Taqueria Poblano

8 Van Buren St, Kingston
(845) 430-3286

Recent Reviews

Anna S.

This is my very favorite place to go in Kingston (and one of my favorites in the whole mid-Hudson area). Unbelievably delicious--this is the kind of food I miss most now that I no longer live in the city: quick, inexpensive, flavorful, fresh, and mouth-wateringly good. Can't wait for when the pandemic is over and I can come sit back in their bright welcoming room and eat til I can't move.And they have horchata!!!!

Emily Scott

Great folks. Great food. Great prices. Highly recommend!

Neal Sama

Best authentic Mexican I've had in all of the Hudson Valley. Friendly & fast service

Talal Jabari

The food was good. The menu had quite a few options (not much for vegetarians). The staff is extremely friendly, and the food is delivered at the speed of a fast food joint. It's cash only though!

Tom and Connie J.

We really wanted to love this place. Didn't happen. 5 yelp stars? No frikkin way! Stopped in for a late lunch. The place was empty and colder inside than a well digger's lunch bucket. We ordered what looked good from other's previous reviews. We had the enchilada plate and the taco plate and shared them. The waitress brought two more plates to make our sharing simpler. Cudos to her. Service was great. Now, to the food. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING WITH CHICKEN! What you get is chicken jerky but without the flavor of jerky. No flavor at all but tough, stringy something that resembles chicken or something. We had that in both the enchiladas and the tacos. How could they serve something that gross with a straight face? I guess we expected enchiladas that were simmering in a nice sauce on a really hot plate, cheese melted over the top, hot, tasty. Sorry, they were not. They were just on the cold plate (the plates were plastic so they couldn't really be warmed, which is usually the hallmark of a Mexican restaurant) with some unmelted cheese on top along with lettuce. Lettuce on an enchilada? Enchilada not broiled/baked? And the flavor was very mundane. The tacos were sorta ok. The beef one was decent but without much flavor. Chunks of beef were small enough that the toughness was somewhat easy to deal with. Then to the beans and rice. Virtually COLD, seriously cold, when they reached us. Can you believe this? Usually at least in most Mexican restaurants the beans are too hot to eat when they reach your table and they probably have a bunch of melted cheese on them. Not this time. Cold. We told the waitress and all she said was that she would tell "them". No more response from our comment to her. Never again will we dine at this really cool little hole in the wall with so much potential and so little substance.

Abril Castillo Rojas

Amazing and wonderful staff. Lovely family restaurant and tasty food.

Xai Yang

Great food. The service was awesome.

Gabrielle L.

OH MY GOD, can you please open a store in Philadelphia? This is some of the best Mexican I've ever had, and believe me, I know my way around some tacos! The spicy chicken (tinga) is to die for, I have no idea how they pack so much umami/flavor in it. Taco tortillas are tiny and perfectly elastic, no tearing here at all. The spicy pork quesadilla had just enough grease to soak through the flour tortilla and crisp up on the flat top. The tomatillo salsa is mild and fruity, a perfect match for the salty chips. The pico de gallo was fresh, tangy, and perfectly balanced: definitely order a side and put it on everything! Not to mention the rice & beans, which are one of my favorite garnishes, I was so pleased that the quesadilla automatically came along with them. Wish we were spending more time in Kingston because we would have eaten here every day. Go for lunch and be amazed at how affordable one of the best meals of your life can be!

Michael B.

Perfect in every single way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the tacos arabes get the nachos everyone working there is a treasure tip them well

Inno C.

AMAZING. SO GOOD!!! The chef is a good guy. Extremely good atmosphere and amzing food, like I said. But yelp said that was too short so I have to keep typing things with no relevancy at all just to use up character space. Anywho, " how you doing?", in my best Wendy voice.

Johnny L.

Authentic and inexpensive tacos and burritos. Green sauce is amazing, roja is super spicy. Cash only

Stephen Selwyn

Brought by a friend who really knows Mexican food. Prices were right and although off the beaten path well worth the trip.

Debbie B.

Very average food in a very ordinary ambiance. My burrito was luke warm. The chips were stale and the guacamole was just mashed avocados with very little additional flavoring. My daughters tacos were pretty good and so were the rice and beans. Not what I hoped for.

Jo S.

The tacos here are delicious and jam packed with meat even though the tortillas are on the smaller side. The tacos are very affordable and the family who works there are very professional and quick to service you.

Davis H.

First time. Great tacos, served Mexican style with corn tortillas, onion and cilantro. I asked for hot sauce and it was truly hot. Soft drinks. Cash only. But good choices on the menu, check it out.

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