Pie For The People

55 Washington Ave, Kingston
(845) 481-4100

Recent Reviews

Tyson McCasland

Get the David Bowie and some Wu-Tang wings...u won't be let down. All their food is awesome.

George Wells III

Omg. Is all I can say. The food is fresh and delicious. A little on pricey side but well worth every penny. Must try eatery

Dave B.

The pies are extra large. The pie topping selection is either traditional or very different (but very good ). Be brave and try one of the crazy combos they offer. You won't be disappointed. The crust is thin, and that's important. I think they have a great product. Easy curbside pickup.

New York Metal Detecting

I got a pound of Cajun wings (8 wings) for $9.50. They were so good. I will be getting two pounds next time. Love those Cajun wings.

Barbara Post

Disgusting pizza, burnt crust. Tasted like crap. Would never recommend

anna s.

Really really really delicious. Had pizza and a sub and salads and they are prob the best in town. For real.

Japheth Wood

We're so happy that Pie For The People has reopened! So far, it's pick up only, but hey, it's summer time, and there are plenty of places to eat. The Elote pizza is a nice choice for adults. Pepperoni and also plain are always good choices for kids.For those who avoid gluten, try the cauliflower crust option. It is quite tasty!

Bernice A.

Yuck .. Savonas is the best in town.. any of their restaurants are awesome and they are a family run and give so much to our community

Zach Neumann

Bacon pizza messed up twice in a row, wings were undercooked and garlic knots were hard bread. Do not recommend

Donna B.

Friendly staff and owner present gave off good vibe. Had a feeling of community, not corporate or dull. My family chose to go wild with pizza of bacon and eggs and hot peppers (not boring, tho the standard fare available too.) We also got wild wings of unique flavors of garlic, balsamic, parm... and a salad that was chuck full of good stuff. Had to fight kids off to get enough for myself. Highly recommend this place, a real community joint!

Jett M.

I have never had a pizza that didn't taste like anything until today. Like legit, no taste. Not even salt from the cheese. Bland. Which is so weird because the meatball garlic knot slider was delicious! And the mozzarella wedges were also very good. The dipping sauce was not - again, flavorless. I assume it's the same sauce as the pizza sauce. If this place got their sauce game on point, it would be a winner. But until then, I won't be ordering the pizza.

Glenn L.

Would give this place zero stars... Awful service, and bad pizza. Brought a pie home after too long of a wait. My wife and I each had one bite then through the whole thing in trash.. we are full time Miami residents with a summer place up here.. hope we can find decent pizza.

Marianne Greaves

Great food & staff!!! I recently had to give dairy up due to an intolerance in my breastfed newborn, and I was craving pizza & wings. Their vegan cheese is delicious & the staff, especially the manager Terri, was so helpful in deciphering what was safe for me & not. Wings & pizza were soo good! I’ll definitely be ordering again soon!

Brian Carlozzi

I don't know if the food is good... told at 8pm on Friday that they stopped taking orders for the night... second time I've tried to order.

New York Hemp Co.

Been wanting to try it for a long time! i love pizza. I called and was put on hold for 5 min and then hung up on. Will change my review once i try their pizza.

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