Bagel World

1220 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 514-2253

Recent Reviews

John Schoonmaker

Being from Long Island I am very picky about my Bagels . This place was perfect, the bagels were Awesome and I will be back !

Alice Sutton

Chris and Kaitlyn are the best. hardworking and friendly. it's always a pleasure walking in there. they know my sandwich and make it perfect everytime. they have consistently been working through this bad time with smiles and beyond friendly service. thumbs up and I always recommend them. thank you Chris and Kaitlyn.

Kathy Risole

twice I have gotten sick from eating there bagels and creme cheese so did my friend .found out bagels are not made there there from another store in wappingers and the grill always looks greasy and the staff doses not listen to you when you ask them to cut the bagels for you .will not be going back there again do not feel like getting sick again .I know it was from there because both times I got sick throwing up and diarrhea 2 to 3 hours after I ate there food .the first time it happened I said okay maybe try again but twice is way to much .And the parking isn't good either .

Dee Hunt

I love their Couscous Quinoa Salad! And the people are really nice.

Alicia Caselli

Pretty decent food (even had a gluten free bagel for me), nice service.

Jennifer P.

Staff didn't acknowledge us when we walked in . At least a good morning we will be right with you would do. Finally our order was taken by a rude employee who wasn't friendly at all she acted like it was a chore to write it on paper . She was just miserable. The bagels were hard and stale. Disappointed .Ill pass and head up to Sunrise Bagel next time .

Brandon Meehan

Breakfast is very good. Alot of choices.

Ron Goldin

The CBLT is a light choice but still satisfying if you’re hungry. The bagels that say (Maybe because it was New Years) were a little dry.

Kevin G.

The food is good. The staff is not so good. The staff acts as if every customer is a burden. We didn't receive a "Good Morning" but neither did any customer while we ate breakfast. I told a staff person that a particular coffee flavor was out, she walk away from the table without thanking me. Friendliness = success and profit.

Corey Poirier

Good prices, early opening times and amazing, made daily (sometimes multiple times a day) items, cannot go wrong. Bagels and so much more

Angelo Ditolla

It's a nice place to visit the bagels are excellent the people

Lemystere Man Carlo c

Amazing service. Great food. Heavy on the lox.

Dee X.

I love this place i try and come often as i could and im never dissapointed the food is amazing the service is fast. I love the purple around the store its unique.

Hedy Navara

Chris always takes care of us with the perfect food. Everyone is pleasant and very helpful. This is our morning place. I recommand bagel world to all. Good food and excellent service

Dione Marshall

They have three locations which I'm aware of. The two I've been to have great New York style bagels.

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