19617 Linden Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 276-8282

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Stoner Thoughts

I'd like to first start off by saying anyone who gave this restaurant a 5 star review probably You honestly must have had a steady diet of dog food. think this is a 5 star "establishment". These people DO NOT know how to make china food. Their oil is crazy old and taste like all types of “gutter oil”. That oil hasn't been changed since Mao Zedong was still president, WOW!!!. On top of the god awful food, these people have an attitude when you order. Really!!! you literally should be on your knees begging for customers to come through the door lol. I'm personally going to have some of their food sent to a lab to be analyzed. I'm not entirely sure what "mystery meat" they are serving up but ill make it my business to find out. TO ALL: STAY AWAY!!!! especially if your not medically insured. I also hope you have a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and good in-home plumbing...

Priscilla B.

Good food but not so good customer service but what do we really expect!! Lo mein, shrimp and broccoli...chicken wings can be small though

Flawless Annmarie

Its the nastiest Chinese food I ever ordered they don’t even put quality food in your plates and so much money you pay and the food taste nasty smell nasty wasted $16 I will never order from this place again or tell anyone to order from this place again


Not sure why this came up in my feed... I've never eaten here??‍♀️

- “‪Jay‬” Jay-

they food is very good u should honestly try it

Bimbo Idowu


Brianna Vilsaint

This used to be my favorite Chinese food restaurant but today I order pork fried rice and shrimp and broccoli and they food tasted terrible, the food barely had any sauce , the broccoli was extremely soft and the shrimp tasted like rubber , I don’t know what happened to panda Chinese food but I would not recommend

Sunil Canny

This place is my preferred one. I eat in plenty of restaurants but to this restaurant I go the most. The stuff is very amicable and the cuisine they serve is so fresh and tasty. I never miss an opportunity to have a nice meal here. Highly recommended.

Weave Bishop

Service was horrible the server was rude

Stephanie Foy

Food is very fresh. Great taste, and Customer Service is 100% AWESOME

Brenda Worthy

It’s a hit or miss; Monday’s-Wednesday pretty good; weekends the foods seems old; great phone and delivery service.


Chicken wings were old to the point that they were so small if you know what I mean. Never again!

Patrick Newell

My baby loves this place the service is efficient

Kiera Ickes

Aweful grease flavored food.

Jamal Brannon

This is my place to go to I know them awhile now and they always do right by me the food is good they could be a little faster with the service but hey it’s take out so patience is a virtue I like they’re customer service and when I call for delivery they are always kind and courteous great place with good food

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