555 Albany Ave, Kingston
(845) 331-6794

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Asked for black coffee 6 sugers,got to window had to ask for sugar got tons of creamers instead.Day before they put milk in it.Whats up?Just recently.

Milo Kidd

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Fantastic mood, flavorful food, good customer service. Highly recommended.

Otis Larsen

I adore this spot! They give high class dishes, they have a rich menu, The chef in that place is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy very much tasting all their food. The dishes are always of high class, the attitude towards the guests is good. I often eat in this restaurant and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it with no hesitation.

Charlene LaDay-Hill

At least I can still get hotcakes @ noon. They reduced the All Day Breakfast menu. They only hotcakes, breakfast burrito & oatmeal. But the walk in service is good.

Imjust Sayin

The food is usually always fresh. Im fussy w my fries, they have to be right from the deep fryer & all but 1 time they have been. They really don't provide nearly enough dipping sauce for the nuggets especially when I get 2 20 piece orders. Even if I tell them that I didn't have enough the last time I was there. So if they fixed that & made sure the fries were always hot from the fryer I would have given 5 stars

Maria Velez

Young lady arianna is amazing

Tal M

At the moment you step in this restaurant the waiters give you a comfortable feeling. Very hospitable team, it is a lovely place to to go out with friends or with your date. very good cuisine, skillful chief cook and stuff, reasonable pay and attentive service. Highly recommended.

I Stewart

This place provides superb service as well as enjoyable menu. My favourite place ever. The food and drinks served rapidly and the rates are affordable. Recommended.

Jake Cunningham

We love to go out. Last night we came to this fine place which we didn’t know before. We enjoyed a beautiful evening there with great cooking and a nice crew and a talented cuisine. We added this restaurant in our list and we shall surely come back very soon. Highly recommended.

Gregg Pugliese

Love McDonalds, but everyone I have been to could always be cleaner.

Tristian M

The customer service is regularly prompt, awesome vibes, super friendly staff members. I will visit again when I arrive in town.

Jarnail Multani

The food here is ok. I just wish they served fresh food. Not food that had been sitting in a warmer for a long time.

Gregory Ellis

This place is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I want to go to a good lunch, this restaurant comes straightaway to my head. best and diverse food and a rich menu.courteous staff members, and pleasant atmosphere. Also, the charge is affordable. I praise this place with no hesitation.

Brandon Schermerhorn

Great experience at this McDonald’s... I ask them for extra onions and lettuce and they didn’t put any onion on it and they put one piece of leaf lettuce and drenched it in mayonnaise. Honestly you get a better experience at Wendy’s so next time I guess I’ll just go there ‍♂️✌

Anthony R

Went through the drive through. Didn’t really feel welcome with a “can I help you” and was rushed off had to wait for the window person to come back to ask for my sauce. If she would have asked me during taking my order could have been avoided..

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