Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

20 Massa Dr, Kingston
(845) 336-6585

Recent Reviews

Fin Welch

The macaroni & cheese is NOT Louisiana good... everything else is though.

Shawnt'e Favor

I normally don't eat fry food! I have to say that food is extremely good! (Not oily at all)

Steph H.

Food taste good like any other Popeyes, but the staff and service is always terrible here. Do not come here if you're in a bad mood because your mood will get worse. They also always forget a food item that I purchased and then give me an attitude if I call to tell them about it.


Fast clean and the young lady was pretty

Lisa Caston

The original chicken sandwhich is delish.its addicting.the best chicken sandwhich I ever had that I did not cook.service is great

Gregg Pugliese

Had the spicy chicken sandwich ? very good, a side and drink great lunch today

Rose Stoia

Flies everywhere Employees had masks under noses Tables were dirty Place smelled awful Bathroom was not hands free

Emily Marie

Listen to your customers before you jump down their throats when they are calling to let you know you forgot something in their order. Don't automatically question their integrity, interrupt and raise your voice at them. Then hang up on them before they are even able to let you know there were 2 sandwiches in the order, not just one. Was I escalated? After being interrupted, told I was lying, and unable to speak to DEFEND (not even a word i should have to use with a fast food restaurant) myself... Absolutely. Called Central Hudson Torrid, and my federal loans this week. Surprisingly my experience with Popeye's where I had issues.

Rahim Allen

Due to the covid-19 you must make online orders which is understandable....I placed my order and my vehicle couldn't fit in the drive thru so I called told them my order and they repeated the order and didn't have ONE thing I ordered correct... Not one thing

Chrystal M.

0 stars long wait when they had no customers at all. Sucks at service. Honestly so disgusted about them dont ever coming back

Mike Sersching

Haven’t been there in couple months but tonight the food was extremely disappointing. Very poor quality for the chicken and it was dry and not tasty at all. There was something weird in my mashed potatoes looked liked shreds of raw roast beef. I could not even finish my meal. I’m not positive but it felt like a bad atmosphere amongst the staff. It will be a long time before I go back or if I go back. Very disappointed.

Jan Rogers

I didnt eat but the lemonade was really good. My grandson loves the Spicey Chicken Sandwich!


Just as great as t bgg e commercials say.

Carrie Howard

Great tasting food. Long wait in drive thru

Roman C.

Fast food hell. We HAD to try the famous chicken sandwich cause Gayle swears by it.. It was awful. It was pink and uncooked and my spouse got sick within 15 minutes!! The oil tastes old and the cole slaw and macaroni and cheese tasted like it was doused in industrial cleaner. If the sickness doesn't subside we are going to the ER.. Just don't!

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