Applebee's Grill + Bar

1171 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-4509

Recent Reviews

Manny JP

I always like this place. It feels like you're at a friend's house enjoying a decent meal with good company.

Shirley Aragon

The steak was almost burnt and to dry . The waitress said that she put in another steak order in how do I want it cooked I said medium well . Well when I finished my mashed potatoes and green beans she came back to pick up my plate I told her I didn't get my steak yet she said she go get it I said that never mind I don't want it now she said no I'm gonna go get so I can take it home .whe I got home and took a look at it it looked the same as the first one burnt. Top that off we had to wait to come in the building like 25 minutes because they were at full compastity. And the waitress that served us was acting like if she had been drinking alcohol. Service was to slow and really bad .

Fox R

I really like their food. I always get excellent customer service here. The place is always clean and the staff members are always welcoming. Will come visit again.

Maria Velez

Our waitress Danielle was awesome. Very attentive, polite and kept a smile on her face. Thank you Danielle from a happy customer Maria

Beth K

The food was delicious. Staff was friendly and attentive. We had to wear a mask except for when youre at your table and had to exit out the side door, not the door we entered so they did social distancing and the waitress had her mask on. It was just nice to finally dine out again.


Food was great, they had appropriate social distancing for clients. Tracey our server was super friendly. Had to ask the manger a few questions and honestly he seemed a bit short and annoyed. I'm also a Manger and not the way I would treat people.

Shona Chestnut

Who says Applebee's has the best ribs? LIES!!! My ribs were undercooked and the sauce was thrown on the ribs like a drunk lady putting on makeup .( Messy)

Gale Gorham

Great food atmosphere nice even with social distancing.

J. Chris Peterson

I ordered the Bacon cheese burger and fries. Excellent! She ordered the Chicken Fillet dinner and fries. KFC fingers are much better. Coleslaw, yuck! Could have something to do with the fact it was the first day inside was open. Overall, very good.

Jamie Bodie

The Bourbon Street Steak is delicious and our server Annette is by far the best server in the place!!!

George Wells III

The staff is great. During this covid19 period in are life's. They have been open doing curbside. Bringing home some delicious food to enjoy with the family.

Shannon Rafferty

Ready on time, pickup process was easy n quick and the food was great as always

Brycen Knight

I go to this lovely place quite a bit! This is the best place to grab a bite. I visit this place many times. The cooking is great, the staff members are polite and the prices are affordable. I enjoy being in this restaurant for a nice lunch.

Sue O

Curb side pick up. The server was lovely. There was a mixup with the wine. My dinner was horrible; the 6 oz petite sirloin was over cooked and it was actually closer to about 2 and a half ounces. The green beans were greasy and undercooked. The potatoes were mediocre. Times are challenging , but we won't go back. We used to have family night out in Kingston at least once a month . not any more. Really a dissapointment.

Will C.

30 minutes late for a carside time promise and made me late for a call with my mother on Mother's Day. Deeply resent being lied to.

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