Canal Side Inn

395 Canal Pl, Little Falls
(315) 823-1170

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Danielle Warner

We stayed in the Boucuse room, which was large, when I first walked in I thought it was pretty okay. After spending time there, I almost didn't stay the night. The whole room was lumpy and slanted, the shower was dirty, the handles broken on the shower doors, the room very outdated, but the part that made me barely able to stay the night was all the ants. They really liked my nightstand the most, so I was afraid to even leave my water on it overnight. It was to the point where I was unwilling to eat breakfast there because I'm afraid of what the kitchen is like based on the room I slept in. I did like the check-in being simple and the size of the room, so that's why it gets 2 stars.

Service: 3

Matt Entwistle

Eat here if you like overpriced food and RUSTY forks. Everyone is kind but quality is non-existent. Would be more satisfied with a mcdonalds cheeseburger.

Service: 5

Michelle Hebert

The Atmosphere was relaxing and romantic for a couple or group..The food was exceptional from appetizer to main entree..drinks were amazing and after dinner coffee selection is delectable!! Will be returning and getting a room next time ? Staff was very accommodating and service was exceptional !!

Service: 5


Saumon a L'aneth main course with bread and Clam Chowder, along with the iced tea, then finished with an Amazing Cheese Cake Desert served with Fresh Cream and Strawberries presented a delightful reminder of how each member of the Inn designed their artistry and hospitality evolving a menu into an unfordable memory! Keyboardist - Thomas F Hall Performer LLC of Binghamton NY Looking forward to playing on Friday, April 5 my favorites and easy listening numbers.

Julie Mower

We went for Valentines dinner and i woke up sick the next morning. Definitely not going back. During soup fest we thought they had the best soup so we figured the rest of the food had to be good as well. The only thing the are good at is soup.They tried to sit us in the bar. Not sure why they are pushing couples out on Valentine's to sit in a noisy bar. Especially when half the tables were open in the dining room.We waiting 1 hour for our soup. Then waited for the appetizer. I got the caprese salad that was dry. No marinated anything or balsamic vinegar. Another table had to ask for dressing for their Caesar salad. And again we waited for our meals. My husband's scallops were gritty. My meal was the poulet penne it was luke warm so I'm suspected that is what made me sick.Then come to dessert what we ordered at the beginning of our meal was not available. we ordered cheese cake and red velvet creme brulee. we were offered regular creme brulee but yet tables after us were able to get chocolate creme brulee. This is very poor planning for the chef. He should have mad sure there was enough dessert available for the not packed restaurant . We should have been compensated for that. We ordered from the $75 4 course valentines menu and what i ordered did not even equal $75From start to finish we were there 2.5 hours. All the food took way to long to come out. I wish we had gotten up and left when i suggested it 45 minutes into waiting for food.

Kianna Nyanjong

I went for Valentine’s Day dinner (I was not aware of the $75 prix fix menu), nonetheless i would like to start off by saying the service was amazing. The staff is very welcoming. The food on the other hand? Not very impressive giving the price point. Very small portions, no flavor just bland. Overall I had to bring my food home and add flavor to it for me to enjoy. It’s just not worth the money, and I had very high expectations. Ambiance was nice though.

Service: 5


We were unaware that the Valentine's menu was pre fixe because reservations were made on Open Table, shocked to find out upon arrival it was $75 per person. Our server seemed to forget we were there on aeveral occasions. Waited for wine, waited for utensils once dinner was served. We took dessert to go because after over 2 hrs, we needed to leave. We were not in a hurry, but felt ignored most of the time. We ran into some friends that were leaving shortly after our arrival, they said they'd had same server and she was awful. Food was very good, nicely presented. It is hard to go back to a place when service is so bad, regardless of how good the food is, especially considering the price

Ed Aycock

Was very disappointed. The waitress was new so we knew it’d be a bit slow so we gently reminded her about the soup or salad with the entree and she says, “ I know. I bring it out to you.” But she had already taken our order, come back and hadn’t asked which we preferred. But she got it eventually.But the food … this place is not cheap. It’s Manhattan prices in upstate NY so you expect it to be good. But the butter for the bread was stale. Not rancid but stale and so it was inedible. The Caesar salads were small and less than stellar. And the Beef Wellington also suffered as the beef was flavorless and tough.Wouldn’t go again.

Service: 2

Dawn D.

Excellent in every way! Ambience, cocktails, absolutely delicious food, excellent service. We drive an hour and a half for the experience and we do this multiple times throughout the year.


Food presentation left much to be desired. My filet was delicious but the potatoes were so dry. The vegetable, oy, about 8 pea pods sautéed, some were a vibrant green as they should have been but the others were this drab army green. I have always loved The Canal Side because they were the best at everything, not so much anymore.

chris holl

We had high expectations, but were let down by overpriced, mediocre entrees. It seems like their definition of fine dining is equivalent to the filet o fish at McDonald's. I hope to visit again and have a better experience.

Ricardo T.

I'll start with saying that prior experiences there have been great and that the unexpected death of a great chef can cause an upheaval. That said, it's expected that there will be uneven food and service performances. The service was consistent, even, drinks were good, no issues with service or ambience, still a delightful spot to dine.... The food, an appetizer of calamari was inedible, had to be sent back. While told there was no meat in the corn chowder, it definitely had bacon. The entrees the house special was an encrusted haddock which in and of itself was good, the accompanying rice was mushy, tasteless, and lukewarm at best. The grouper was tasty, but shrimp overcooked and the portion did not meet the price point. An accompanying couscous lacked flavor and was also lukewarm at best. I have no issues with the rest of the dessert, drinks, etc. now for three people, one appetizer, two entrees, one which was split, 4 drinks, and one dessert the bill was $178 and change. Way to much for the food served. I'll come back because I'm certain the ship will be righted and small issues fixed, but you never get better unless you know what's wrong.


We loved our dinner at Canal Side Inn. One of us had the salmon special, one had the haddock, and I had the porc osso buco. We each had dessert - cheesecake, lemon cake, and mousse. The food was perfect. The service was wonderful. I would definitely go back.


Bartender was friendly, knowledgeable about the drinks and he was the best part of our visit. Servers were friendly and warm too. Food was expensive but we weren't really impressed with the flavors. Service could be faster - we waited for our food for over half hour, server brought us bread with no butter or oil. The experience was much better at the bar than the dining room, though we would visit again sometime.

Marc Reeve-Newson

I was helping a friend get his boat through the Erie Canal. We tied up downstream of lock 17 and I decided I wanted to go into town for a hot meal.My server Olivia was very personable and the food was excellent. The owner happened to be there and invited me to join him and his family at their table (Thanks Dave, those were some good conversations). The night ended up being far more of an adventure than I'd planned. If I'm in town again I'll be sure to visit.

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