Sissy's Cafe

324 Wall St, Kingston
(845) 514-2336

Recent Reviews

Samantha P.

GREAT stop- really fresh sandwiches and delicious smoothies. I tried the sonny's sandwich with pesto, turkey and mayo and it was one of the best sandwiches in a while. They even have GF options.

Anna S.

Dang, this place is good. The staff was super awesome, the food was EXACTLY what I needed on a long day of work! Big bountiful sandwiches, delicious drinks, vegan options for my vegan friends, and you MUST try their tahini salad dressing. It's possibly my favorite tahini dressing I've ever had.

Jenny P.

Wonderful vegan sandwich! Tempeh with avo, sprouts, vegan mayo, and sauerkraut. Their juices look amazing too!

Esme Z.

It was 90 °F (32 °C) and we were really hot, looking for cold drinks. They have a variety of smoothies and beverages that were really good actually, only thing is the wait. It was very hot and there weren't an abundance of people waiting, but it still took a hot minute for our orders to come out. The servers themselves were really kind though, and I can understand slower service on hotter days. I'd go back!

Aries F.

I tried the turkey bacon avocado panini without the bacon. It was so good. The turkey gave it a smoked flavor. I also has the mango tango smoothie. It was refreshing and delicious. I would post a photo but they're both gone.

Lorelei D.

This was a great unexpected lunch stop on our way to Vermont. The cafe is currently doing orders to go at the window and are taking all precautions for Covid (masks, gloves, cleaning pens). We ordered Hot Bird sandwiches and a tropical smoothie. The sandwich was stacked tall with avocado, turkey and cheese and the bread was perfectly toasted in a panini maker. The smoothie was fresh and all the food was prepared pretty quickly for being such high quality. We will definitely be back!

Ebin Silo


Carina Hennessy

Great staff , great service, and tasty local food with vegan and gluten-free options. Moderate prices, but it's because of the quality and freshness of the ingredients, no smoothie box mixes here that I've seen. (And uptown storefronts are expensive!) Super cute local cafe vibes with lots of sandwich, smoothie, and pastry/cookie options. Perfect for a quick bite by yourself or with a small group.

Alexandra S.

I love this place the food was delicious and the service was very good highly recommend this cafe was the best coffee in Kingston ny

Bonnie Dumas

Love lunch from Sissy’s! The food is great and the staff are awesome!

Cindy Bell

Excellent menu with an environmentally responsible and sustainable business model. Lunchtime wraps are yummy and satisfying!

Caroline A.

My favorite breakfast spot in Kingston. A kind and light atmosphere and the ladies that work here are friendly and attentive. Super pleasant. Their smoothies are amazing, I love the nutty professor. The bagel sandwiches are also delicious.

Becky Lamoreaux

Good food, good vibes! Love their sandwiches and paninis!

Jovanni V.

I wanted to grab a quick bite and decided to stop here. Had the country wrap (it comes with a small salad) and a coffee. The food came out fast, hot, and delicious! The wrap was fairly large and a good serving for anyone. The staff was very nice and friendly too =) Would recommend to anyone!

Dustin W.

The vegan Haven Wrap is one of the most uniquely delicious things I've had in quite a while! Tamari tempeh, avocado, chickpeas, all sorts of seeds and more!

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