Kennedy Fried Chicken

592 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 340-9968

Recent Reviews

Arslan Afzal

Good food, and cheap

Joellen Blas

The flavor of the crust was very good, but the mashed potatoes tasted fake and bad.

Tom Davidock

I must admit that I have a problem- an addiction actually. I just can't get enough of Kennedy's Fried Chicken. It's a combination of the perfect batter and cooking, leaving a perfect texture and juiciness that is unlike any other fried chicken that I've had in the past. Compare it to a chain restaurant like KFC or Popeye's- no comparison. If you order it, make sure you enjoy a piece on the way home as that's the climax of the taste- fresh from the fryer. We usually get a larger order and eat leftovers for the next few days. It remains crispy and doesn't get soggy like you would expect.The staff is awesome and very friendly. I have a lot of respect for this hard working family who consistently delivers quality food. Whenever I order food, they always seem very thankful for my business. I am the one who is thankful for such a great place to eat and for the opportunity to support a great local restaurant that supports my fried chicken addiction. Don't hesitate about trying the food here- you won't regret it.

Linda Moody Cass

Food is good, prices are excellent and the service is the best! I never leave there without a smile, even if I"m having a stressful day. The guy that's usually at the front counter is exceptionally nice. Sometimes I go in for that reason alone! Highly recommend this place for an inexpensive, fast, no nonsense meal

Dara Euson

Omg their grilled chicken sandwich ?

Jackson Wilson

I admire this restaurant! They provide splendid dishes, their menu is decent, The cook in that restaurant is very trained, I enjoy a lot trying all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh, the attitude towards the clients is very good too. I go often to this restaurant and I was never unhappy. Highly recommended.

Rick Gonzalez

Its food is good and the people are very nice

TruTru Harriss

I had a horrible experience I been going to this Kennedy for a while and I’ve never got treated the way I was treated today and I promise y’all will never get another dime from me in a time like this that older man should watch how he talk to people especially women of color

Kristen Jones

Food always good and fresh

Sharon Orbacz

Tried kennedy fried chicken tonight and it was terrible. The chicken tasted like it was hours old and the crust on the out side was too tough to chew through. The counter boy was very rude. I’ll stick with KFC!

MAV 7423

Love the guys behind the counter, so very nice. They work so hard. Best chicken I've ever had!


Best place to eat at reasonable prices. The owners are friendly and remember you always

Mike borruso

Awesome food !! Cheap and hot !! Open late too for the small town their in !!! Definitely worth it !!!

Brandon Meehan

The Buffalo Chicken Tenders are the best I've ever had. Highly recommend for great food. Multiple options. Atmosphere isnt the best. But order to go. You wont be disappointed.


Love it the food is really good I will go there again they are really clean and food is fresh

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