A Slice Of Italy

1316 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-7115

Recent Reviews

maximillian martinez III

I work here and we love your local community for support

Kar L Hoetger

Great food, great prices, a true family restaurant.

Lydia H.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! This place went over and above my expectations! I used to live in Kingston, and still have family there. When I called to place and order for my sisters birthday I mentioned could they please write happy Birthday from your favorite sister on the inside on the pizza box. Well, they did that times two and then on a birthday happy hat for the Chocolate cake I ordered for her! Way to go the extra mile! The girl on the phone- I wish I got your name so that I could say a proper thank you, but just know I'm so overwhelmingly grateful! Being away from family is always difficult, especially on a birthday, but Slice of Italy really did a tremendous job and made this favorite sister super happy! Also- whenever I come back in town I used to always go to Other pizza places until my sister told me about Slice of Italy and now its my first time when home. Best pizza in town! Thank you thank you!!

Helene Dembroski

Great food. Friendly service. Home style food that is fresh. Safe to eat inside, plenty of room. Come support your local businesses.

Tammy Mowry

The best Gluten free Baked ziti. Yummy!

Jane Doe

The food here just is not very good. I tried the lasagna first. It had no ricotta cheese in it and tasted like a basic spaghetti. I decided to give it another try and I ordered fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. I was shocked by the price tag, and even more disappointed by the taste. It tasted like noodles in half and half, no cheese at all. I live in the area and I really wanted this to be my go to place, but I will not eat there again.

Jeannine Girzone Burkhardt

A Slice of Italy did an excellent job for our health care delivery last night! Food was delicious, there was great assortment of meals and everything was labeled clearly for ease in distribution - they even provided extra bread and utensils. Thank you Marine and the staff at A Slice of Italy!!

Madison McDermott

Hot, fresh, Affordable prices and delicious food

Patrick Harvey

This place is the best. Friendly service and excellent food. The stuffed pizza is amazing.

John R Ricci

Great pizza great wings. I wish they could deliver, but the food is worth the drive. The owner is also a nice guy from my small interactions with him.

Eugene Campbell

Would absolutely recommend eating here. Excellent ambience, fresh dishes, excellent customer service. Fantastic work.

Jym Luther

Pizza was good. Crust was ok. Wings were ok. Service was great.

Milagros R.

Pizza is the best in the neighborhood The wings are cooked well bust garlic OMG the amount of garlic that they but on the garlic not and the wings. Don't get me wrong I Love garlic But in this cass less is more

david bodie

Anthony and co. Are always happy to see you and they make one killer Italian sub!


Our family eats here regularly. We are always satisfied. The food is fresh, tasty and plentiful. The service is always fantastic. It is truly family experience. Support your local businesses. They appreciate it and it shows.

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