Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

6711 Transit Rd, Lancaster
(716) 276-3482

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Tara K.

This particular Dairy Queen location has a handy drive-thru, which I've been thru more times than I care to admit. :-) Because of this feature, and that this DQ is relatively close to home, it is my favorite location for this chain. I've been here when the drive-thru line is pretty long, and they keep it moving fairly fast. The workers have always been nice enough. The ice cream is what you'd expect from DQ, same quality and consistency as any other reliable DQ spot. My typical go-to is vanilla soft-serve in a dish with butterscotch dip and rainbow sprinkles. I love the dip moat that transforms into a candy-like crunchy crust. My kids like blizzards. My husband likes fruity sundaes. The 2 for $4 is a great deal to split sundaes or slushes. I use the DQ app to regularly save a buck or so, too. I also really appreciate that they stay open until 11pm, which is nice for this night-owl family. We haven't ordered much hot food, but did try the fries and a burger once. It was fine, what you'd expect from fast food; decent, nothing exceptional. This drive-thru location is a great option during social-distancing times, and as a 716-native who has been DQ'ing for basically my whole life, I'll continue to come here when our fam' wants a Dairy Queen fix.

Joaquin Figueroa

Love it always great time there's

Theresa Mancini

Made my late fathers birthday lovely great blizzard I recommend the drumstick one, cheers!

Justine Morabito

Drove a pretty good distance to order lunch waited in the drive thru line for 10 minutes before someone actually took our order. Took another 15 minutes to get our order. Drove all the way home realized we got the wrong order. My husband had to drive all the way back to get the correct order.. Needless to say won't be going back anytime soon.

Carolyn DeCoff

We got my son's 20th Birthday cake

Karen Friedman

Awesome. Just got 5 Blizzard through the drivethrew. They were excellent! The staff was very pleasant and filled my order very quickly.

Stan G.

The Dairy Queen Grill & Chill resolved a small issue. Thank you Rob for your outstanding customer service.

Taylor B.

I had a great experience here. My blizzard was full of cheesecake every single bite I got the strawberry cheesecake blizzard and I got the Oreo mint Oreo blizzard everybody it was filled with Oreos so it was a very successful trip to dairy queen tonight if I say so myself.


Good ice cream with a drive thru

Tony Hipes

Great service from the staff. Quick delivery of food.

lacy plays

I loved the food. Especially because you can customize your order. The best part about it is because it is right next to a donuts and movie theater place. ? ? ??

Alex Fath

I ordered the berry pie blizzard... It was very good and our server was very personable and fast. Overall 5 star experience:)

Anna D.

I love dairy queen personally it was fine to me service was a little a slow to get my blizzard but the fries were great

thomas Francis

Chrissy took care of me.. food was good. She was really personable and fast . Thanks!

Josh Stivers

Different then ordinary fast food chains.

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