Sea Deli

654 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 338-5522

Recent Reviews

John UpstateNYrailfan

Fish is always fresh and cooked to perfection. Loved the clams and flounder. Will go back often.

Ben Benton

I am so mad at myself for not eating here earlier I mean I past by this deli all the time. For some reason I figured they only sold raw uncooked fish. Oh my god there fish is so delicious it is so fresh, the sauce is amazing, the service feels like your visiting your uncle it really a great place one of the best fish markets I've been to you'll love it!

Shona Chestnut

Seafood deli was banging back in the day. Now it's filthy in there. The food looks refurbished. I won't eat here ever again.

Soar Wary266

The best sea food I have ever had would recommend everywhere

Jay Steel2

Food tasting like the first time I came to Kingston in 1990.


My daughter and I had a super fresh delicious lunch. Nothing to look at... but service and food ... (;-)))

Santino Choi

Great food, very friendly staff members, consistently excellent atmosphere. They charge fair rates and the food quality is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Ginger Loy

Very kind people, serving the freshest fish, both in the market and fried at the table! Everything is made there in the restaurant, from the delicious Cole slaw to the tartar sauce. If you like fish, this is the place to come. You will enjoy!


Love this place for more then 40 year's

Natalie Bobe

Awesome food. The seafood salad is out of this world and the prices are great.

Salim El Sabbagh

Had the most sensational flounder. It was so fresh and it came with cooking instructions for a lemon butter sauce. Definitely coming here again

Walter Dominicis

Freshest seafood. Great crew. Great prices.

Truth B Known

The best place for fresh seafood in the area

laura cargile

I have purchased good fresh fish from here (salmon, halibut, tuna), but the owner is gruff/angry. One of the guys is friendly enough, but it's hit or miss who is working. I guess they have enough business that they don't need to have more regular customers, which is what I would be if I didn't mind dealing with grumpy.

Cha I.

I have lived for 30 years in America. I have searched endlessly for fish and chips that come even close to the fish and chips I grew up with in new Zealand but to no avail. Finally... finally... I have discovered what might be the only place in the US that can satisfy this comfort food that I miss so very much. Damn!! Best food imaginable... beyond the fish and chips... the seafood salad is the best I've ever tasted... and the shrimp cocktail... and the service... so freakin sweet and funny... and... and... and.... Do not Be put off by the decor. It's the food equivalent of a dive bar. And it's glorious!!!

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