Bonita's Sandwich Chef

22 N Ann St, Little Falls
(315) 508-5192

Recent Reviews

Monique De Roeck

We have a lodging business and we send a lot of our guests to Bonita’s and they all love the food. Very clean place, good quality food for a decent price and very respectful owners. We go there at least once a week for lunch. I highly recommend this place !

Bubba Bubs

Very great people and food. Its a nice place to stop and enjoy a b8te to eat. I Love the atmosphere and artFood: 4/5


Great food, wonderful people! Every small town in America needs a lunch stop like this.

Mark Lomery

Huge menu selection, prepared with TLC by Bonita. Good location,.lots of parking. Could have turned up the thermostat a bit,.little chilly in the dining room.

Joan Lomery

Enjoyed a leisurely 0lunch with relatives. Food was very good, fresh, and served in a friendly polite manner.

Cynthia Marinaro

The sandwiches were really good, especially the turkey sandwiches! The corn bread was also delicious - warm and fresh. You order up at the counter, but you can dine-in for lunch.Parking: Several spots outside reserved for customers, which was convenient for one of our mobility impaired family members.

Kevin P.

Amazing food! Working in little Falls the past two weeks and this have been an everyday lunch spot that gets better and better! The food is fresh, all homemade, great prices, and nice atmosphere. You don't be disappointed!

L Vroom

Stopped in wanting to support a local business and eat a little healthier than the rest stops. Food was great and prices very reasonable. All was well until I went in after eating outside to use the restroom. Walking out the man behind the counter beaconed me with an outstretched finger and barked at me like I was a misbehaving child! His coworker then mentioned I had picked up food already which seemed to solve his issue (but not his rudeness). Secondly I then asked if I could throw out the containers (which they provided) and was told they “didn’t have a trash can”. Ok - message received loud and clear. Stay away if you’re from out of town. Easily the rudest interaction I’ve had and seems like I’m not the only one sadly based on other reviews.

William H.

Actually, less than zero. Don't turn your back on her or you will hear her talking about you and everyone that comes in. The coffee is never hot and the food is not much better.

Ewa Petrášová

On our road trip from ocean shores back to MI we came across this little gem of little historical towns, Little Falls NY. It has made our day.The place is so enticing with its well over 200 y o beautiful architecture and a canal that simply asks for a stroll down the bridge on a sunny day.Had no idea it existed.Town oozes strong sense of community, almost everything is OG & handmade.Bonitas Sandwich has proper home made meals, filling and not overpriced; best hand made cookies (I suggest the apple/cinnamon/caramel one!) & is very clean. You can tell the ppl taking care of it are giving it loads of TLC day to day!

Rose Derkay

Surprised how good the food is. Full of flavor and priced generously. I’m eating here again before my visit’s over.

Nicholas M.

We were lucky to stopped in while traveling though the area. It's a fairly unassuming place but the food is very high quality and the prices are still much better than most other places. Chef Nick is a friendly guy who aims to please. He grows the vegetables on their property and apparently the meat is grass fed. Chicken tenders were hand breaded with nice seasoning and not loaded with batter. Overall it exceeds expectations in every way. I had to open Yelp and review them even though I didn't find them with Yelp.

Bryar-Lyn Ciampo

Little Gem in Little Falls! Great sandwiches at great prices. Can't wait to go back and try something new... The desserts looked amazing as well.

Osama A.Wahid

Great food by chef Bonita and chef Nick, especially the fried chicken sandwich and vanilla coconut shake! It will bring a smile to your face!

Joanne Galloway

Honestly walked in from a long drive hoping to find an authentic diner in the small town. Wow walked in to find the absolute rudest man and women I have encountered....disgusting and they should be ashamed.

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