Kingston Standard Brewing Co.

22 Jansen Ave, Kingston
(845) 853-8152

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Karla McGuire

I stopped in 10 minutes after opening on. Thursday. I'm the only one there. I placed my order, she asked me to wait at the counter for the beer. She was taking awhile so I sat at a picnic table maybe 6ft from the counter. She came back, apologized for the wait, said she had trouble with the keg. She then said" here you go" and sat the beer down... aka come get it, I am not willing to walk a few more steps to hand it to you. Sorry but that was poor customer service right there, I also detected a negative vibe. Oh yeah the beer, almost forgot. I ordered the altbier. I have drank the original in Duesseldorf Germany on many occasions for a week or more at a time. His version was not quite it, color not even close, but drinkable nonetheless. Perhaps I will swing by again if in the area to give other beers and other staff a try.


I found this place by chance and its amazing. The cider they have is absolutely amazing. The beer is great. Moreover the pizza they make is great. I will definitely return again.


Really impressive hoppy sour and the helles could be served in Germany without anyone batting an eye. Impressive for this small batch brewery. The pizza is legit as well

Daniel Fiege

Pocket Neopolitan, when you're in need. And that Brett IPA <3 <3 <3

Andrew G.

Very little to complain about on this great local brewery. Stopped here on a recommendation during a little tour of the Catskills. The beer is very, very good. I actually like the bright and sterility of eating and drinking in a brewery. The beer itself is very, very good. Their stout was my favorite, but they had just simply good beers. They really had excellent food. The pesto pizza and oysters were delicious. The pizza I would 100% recommend and the oysters are a great compliment to the beers or wines as you desire. Good spot for a little afternoon date or with friends! A good number of tables and games to play - very cool spot and would want to come back and take some beers to go!

Ari W.

This places has a great vibe and some good beer options. Definitely not the best beer you’ll ever have but fun for a Saturday afternoon.

All Of A Sudden Podcast

Great ambiance, great beer, great food. Love dollar beer with a pizza on Thursdays. Locals deserve some love.

Todd B.

Great brewery in Kingston. The beers are great for the styles they offer and the staff is amazing

P R.

We like having a beer and oyster bar in the neighborhood, but.... it's not a happy place. Everyone working seems to have some sort of terminal ennui; everything is bright white and light brown and you feel like you're sitting inside a refrigerator; I have issues with $6 12 oz beers and $30 for a dozen oysters... The Kingston rejuvenation doesn't need this kind of "Brooklyn on the Hudson" bullshit... Oh and the $5 pretzel was the saddest thing I've ever eaten...

Rebecca R.

This place is really lovely and I can't wait to see how they grow and hopefully expand in the area. We had the elles and the red ale, both highly recommend. Sadly they were out of cans by the time we got there because they are so popular! Their merch is also very well designed. Can't wait to visit the Kingston area again and stop at Kingston Standard!

Alexis Arvidson

This is my favorite place. The guys that run it are full of heart and the focus is deeply routed in community and quality. The oysters are the best you’ll have anywhere. The beer is a labor of love that’s reflected in every sip. The sourdough pizza will blow your mind. #favoriteplace

Tom C

I had helles, my wife the dark lager. Both very good. I usually get a helles at the many craft breweries I've visited. Here is one of the best by my taste. Friendly atmosphere. I'd like to finish here after a long bike ride and slam a few of these.

Steve S.

Wifey saw this place written up in the NYT back in June and we decided to give them a try since we're in Kingston today. Place is your typical local brewery where you can both sample and drink the beers they make and you can get 4-packs to go. Put out some games, offer nice clean seating, provide good beer and you have a winner. They also have a small food menu if you need to eat. I was hoping for more of a stout, but the Schwartzbier was pretty good and Wifey liked the Pale Ale.

Cole Tallerman

I’m not a beer person at all, and I can say I had the best beer I’ve ever tasted at the Kingston standard! Really nice ambiance, and everything is brewed in small batches. The owner was at the register and was so excited to talk about all the processes and different beers. Will definitely be back!

Oilda Barreto

THIS is a friendly micro-brewery in the middle of it all yet tucked away...and in a refurbished garage! Get ready for a high-end, unique beer tasting experience. They're also shucking oysters and making pizzas. The diversified customer base reminds me of Euro-culture: it's everyone's local brewery.

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Kingston Standard Brewing Co.

22 Jansen Ave, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 853-8152