47 N Front St, Kingston
(845) 339-2333

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Matthew Xandover

Had a perfect dinner out on the scenic deck the other night. The vegan meatballs were amazing, and so was the very not-vegan burger. Excited to head back next time I’m in town.

Rykendra Brunson

This was my first time here. I love the little block and community where it is located. Very small. The food was delicious. I also had the Buffalo cauliflower bites. Absolutely delicious. I just don't like the different parts of the chicken. If I could have gotten wings or all drums, I would have given them a 5 star. They are definitely worth 5 stars. Please don't take my pickiness as a reason for not visiting. Staff was very nice and friendly. Honey Fried Chicken with mash potatoes and asparagus!

Cappy W.

Had clam rolls from their special takeout menu. They were very good. Someone knew what they were doing. Daughter had sausage and peppers. She said they were also very good. Everything considered they did a very good job. Certainly will try there again.

John Motta

Not only is Boitson’s a purveyor of excellent food, but they partake in a local initiative to give free meals to the economically disadvantaged. As a skeptical Italian, I tend find that many local Italian-American restaurants don’t capture that authentic, lovingly homemade excellence that marks the makings of a great dish. Boitson’s is not one of them. Highly recommend!


In all this craziness Boitson's still continues to deliver an amazing experience! Hot, fresh, delicious food. Killer cocktails...all delivered to the door (until COVID-19 is done). Support local and make sure you get the Mac & Cheese AND Fried Chicken (what?)!!

Frank L.

Cauliflower wings here are great. Place is usually busy and have enjoyed most of the meals here with my wife.

Amy Nahhas

SO GOOD!!! I have been dreaming about those eggplant meatballs I had.... and the service was stellar... I'd go back and recommend everyone I know to go there.

Anise LeAnn

Wow. Burger night was amazing & Mac & cheese incredible

Antonio Cerna

Excellent burger and cocktails. We sat at the bar and it was lovely. Host was generous and thoughtful.

Stuart Underwood

The meals and service were above our expectations. We really liked the atmosphere of this spot. Extraordinary restaurant to take the family out for dinner.

Eric Duvivier

Delicious food. Nice ambiencee. Had a quality Manhattan. Steak was cooked perfectly and the service was outstanding. Will definitely be back.

Courtney H.

Stopped in here last weekend hoping to enjoy some dinner. This place came highly recommended. Upon entering, we noticed the hostess and a server were engaged in some kind of heated exchange (I get it, I have a job too, and it happens sometimes) but when the hostess finally greeted us, she seemed completely irritated that we were there and rudely informed us there were no tables, only seats at the bar. Okay, no problem--We sit at the bar. The bartender didn't greet us. We looked over the menus... Bartender finally asks what he can get for us, but was far from hospitable, it felt like our presence was an annoyance to him, as well. I asked for a "Mocktail" because it's a specific menu item under the drink category of the dinner menu, complete with a list of ingredients, denoting that it's one specific drink. He proceeded to ask "which one?" In a tone that told me I was a complete moron. (Come to find out, there's a SEPARATE drink menu category with a bunch of mocktails) OK. WHOOPS. So hesitantly told him the one I wanted. It ended up tasting like watered down fruit juice, and I felt like the guy was completely checked out when he made it and just didn't care at all. (Just because a drink doesn't have alcohol in it, shouldn't mean the bartender can't still have fun with crafting it). My boyfriend and I went back and forth debating whether or not to stay, because the menu looked great, but ultimately, I'm not patronizing a place that makes me feel like they don't want us there, so we paid for our drink and left to eat elsewhere. Maybe that's how they're used to treating the snobby NYC people that eat there, but when customers are being perfectly nice and trying to be friendly & conversational, put in some effort to reciprocate and give them a nice dining experience. SUPER DISAPPOINTING and will not be recommending.

Alisa Luongo

Food was fantastic. Decor was nice as well. Bartender and waitstaff were super friendly. I will absolutely be back!

Rita Stokes

Delicious food. Great service!


Always great food, drinks and service! Highly recommended this restaurant for a date night or get together with your friends and family!

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