Angela's Pizza

1923 Rte 9W, Lake Katrine
(845) 382-2211

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jason jack

I just wanted to say, it is hard for my family to find decent pizza (which this was!)outside the Buffalo NY area where we are from. The only other place I've seen sausage cut like pepperoni was Aldo's la Hacienda in Niagara falls NY, which for some reason closed years ago probably for retirement. Any way it was good and if you are traveling from another good pizza area this should hold you over till you get home : )

Frank Striano

My family and I are big pizza lovers who have tried most of the areas pizza establishments in the last 20 years, and this is by far the best pizza going. Put aside the fact that this place is putting out some amazing combinations as well as *garlic knot pizza* and it still pulls out ahead with a great sauce, killer crust, and full body cheese. NOTE: THERE IS A NEW CHEF AND HE HAS TRULY TURNED IT UP A NOTCH

Duck the gaming engine 221

Our family ordered pizza here after reading all the horrible reviews. I was ready to roast this place but I am on my third slice of piping hot sausage pizza right now. Got everything we ordered, on time. All three of us are happy to report this is the best pizza ? outside of the Buffalo, NY region. I only have one suggestion, print Angela’s Pizza on the box. It would have made a cool souvenir considering the pizza was delicious and it’s my name. Bravo, Angela’s Pizza! 08/29/2020

Megan SCH

Ordered food for pick up. When we get home we’re missing a calzone. This was after being told everything was in the giant box they handed us (we ordered $80.00 in food). So, we are then told they will deliver the missing items in a half hour. One hour later I receive a calzone that was made two hours before! Everyone else was done eating! So, right in the garbage it went. This isn’t the first time something like this happened there! I will never order from there again.

Derrick Gillette-McMahon

Very good pizza ? not 99c pizza from NY but good enough

Sarah Difiore

Would be nice if your delivery driver would actually bring my food to my door. His excuse was he didnt like the stairs to my apartment complex? But he didnt even get out of his car to hand me my food he rolled his window down for me to grab it. Laziest driver I have ever seen highly disappointed


Ordered 2 pies 2 orders of wings and fries for delivery.1.5 hours later got the one warmish pie, cold wings, cold fries.Called back asked for the rest of my food.It's been 1.5 hours I'm still waiting.Edit: after talking to the manager at 3.5 hours I was told I can get half the order replaced and a 20$ credit. Seriously? Nope took a full refund will never order there again.(Also the manager says "I'm ready to bring you your new food, whenever we are done with what's going on here") nice customer service.

Bret Deptula

Honestly I’m impressed, it’s a lot of food I ordered to much. Tasty , super nice, I was visiting glad I popped by

Shane Demskie

I've been going to Angela's since I was a kid, but we stopped about 3 years ago because the quality took a real hit due to management at the time. That said, there's now new management and the quality is so much better. They earned my business back and I believe that they deserve yours as well

Stephanie Rose

I ordered food almost 2 hours ago for delivery. Wings and a small calzone. I live less than 10 minutes away.. two hours later I find out my order was canceled by slice? No phone call? No text? No dinner tonight? That's cool ? like I would have just come to pick it up had I known this 2 hours ago... so unprofessional. And this isn't my first mis happy with this company.last time I got delivery I received the wrong stuff after wait9ng over an hour for delivery, then had to wait another hour for the right stuff. This was a little over a year ago, thought I'd give it another shot... nope never again.

Kate Kacur

Great pizza, boneless wings and soda deal...absolutely delicious and great price!

Amanda Turner

I ordered from Angela's on Saturday night for the first time in a very long time.. To start off I placed an online order using my card and I found it awesome that they now had this option, I checked out and my first order was cancelled because they were very busy, I tried again and it went through. I then called to make sure I would get a refund on the original cancelled order and the guy I spoke to was very polite and helpful and assured me I would be quickly refunded with a wait of up to a day which I was promptly refunded within an hour or two. So there was a 70 min wait for our delivery which I was understanding with given the day and all the other circumstances.. When the delivery driver got here my bf answered the door and got the food and afterwards was giving him the total for him to pay again, at this point this would have been the third time I had paid and was pretty bad communication on the restaurants part, my bf told him we had paid with a card online and then when the delivery driver went to leave he asks "you wouldn't happen to know if she left a tip would you?" So awkward and unprofessional to be asking and I had left a 20% tip! Didn't like that one bit, and the food was definitely not as good as the last period of time I went there from 2010 to 2014, very disappointing pizza compared to what I used to get there. I still have a special spot in my heart for the place but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice for food nowadays.

Christopher Langdon

This is the pizza I just got after waiting an hour and a half for delivery. I called and the guy on the phone told me it was "too late to send another pizza" and because I ordered off of their website he couldn't give me my money back either. So no dinner, no money, and was told tough luck. This place used to be so good, my go-to pizza place. It has gone down hill so quickly and I'll be avoiding it in the future.

Pat Nettleton

Had a great meal and great conversation. So excited to see Janae back as the manager

cynthia pratt

Best place to Eat.

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