Cliff's Elbow Room

1549 Main Rd, Jamesport
(631) 722-3292

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Martha M Diaz

awesome staff, great food. love this place. visit any time we are out east.

T H.

not sure what everyone else has been eating but the lunch marinated steaks were the worst ever! not even fit for a king, here king

Catherine Corrado-Lodi

Best steak you’ll ever eat. Good home cooking

Desiree V. Edgar

wonderful staff and amazing food. I have been eating here since I was a little girl. My grandmother was friends with Cliff's mother. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Cristie G.

I have to admit, these people do a steak right. A small tucked away place, don't blink you will miss it. But definitely give this a try. Service was delightful and the steak was really good.

Donna Bottone Bianco

excellent marinated steaks. we always enjoy it here

P S.

What can one say. Definitely a must stop location on the north-fork for a great meal / burger / sandwich/ beer. The staff and food is always fantastic!

Tory B.

Stopped in here on the recommendation from one of the servers at Martha Clara's Vineyard. Glad we asked for a place to grab a bite. The food was soooo good. The French onion soup was delicious!! Our server was super friendly and on point with everything, never had to ask for a single thing. It was great. Portions are perfect for the price.

Adam R.

Our marinated steaks (filet and t-bone) were perfectly cooked (medium rare), juicy and delicious. The marinade is excellent. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. Nothing fancy or pretentious at this tiny joint, just good food, and friendly service.


Our marinated steaks (filet and t-bone) were perfectly cooked (medium rare), juicy and delicious. The marinade is excellent. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. Nothing fancy or pretentious at this tiny joint, just good food and friendly service.

Gaurav P.

I stopped in to Cliff's for the first time, FINALLY, after over a decade or two of driving by! I didn't have any snacks rather I had a few beers while waiting for our table to be ready at Grana across the street. Cliff's is truly a hidden gem - doesn't look like much from the outside frankly, but their food is constantly rated quite highly by the locals. It's completely unassuming even after you walk in and can get quite busy at times so be particular about what time of the day or week you visit! Super nice bartenders and servers, will definitely feel welcomed as a local! THIS has been a review by Gaurav


The missus and I were in Montauk the first weekend of November 2018. We ate at Gurney’s Resort and the Shagwong Tavern. Service was disappointing at both locations. See my separate reviews.Monday, November 5th: We checked out at Gurney’s around 11:30 am without eating breakfast. It was a long drive home. We were very hungry but didn’t feel like eating in Montauk again.What to do?Answer: make a side trip to the North Fork and have a big lunch at the Elbow Room in Jamesport. Smart move.I had a delicious plate of pirogies smothered with onions, and my wife enjoyed her sumptuous shrimp cocktail.We then ordered a marinated porterhouse and a marinated petit filet mignon. Yummy! Better than the steaks at the Capital Grille at Roosevelt Field.Special shoutout to our server Jenna. She was very friendly and attentive. After our lackluster restaurant experiences on the South Fork, our visit to the Elbow Room made up for them 10 times over.Caveat: the men’s restroom is a really tight squeeze. One has to go through two doors! It’s not handicap-friendly, period.Definitely worth a chow down if you happen to be traveling on the North Fork.


I came here for the first time 2 weeks ago with my family.The first thing that comes to mind is....the 'marinated filet mignon' is the best steak I have ever had!! It was flavorful and tender. I am still amazed!The French onion soup was one of the best I have ever had. I would also recommend the mashed cauliflower. My family devoured this! I was very disappointed in the creamed spinach. It was watery and had no flavor. Our waiter was super sweet and the place is very cozy. I'm looking forward to returning.


And that would be missing a great joint! Place looks like your corner bar and serves food like a great restaurant. We split the swordfish which was as fresh as it gets. Try the chocolate thing for dessert, you won't be unhappy

Tara S.

I love this place. It is very unassuming and a secret gem. Great divey bar look. Burgers are absolutely amazing. I'm not even a big burger eater but once you have a burger here all others pale in comparison. Get it made to order- I got mushrooms and bacon on mine. So good! Service was good.

Chris A.

My wife got the Fried Seafood Platter, but we didn't know that it came with a side of crippling food poisoning. Shortly after eating here, she started to feel nauseous and spent the next two days living in the bathroom and throwing up. I would have said this even without the bad experience, but the "elbow room" gimmick isn't cute. It's friggin tight in there, maybe take out a couple of those tables so that people don't have to eat six inches away from a stranger's back fat.

Ashley L.

I wanted to take my husband out for a nice steak dinner for his birthday last January but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. Several people recommended cliffs and I'm so glad they did! We both got incredible huge steaks, salads, French fries, split an appetizer two beers and I spent just over $100 with tip. The steak is absolutely amazing. I had a shell and he had the porter house. The way they marinate, char the outside but cook the I side to perfection blows my mind. Nice casual atmosphere also will deff return!!!

Rachel S.

Cliffs elbow room is the ultimate hidden gem of the north fork! DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE! We walked in and were greeted by a friendly hostess and waiting only 5 minutes before we were seated. We had a wonderful waitress who quickly took our drink orders and gave us a helpful overview of the menu. All three of us ordered the porterhouse. Two of us ordered the recommended house marinade and my brother ordered s plain one ( he loved his but agreed that the marinade is the way to go). All of our steaks came with a house salad to start which we loved and agreed that not enough restaurants have a great house salad. Our steaks were served with a potato of our choice and corn. We also ordered a side of creamed spinach which we loved! We loved everything about the elbow room and will definitely return! Here is a picture of my brother who did not leave a a drop of meat on his bone!

Kristy F.

This place is a true hidden gem of Long Island. From the outside (and the inside to be honest) this place doesn't look like much. But the food is out of this world. Their marinade is incredible. I always get the steak when I come here. It honestly doesn't matter if you get the filet, petit filet, porterhouse, shell, t-bone, you have to get it with the marinade and they're all super tender and delicious. Don't bother getting an appetizer or anything else, you want to save all your space for your steak. The meal comes with a house salad, half an ear of corn and a potato. I personally love the mashed potato here but you can't go wrong with a nice baked potato to go with your steak. Like I said before, you are not coming here for the ambiance and the aesthetics, you are coming for the food. The restaurant is dated and parking is limited, but it's small little gem inside. The service is okay, every time I come here the servers seem to be a little grouchy and don't smile, but hey, when they're handing you one of the best steaks you've ever had, they don't need to smile.

Darice M.

First time here and unfortunately was not impressed with the food at all. Waitress was really nice though!! I definitely prefer Cliffs Rendezvous in Riverhead!!

Cliff's Elbow Room

1549 Main Rd, Jamesport, NY 11947