Picnic Pizza

501 Washington Ave, Kingston
(845) 331-3000

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Aileen S.

Heard so many great reviews for Picnic Pizza. We ordered the large Grandma Pizza. Very disappointed. The crust was very thick, no different than a Sicilian pizza. We've had grandma pizza in other places and the crust was super thin. Thought this was going to be similar. Will not order it again.Aileen L Schwartz

John Whitney Pettit

Probably the best pizza in the Mid-Hudson valley, at least, that's cooked in a standard gas-fired oven as opposed to a wood-fired oven (which is the only way to get *perfect* pizza). Their crusts are much better than average, as is their sauce. Nice Sicilian family -owned business. It's the real thing.

Jordan Milite

Great pizza and very friendly staff. Get the lunch special, 2 speciality slices and a drink for 5.40! My favorite slices are Caesar salad, bbq chicken, and sesame chicken.

Brian R.

Wow. I went a little crazy a couple nights ago and ordered a ton of stuff. Plain pizza. Delicious. Fried mushrooms. Amazing. Super Italian Mix Cold Sub. One of the best I've ever had. Cannoli. Scrumptious. I would highly recommend this place.

Allison M.

The pizza has always been good here, and worth stopping by. What is not is the atmosphere. I recently stopped in to grab a few slices to go, and while waiting to check out was witness to the casually sexist remark made towards the young waitress, of which I was included in. Her taking the moment to tell me I had something on my sternum (it was a small insect) turned into the casually lewd comment. In these times, to be able to feel safe in a place of business is everything, and this is a place that will not be receiving my business again. It was rude, crude and if the young lady behind the counter was so inclined, worthy of quitting due to hostile work environment.

Abbey Fagan

On any take out, your dishes should be great. I got a chicken cutlet salad for take out lunch. I got quite a bit brown edge lettuce, why??Then the red onion not chopped, or the lettuce. It's not the greatest salad. We are your neighbors or we work in the neighborhood. Why cant your presentation be better? I could make a better salad then this slop someone threw together, without any cares for your business. I'm not sure if I'll order again from your store. And my office may stop as well.Very disappointed with my salad.

Ihor Procyk

Delicious food. Price reasonableI love it. Not related to the owner(LOLOL).

Bob and Patrice Tomaso

Whenever we are anywhere near Kingston we make sure to stop at PICNIC PIZZA..........pizza slices are nothing short of OUTSTANDING. The variety is amazing. We always purchase several different types to sample. The grilled eggplant, eggplant parm and cherry tomatoes/balsamic vinegar slices are just a few of our favorites. ALL are delicious. NEVER had a problem with any of the staff as other reviews state. ENJOY !

Jett M.

Trash pizza.That's all I have to say but yelp makes you write reviews of a certain length. So I'll just repeat myself.Trash pizza.

David Bonné

We ordered food at 5:45pm. Called them at 7:15pm to ask where it was. We are 8 minutes away and it doesn't take 1 1/2 hours to make a frickin Pizza! The girl lied and said the food was already out for delivery. Called back again at 7:30pm and they tried to lie and say the food was out for delivery already, again. They must think I was born yesterday because now it's 1 hour and 45 minutes and the food wood be out for delivery for 1/2 hour already in a town that can be easily traversed from one side to another in 10 minutes. DON'T WASTE YOU TIME!!!!!

Jessica Shaw

Let me tell you, .. this place has amazing food!The margarita pizza is so fresh you can tell when you taste it! The sevice is friendly. We do delivery and they are always nice.The sausage parm hot sub is perfect to the last bite, never had a bad experience yet.?

Hypnosis And Magic

Delicious Sicilian pizza slices ... great service ... great variety.

Tina C.

Omg this place is nothing to notice or look at from the road, but the Pizza!!!! Go in and get a slice, it's the real deal

Sarina Pepper

Best pizza in town, no contest. Friendly service, family owned and family friendly!!

Cliff B

Great place to grab a quick bite. Come here for lunch quite often. The weekday lunch special is a great deal. The pizza is the best around.

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