555 Albany Ave, Kingston
(845) 331-6794

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The last 2 times I've been there the wait at the drive through has been ridiculous. I pulled right up, placed my order, pulled to the window and paid, and then waited over 10 minutes for my food to come out.

Tammy K. Firmbach

The service is quick and the fries are always HOT!!

Rachel Massa

Made a bit of a complicated order and they got everything perfect. That was awesome of them.

Kyle Fields

Good cookies, very fresh. Nice staff.

Cassandra Wood

Customer service was outstanding and the place was clean tables were being sanitized. Thumbs up great job

Robert Pratt

McDonald's is fast and reliable food in a pinch , feels good .

Christian L.

Use the kiosks, it's a breeze. Staff attentive and chipper. Food is hot and mostly fresh. Great for families.

Review: 4

Shirley McCrory

My McDouble with xtra onions and xtra pickles was really good.

Anthony Whilden

The food here is average usually taste fresh.


Asked for black coffee 6 sugers,got to window had to ask for sugar got tons of creamers instead.Day before they put milk in it.Whats up?Just recently.

Milo Kidd

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Fantastic mood, flavorful food, good customer service. Highly recommended.

Otis Larsen

I adore this spot! They give high class dishes, they have a rich menu, The chef in that place is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy very much tasting all their food. The dishes are always of high class, the attitude towards the guests is good. I often eat in this restaurant and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it with no hesitation.

Charlene LaDay-Hill

At least I can still get hotcakes @ noon. They reduced the All Day Breakfast menu. They only hotcakes, breakfast burrito & oatmeal. But the walk in service is good.

Imjust Sayin

The food is usually always fresh. Im fussy w my fries, they have to be right from the deep fryer & all but 1 time they have been. They really don't provide nearly enough dipping sauce for the nuggets especially when I get 2 20 piece orders. Even if I tell them that I didn't have enough the last time I was there. So if they fixed that & made sure the fries were always hot from the fryer I would have given 5 stars

Maria Velez

Young lady arianna is amazing

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