extra meals for those chairs if it was such a problem. She said NO. We got offended and as we were leaving she said...”you should not come to restaurants”.... I don’t know if she said that because we took extra chairs, because we had our kids with disabilities, because we are Hispanics or because she had to serve us. I called her the only word that came through my mouth “S..” She threatened us ....”I’m going to make sure you don’t board your fly”..... Our daughters with special needs starting crying and got agitated because this was our last fly to get home. We went to another restaurant close by the gate and the service was fantastic, they didn’t have a problem with us taking extra space with our carry on, we had our meal and of course the waitress at O’neal’s Restaurant wasn’t powerful enough to cancel our fly, we made it home happily.

Priscilla S.

Stopped here for a quick bite to eat before boarding my flight to Miami & wait on a few friends. I ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes & toast with orange juice. Everything was okay except for the eggs. The eggs had a weird taste to It. The waitress was very friendly and attentive & our breakfast arrived fairly quickly.

John Edmonds

I wish I had had the time to speak to the manager of the O'Neal's on April 12th about five-thirty. The people working in the bar area were simply perfect: friendly and efficient without being invasive or fake, and they actually seemed to be happy, which is the big problem with people who work in customer service oriented establishments at JFK. So often they do not seem happy. This is unquestionably the result of good recruiting and good management - all the way up to the top. I never did understand why anybody would treat the people who worked for them poorly. Obviously O'Neal's policy is to treat everyone well - even the employees and managers, as well as the customers.


Just don't


Finding out your flight has been delayed on Christmas Day is a bummer. Abitinos offered "comfort" food in the form of a chicken panini with fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar. So much better than the fast food you typically find at airports.

Laura Forbes

Delicious seltzer with lemon

Jeff Solomon

Popcorn chicken was good but avoid the grilled cheese and tomato soup appetizer -- cheese and soup were room temperature

Amy S.

Times change, but passengers trapped within airport walls without decent lunch options doesn't. My co-worker and I work in Terminal 8 when we're in town and they have a reasonable amount of choices there, but the only decent choice for quality and price is Angelina's Market pre-security on the baggage level where you're stuck eating on the bag belt if their three tables are occupied. If you're looking for an option that allows you a comfortable place to sit down and talk, you must go past security. You can eat at the questionable looking food court or pick an over-priced sports bar like this one. The NYSB a couple of hundred feet closer to the main terminal has the identical menu except it features more TVs and is MUCH louder. We wanted to talk shop so we picked O'Neal's. The wait staff are courteous and didn't neglect us even though it was hopping in there at 2PM on a Thursday which is what the extra star is for. S picked the Empanadas and I picked the Spaghetti and Meatballs. You get two smallish pockets of puff pastry with a couple of peas in it (supposed to have chicken in them, but I couldn't find any) served on some colorful sauces for $12! The pasta comes in one of those satellite shaped bowls that hold a meager amount of pasta but looks very smart for $18. The meatballs were good, the sauce was too sweet while being too salty as well. No drinks just water. We walked out of there without leftovers but stomachs full for over $30 with an employee discount. At least prisoners eat for free.


on 04.10.2016 I happen to visit there and had one CK>roll and a Coffee. May be the price not high for the NY people but I found it not good for the amount paid for it.


located at JFK airport, the pizzas were a surprise both in quality and size, and also at a fair price. worth to stop by before your flight

Colleen Sullivan

What's good hear? Nothing. Not the bagel and lox, not the service. How can you mess up bagel and lox?!


I stopped here while waiting for My flight and had a good lunch. The pizza was good and the beer was cold. The service was also very quick. I would stop here again when at JFK.

seth meyerowitz

Don't bother coming here. Crap food

babs veloso

a sheppard's pie before saying goodbye (and a mojito to have a nice flight) ;)

Pedro Luiz Amorim Pereira

Bom lugar para uma refeição antes de viajar. Beba uma Samuel Adams e viaje feliz!

Tiago Dias

Around noon, the chief waitress was the nicest. I had left all my dollars in NY and paid with airline voucher, even thou she was sweet. Don't bother trying late evenings, kitchen closes by 9 :-/

Ana Forti

Nice place to bild your own burger!

Jennifa Rose

Stopped in for a quick cocktail. Got the French 75 & it was tasty!


Horrible service. Incomplete order, served cold after 30 min of wait. Stay away.


Interesting roll placement

Craig L

Food, based on the Shepard's Pie, is nothing to write home about. Service is average. The poor positioning of bar lights means the two fuzzy TV's are truly only viewable from the bar.

Anthony Brooks

Really really slow service avoid if you have a flight leaving soon


Slow service :( I ordered a salad 10 minutes before the table next to me and she got her burger and fries 7 minutes before my salad! Total waste of money

Rian Boutilier

Surprisingly good Rockefeller burger cooked perfectly. Frankie was pleasant and attentive.

Justin Scalise

Service at the bar was fast & friendly. And the grilled chicken sandwich w/ applewood smoked bacon was tasty. Suggestion: have a cocktail with Fireball cinnamon whisky. Or just a shot!