Adirondack Pub & Brewery

33 Canada St, Lake George
(518) 668-0002

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Sam A.

Another really good craft brewery in Lake George. A lot of good beers, a nice setting, and good, simple pub food. Their Saratoga Lager and Bear Naked Amber ale were the highlights for me. They were perfect for drinking by/in the lake and for evenings in the cabin. They were both dominated with flavorful malt without being heavy and made for easy drinking. The pub was good as well, as we had excellent pretzel bites and burgers. The kids really liked the pulled pork mac and cheese too. Definitely will be a regular stop on our annual summer vacation up here!

T. Davis

I've frequented this place for many years, as I live relatively close. Each year the food get worse! The beer is always good, but today I ordered a chicken BLT and this was what showed up at the table. This piece of chicken barely covered 2/3 of the bun and was maybe 3/8 inch thick. I've had chicken nugget with more meat! The bacon was hardly cooked and lettuce wilted. Not sure who's running the kitchen, but this is unacceptable! I won't be returning.

Raymond Ernesto Colón

Overall, always a solid dining experience at Adirondack with speedy service and delicious food -- even if sometimes presentations are unexpected. We were sat relatively quickly even when quoted a 30 minute wait and being behind a party of 12. Once sat, our waitress was friendly and efficient in taking our orders and appetizers arrived almost immediately (it was a bit amazing). I ordered the pretzels which were good especially with the beer cheese, but if you're looking for traditional salted pretzels, then you will be surprised. Think of these pretzels as the pretzel equivalent of unglazed old fashioned donuts. My entree was the special paella burger which was delicious, but if you're looking for more traditional flavors in this burger, be prepared for some heat. We were a party of 8 and we're in and out in about 1.5 hours with no feeling of being rushed -- we visit every year on our annual family trip and we are never disappointed.

Donna Z.

Great place in Lake George. I've been coming to Lake George for vacation in the winters since Covid and I would stay at the Holiday Inn Resort so it's a short walk to this restaurant and have come since I have found it the first year. Their variety of beers is great and you can select 4 for a flight. One of my favorite ciders is made here - farmhouse cider which is semi-sweet. Their food is good as well. They have a really nice outdoor space but since I normally come during winter and even though there's a fire going, it's a little too cold to sit outside.

Christopher S.

Delicious food. Drinks were nice and cold. Service was quick and accommodating. Stop in for a dinner if you're in Lake George.

Kim L.

First off as soon as we arrived we noticed all staff looked professional wearing appropriate attire matching! Now let's talk about that Beer ?.. we had their homemade Bear Naked brew yummy ?! 5 ?. We also tried their flight loved the different homemade beer's. That Farmhouse Cider was great too Now to the food.. Awesome I wish we just went here all week for our meals.We really enjoyed everything we ordered, portions were great! I didn't have to pay extra for fries like everywhere else around town, it came with my meal. The pulled pork was great! The Buffalo chicken salad was delicious, the burgers! We are visiting from Cooperstown area and will definitely be back to have another great meal and Beer. Wait staff was fantastic.

Tim F.

My wife and I went there last week and it was below par at best. The beer selection was great but the food was awful. My wife had a chicken sandwich that was dry and overcooked. I ordered the ribs and didn't finish them. They had the appearance of a rib that was cooked the day before and heated up on order. They were so hot that I could t touch them so that led me to believe they were microwaved and a blob of sauce was smeared on them haphazardly with no attention to appearance. I am not a picky eater by any means but overcooked dry ribs is my limit. The wait staff was rushed, and I understand that help can be limited but I was only visited once after the meal was plated, and that was to ask if we wanted desert or the check. I feel for the waitstaff as they are overworked but the food is not great.

Mike S.

I've been coming to Adirondack Pub & Brewery for years, and I mean YEARS. I remember when they first started expanding their brewery, the tiny outdoor area, no real parking. I love to see the evolution. Like seeing your kids grow up but it's one of your favorite pubs! But somewhere in their expansion and growth they forgot to keep quality. The menu has grown sure. And the food is still good. But is it worth what they're charging? A burger & fries here is 14.99. It's a roughly 6oz patty on a toasted bun, lettuce tomato onion. It's cooked over charcoal so if there's any flavor to it, it's fire. That's the flavor. Its served with regular fries. If you want to sub out fries, they will happily do so for an additional four dollars. Yes. FOUR dollars more for sweet potato fries or a side salad or onion rings. Also the sweet potato fries were cold. Pay extra, also get fewer fries, and get them Cold. Decor: pretty rustic. It's a fun atmosphere. Outside patio is really nice and the bar area is always a good hang. Feels like a local bar in spite of the tourists. Service: they're doing the best they can. Friendly, maybe overworked and a bit stressed. Beers: ya know... they're good. There aren't any "must haves" in my opinion. If you're big into craft beers I guarantee you'll find something you like. But will you be wow'd? The value for the money isn't there. I think management saw too many opportunities for growth and cut corners on the quality of the food and that's honestly a shame.

Alexis G.

I've been coming here for years. This past trip to lake George, my visit wasn't so amazing. (Our waiter was a bartender who got pulled off the bar and he obviously was not happy) the beer is absolutely fantastic and the food is better than most. I'll still be stopping by every time I'm in town.

Danielle B.

This was my second stop to the brewery. First visit a few year ago was fantastic. I was excited to be stopping back. Unfortunately, I'm giving this trip 3 stars at best. My husband and girls ( 2 and 3) stopped in for an early dinner (4pm) on a Friday evening. The place was not packed. We were seated immediately. Waitress passed us a few times while checking on another table. Literally took 10, but not more than 15 minutes until we were finally acknowledged. We have our order (drinks and food). Husband got a burger and I got a prime rib dip sandwich. My meal was a disappointment- meat had no flavor; very bland, and the aujou broth was flavorless too :( I would say the bonus was the offering of 2 popsicles to our girls! Our daughters ate some of our food and the waitress offered them each a freeze pop (complimentary) Both kids enjoyed the treat. Beers we enjoyed - Pilsner, dreamsicle and Under the Sombrero. All were refreshing. Like I said earlier- our first time at the brew pub was fantastic! Service and food. But this time around, it was sadly not the best. Hopefully next time up visiting, our stop will be better!! Cheers!

Charles J.

Tough to review because I like the atmosphere here, but the beer is fair at best and the food menus are overpriced for the quality of what you're getting. I'm naturally drawn to breweries, but if this was not located so close to Lake George I'd recommend passing on it. This location has a good location near Lake George which may be why it is pricey. It has a cozy rustic atmosphere but a lunch for four and one beer total ran me about a hundred bucks. Definitely steep. Nice enough place but the food is basic and so is the beer.

Carol S

We had a nice dinner on the patio and did some beer flights. Generous 5.5 oz pours on the flights, and we enjoyed them all! Food was excellent, the rib platter was huge! Great place to grab some food while in Lake George.

Amanda H.

This is the second time I have returned to this restaurant. My husband and I love the look and feel of this place. We had pickle chips to begin which were delicious. My husband had a flight of beer and I had the lake George lemonade (my favorite). For the entree I had a chicken avocado sandwich. The avocado was not ripe and was actually hard. No biggie, the chicken was still good. My husband had a burger which he also enjoyed.

Kenneth B.

Went here on a Sunday night around 6:30. Parking can be a challenge on a very busy night. The Waite staff is very attentive. We had the fish sandwich and the chicken brie sandwich. Both were good. They have an extensive draft beer list which includes their own brews. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating.

Kym G.

Stopped in for dinner and the place has a very rustic vibe going on inside. We got the pickle chips served with a chipoltle mayo that were amazing, shrimp tacos, and Buffalo chicken salad. Salad was great, tacos OK. The desert however was amazing, the apple crisp was so good, definitely recommend!

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