Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

6711 Transit Rd, Lancaster
(716) 276-3482

Recent Reviews

Erin P.

This is by far the worst Dairy Queen in the Buffalo area. It's always so busy and every time I've gone there my ice cream is basically milk it is so melted. Do not recommend going here.

T.A. Ball

It seemed like everyone had the same idea at the same time on March 30. I believe they did the best they could under the circumstances. Our blizzards could have been neater.

Google user

I don't care what you think. I like Dairy Queen. It's fast and good usually and the price is right for me. Give me this over mackdonalds

Tyller Murray

Onion rings were really good the burger i got had brown lettuce and was not fresh definitely would say skip this place and find another unless of course your just getting ice cream

Alex Festaiuti

Normally great for blizzards. I got a banana milkshake the other day that had what looked like accidental sprinkles throughout it (hard pieces of something gross tasting). Had to toss it.

Amanda Moore

Wanted the blizzard flavor of the month, they were out and not expecting more. On only the tenth day of the month. Disappointed ☹️.

Mendel B.

Food was pretty good. Service with a smile. Ice cream was awesome. I got the brownie batter blizzard

Josh Reichardt

I wanted a blizzard after a blizzard so I got a blizzard and there were no problems with the transactions.

David H. Rodriguez

Very friendly staff and great tasting burgers.

Patrick Jordan

Some times their ice cream is just what you need and always quick

Justin Fuzi

Awesome location! Great staff, and food is always good! Management is exceptional! Thanks DQ! ?

Jimmy Walczak

This was the burger I ordered....there’s literally NO MEAT PATTY in between the buns.... all in all the service is pretty good here, However, the quality and quantity of the food is so far below par. I won’t be ordering again. Solid loss of a customer

k J

4 piece BBQ strip basket. Fresh and delicious. Nice staff.

Jason Joseph

Very Good deals with the app and consistent service. I use to frequent this location all the time after seeing imax movies. I believe they should really set themselves up as more of an destination instead of just a pickup spot.

Darryl B

Nice that it's open all year round! When you want a blizzard in a blizzard. Fast service. No indoor seating, ?.

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