Moe's Southwest Grill

1153 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-6637

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Shona Chestnut

First time eating Moe's. Not good, I had the chicken quesadilla . Never again

Chris B.

When I was so annoyed by the few places that are open near me to have newer food choices, I turned to use Uber Eats (newer to our side of the Hudson River). However, the closest one was here. Now, I don't generally go into Moe's - so I really don't know what inspired me to do so. I knew what food genre Moe's had, but had never tasted any of the food. I was hip to trying something a little along my lines of food, but still a little away from my "Comfort Zone". I had tried to gather an Uber Eats order on Saturday but it was never delivered and was later canceled by me - when the store physically closed for the day. On Sunday, I reordered, and thankfully, an Uber Eats driver I had had before picked up my meal and brought it over to me - fair and square - not missing a beat. It was a salad with what I thought was dressing and chicken. However, once I opened it up and tried tasting it, it seemed like there wasn't any dressing on it. Uber Eats gave me two choices, and I thought I chose the one similar to Italian (they also gave me a more-spicy dressing choice but because I have IBS affected by spices, I declined that dressing). However, although there was chicken, there were only four large pieces of chicken. Portion control is there. The dish is large and the lid covering is even larger - making this seem out of control. I devoured every bit but 1 tablespoon of the salad, but I ended up adding a bunch of our (stale) Italian dressing from our refrigerator to the salad to make up for the loss of the dressing they missed. I remember telling them to get more dressing choices on the list - mentioning some names I remember from "normal" salads I can vouch for. French, Thousand Island, I think I even recall mentioning Caesar and Ranch - I really wasn't too thrilled these weren't on the list. But my favorite Uber Eats choice wasn't open when I had to place this order. I mean, I'm glad they were open that day on the Uber Eats list (don't know what I would've had they not have been with other choices not suiting me (Kennedy Fried Chicken has had some Board of Health concerns which scare me) and I'm definitely not into tacos and taco meat (so Taco Bell is out). They need to improve in their food choices for customers' wants and needs - because they just didn't suit me - leaving me with some bad impressions the first time through. I know I'll be back in time, but this first try wasn't the best way to represent the brand.

Steph C

They should take away Mexican out of Moes because this food was terrible A disgrace to Mexicans and their food Terrible food the man who worked there had a blank stare on his face and the women are nasty

Elisa Dugatkin

Great service and some nice fresh ingredients. Poor value considering the minuscule amount of steak -there were maybe 3 - 4 tiny pieces in the entire bowl. If I go back I’ll choose the vegetarian option and save some money.

Scull Has G.

I ordered delivery at Moes. Moes then uses doordash for delivery. The driver of my delivery showed up at my door with 2 out the 4 meals I ordered. I then asked him to go back and get the other 2 and he said he would. He never came back. I then called Moes and asked if he ever came and got the 2 meals. They said yes. He never showed with the other 2. I then asked the restaurant to either make the 2 orders over again or give me a refund. Let's just say I got neither. I may never eat here again and never use doordash delivery services. Very dissatisfied.

Hayden M.

The burritos are perfect and the staff is very nice. There is a wide selection of salsa and meat (and some meat substitutes) to choose from. There is also a self serve drink bar and some ice cream. You can get tacos, nachos and burritos.

Kelly Edwards

I love how they say welcome to Moe's when I walk in...

Loveis Agiven

The personnel were fine, but this place is overpriced. It's not a quiet environment, and the food is generally okay.

C Quinn

Nice vibes and very attentive service. The meals were fresh and delightful. Will surely recommend this restaurant to anyone. Affordable rates and generous meals. Great work.

mavazn s

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are appetizing and the team is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we pass a lovely evening. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Jenilee Pollan

Great service good clean place.

Robert Dinsmore

I love Moe's! Food is always hot and I get it made exactly the way I want! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Tim Light

Food was good. I thought the menu was confusing as a first time diner as the names on the menu don't convey what is in each item, and the ingredients aren't listed either. Went out on a limb and ordered something and really enjoyed it.

Zach Bell

Par for the course as far as moes chipotle and qdoba go. Free chips and salsa is a huge plus

timeranout76 Kate

I don't normally review places even if I have a bad experience but I don't eat meat and kindly asked the woman if she could remove her gloves and she refused and asked me for the order and I ordered feeling confused and paid and sat down to eat...but just couldn't do it.

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