The Lobster Pot

81 Canada St, Lake George
(518) 668-2429

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Absolutely can’t say enough about the lobster pot. It was our first time dining there and it was delicious. From the frozen drink to the oyster appetizer to our entrees. The service & waitress were absolutely great. Definitely will go back when we visit again

Laurean Callander

Cute little place on the main drag. Great outdoor seating and cute inside decor. Delicious cocktails. Food beware. Cooked for turn and burn. Overcooked lobster was rubbery (as if pre cooked and re heated to order) Clams so-so. “Fresh veg” was canned green beans. Dessert was also returned to the kitchen. My tummy can only take so much.


Came for our last night and to watch the fireworks after dinner. They advertise watch the fireworks from their deck but didn't seem like a lot of people do that. We could see the higher fireworks but not the lower ones so maybe we should made the hike down the block but it still was a great meal outside on a beautiful night.

Monique Chevygirlss

My son wanted to come to this restaurant while we were in Lake George.. I saw mixed reviews I can't give this four or five stars because everything was just really mediocre our service though waitresses were right on it.I must say it was the first time I had clam chowder with the very strong Taste of Rosemary in it but it was mediocre and lukewarm which isn't that great of a taste when you're having a hot clam chowder.The clam chowder was more like potato chowder I don't even think there was one clam in my chowderMy son and I ended up splitting the full lobster pot.We come from New England where clambakes Lobster pots are done rightThis was just a very big disappointment especially for the price. Nothing was warm and they gave us an ounce of butter each. Not a drop of seasoning. Everything was kind of dried out. Also if you really want a good Seafood Pot I just suggest putting some potatoes a piece of sausage in there some seasoning like Old Bay is a very good cheater seasoning if you don't know how to season correctly and just one ear of corn is just unacceptable for an $85 Lobster Pot.If you like unseasoned lukewarm mediocre food this is definitely the place for youI would give one star but the service was definitely very good

Mavic DP

Me and my husbands first time in Lake George. Before going to the Airbnb, we decided to look for a seafood restaurant by the lake. I googled and shows three restaurants and one of them is this restaurant. We ordered and when our food came, was disappointed to see what I ordered. With the price, kind of expensive for their Lobster Pot and their Lobster sandwich. They could have done something with the presentation, to look more expensive. A nicer platter, maybe and a little garnishes. Also the location is not what I expected, it’s not by the lake. Our server is very nice though.


Great food and service!! Audrey, our server was so sweet and accommodating. She’s most definitely an asset to your establishment!! Just fantastic!! This will be our go to stop when we visit again!! Thank you again Audrey!! ?❤️?


Prices are ridiculous. 38 dollars for spaghetti with clams??? My wife had the taco with scallop which were filled with lettuce. They give you three tacos but only enough seafood to fill one. to rub salt in the wound they charge 4% surcharge if you use a credit card. Some new thing. I just leave 15 percent tip rather then 20 to compensate for the surcharge. Unfortunate but that is the only way to fight back. NO ONE told me there was a credit card surcharge until it was on the bill. So they are all responsible including the server. If you do not like your tip complain to the owner not me. I do not pay credit card surcharges Obviously I will not be back. If you go be ready to pay for sub par food servings.

Carrie Luther

So I was going to say how the food was very good and waitress was very nice and attentive. But from the time we walked in other customers were complaining very loudly. I overlooked the man screaming about I believe his $5 for extra rice.? But the couple across from us that ate 90 % of their meals were so loud and obnoxious I couldn’t enjoy my very $$ dinner. The waitress was literally screaming at them at the top of her lungs. Omg… escort them out and have management deal with them!! The manager was trying but failing at keeping situation under control. ? It was so upsetting I started to feel sick and couldn’t finish my dinner. Too bad because our food was good.

PomMom1517 Walde-Jensen

Had a yummy bday dinner here last week. The outdoor seating could be prettier, but the food was delicious. This is your basic seafood place nothing fancy and the indoors are nicer than the patio seating. It is not on the lake but despite that the lobster and lobster roll was very good.


Be careful you don't get Audrey T. as a waitress!!!! Brings you wrong order(s), wait forever when you ask for something (or you have to ask another server to get whatever you need). The order was wrong. & waitress called us a liar & was yelling at us, sticking her hand in our face. And then proceeded to say we are only looking for our food to be free (which was false). The food was very good for the most part. (besides order was wrong that was brought to us) 1st time there & holy moly, what a surprise.

Jack L.

Hands down the worst restaurant experience all 4 of us had at our table. My friend ordered sushi and the waiter said they were out of sushi yet the table next to us that sat down AFTER us got sushi!! My wife and him ended up getting shrimp tacos with mango salsa instead they got vodka sauce. My wife's friend ordered pasta Alfredo but instead she got pasta with butter and lumped cheese (very similar to when you re heat that same dish the next day). I got the steamed snow crab legs, key word steamed. Well I think they were steamed yesterday and thrown in the fridge because they were served to me ice cold. This place is absolute trash and should be reported to the health department.


I walked into the restaurant for takeout and I felt as if I wasn’t even noticed. I do understand it was busy but someone should have been able to take the order, 10 minutes later o was able to finally order. The pasta I order was super over cooked it tasted like plastic and the lobster cake was burnt and not “lightly breaded” as they state is their menu. The wings were the only decent thing. I received some rice that was hard and looked like if it was deep fried. I wasn’t mad to pay $98 plus $20 tip for crab cake lobster pasta and wings, as I was expecting amazing food, boy was I wrong. Never again.

Thomas Naturale

My better half and I had the crabmeat stuffed mushrooms appetizer, which was very good, just enough to wet my appetite, then we had the broiled seafood platter which was stuffed flounder with shrimp and scallops, all very tasty and cooked just right, vacationing here, but will come back again

Stacey Shewell

I'm a local person who decided to go to the Lobster Pot for dinner. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE. The lobster bisque tasted like tomato soup with cream added. YUCK I had surf and turf. The prime rib was really grizzly and my tail was burnt. Husband had the lobster dinner. The lobster was overcooked and chewy. And make sure you check your bill when you get it. They charge you a processing fee (for what). I've never heard of such a thing. They don't processing fees in Maine, New Hampshire.

Terry Scott

This was horrible. Crab stuffed mushrooms were cold and uncooked. Pain getting them to take it off the bill. Ordered calamari to replace it and literally it came out in 14 seconds soggy an uncooked. We paid for what we ate but their signs outside mislead you and they add to price on the check. Spoke to the manager and his response was "there's nothing i can do about it" Then when i told him that the entire table should have been comped because of their lack of quality control, he shrugged his shoulders and just smiled. I told him he should consider my feedback on the quality and service (since the waitress had a smug negative comment at the end) or he's not going to be in business long once someone dies from undercooked seafood being served. Completely indifferent and again just shrugged his shoulders and smiled like he could care less. If you want to risk food poisoning this place is the place to go. Otherwise stay away. Pass the word

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