Dallas Hot Weiners II

490 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 331-6311

Recent Reviews


Great staff. Great food.

Anthony Whilden

I would give five stars but the way different employees make the hot dogs , leads to an inconsistent product like , not enough chili or to much. Also one time i got cold or luke warm dogs with a chunk of cartoledge. I find the hamburger to be cafeteria like with no taste and way to small for the price.sorry !


Everyone loves their Dallas Hots - Broadway, Uptown or even in Saugerties - this family cornered the market on simple food, made to order, in expensive and very kid friendly.

Richard Banks

Gotta go see my man Nick,best hot dogs and sauce ever...

Judy Moore

Can you say yummy? This place has been a staple for my entire life. When family comes in from out of town it’s one of the first places we go. It was delicious always consistent and with many locations it’s easy to get to. Super fast service always friendly wait staff and did I mention delicious!

Brian R.

These hot dogs are fantastic. I ate 5 last night and I still feel like I have super powers. Super quick service and everyone was very friendly too. Amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Anthony Payne

Prices are amazing. Hot dogs are good (I've had better, but not many) but the special chili sauce is fantastic. Make sure you put napkins close to your plate, it can get messy..but in a good way!

Brandon Meehan

I totally recommend Dallas Hot Weiners, and cheese fries. Top notch and every location

Kar L Hoetger

Been to all the locations great family business wonderful food

Michael Spada

Always great dogs! Clean, fast and affordable

Jamie B.

Was looking for a place to stop for lunch,while I was on the road. Food was excellent. Very clean and the service was great.

Diana Germain

best hot dogs ever!! cash only!! i have been a customer for over 3pop years!

rob miller

Love there fries and hot dogs.

Richard Pray

For as long as I can remember, I've patronized this business. "Uncle George's" to present not once have they let me down!!!

Tony Sills

Nice surprise first time visit. Hot dogs very good Homemade soups fresh each day. Staff All said hello. Spotless clean and very very reasonable prices. Also serve breakfast all day and other sandwiches. Thank You

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