251-03 Northern Blvd, Little Neck
(718) 279-9888

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George Walton

As usual patrons, it pains me to write this review today. Unfortunately, it seems as though their standards have fallen quite a bit. I don't understand how customers seated after us are getting their food first. For the money I'm spending here I expect better service. To make matters worse, we ended up waiting over an hour for subpar Chinese food. At the end of the day, I will probably be going to other restaurants in the area.

Eklea C

Food is super amazing! Fast service and good value! My favorite was the string beans. ByobFood: 5/5

laura alves

Terrible dining experience. Not only did we have to wait 45 min for a table , the dishes took forever to come out. We ordered 6 dishes at 7 pm. By 8 pm only 3 had come out. I asked 2 waiters and a manager to follow up and the answers were unbelievably unprofessional. They all told me 'that's how it is on a Sunday night '..'kitchen can't keep up' ...they told me everyone else is experiencing the same thing . So therefore I should not complain ?I canceled the rest of my order. I spoke to the main manager at the register who apologized but then proceeded to tell me that it was because I ordered late . MY FAMILY AND I SAT DOWN AT 7PM AND PLACED OUR ORDERS AT 705. And she was still arguing with me that dinner wouldn't have been 2 hours. 3 dishes per hour...I ordered 6 dishes.. can we do math here?Not only is service terrible, the customer service is even worse . I'm sorry but many restaurants are busy but patrons don't wait 2 hours for their dinner to come out. It's not the customers fault that you don't know how to manage your kitchen and your restaurant operations .Needless to say , I probably will not come back to this restaurant again. And the food is just ok ...it's not so good that I'm willing to wait an hour for a table

Jay K.

I so looked forward to visiting this place again, if just to try the crispy lobster fried rice. Since my last trip here, I had craved some genuine Chinese food. The best way to describe the fare here is to say, it's not American style Chinese food. No egg fu young, or egg drop soup, or crispy chow mien, or even beef and broccoli. The menu here is decidedly authentic Cantonese style, with offerings of dim sum. The interior or decor has been made to feel modern, though I think that they instead managed to deliver a more worn or dated look. Service is good but not excellent. No warm smiles or explanations of dishes if asked. Clanking of plates is a common sound, along with a lively feeling of controlled activity. Dishes are presented without fanfare or decorations, simple and directly to the point. Generous portions of steaming hot food, in a traditionally prepared manner. Seasoning for the most part is good and pretty much on point. However, our vegetables ordered were over-cooked and quite oily. The aforementioned crispy fried rice with lobster was magnificent and tasty. Generous portions of lobster served in the shell, tho pre cracked for easy eating. The rice itself was nicely crispy, with a unique texture and perfectly seasoned with a generous amount of bbq pork and veggies. Definitely a must dish! Nearly equally tasty was the walnut shrimp. However, the beef dishes of stewed brisket and a short rib with broccoli that we ordered were definitely not what we expected. Soggy, without texture or flair. Bland and tasteless, except for the indistinguishable sauce. Blah, meh! The wok seared morning glory with garlic was over cooked, oily and less presented like a dish of wilting swamp muck! Yuk! Not at all tasty or nicely plated. We had called over our waitress to ask for a replacement or if we could somehow fix the dish... no go! She said that she could NOT do anything for us. She would be happy to take another order of something else, but could not exchange or credit us for these inedible dishes. Very disappointed and really set the mood of our meal in the wrong direction. Will any of us return again, possibly but with reservations of ordering certain items......in another words, will not order delicate veggies, suspect simmered or soupy meat dishes or heavily fried fare. We'll make sure that we stick to items that we've had already and loved, and try some new items which we spot on other patrons tables, while asking for their thoughts on what we're looking at.

Dominic W.

Waited 20 minutes to get a table, understandable due to the fact that the other dim sum restaurant closed due to a small fire. We had a waiter and waitress attend to our table of eight. The waiter was nice and attentive, however the waitress was rude and trying to rush us out. Most of the basic dim sums dishes lacked taste and/or texture. The Chow Fun was the only good dish I remembered. With the upscale price and the lousy food I don't know how this place survives.

Christal Y.

I have 0 pics of the food -- and that's how you know it was good! We got the classics: - Snow pea tips: so tender, so succulent - Sweet n Sour Pork Chops: a jook-sing kid's favorite for a reason! - Beef w Ginger/Scallions: stir fried and sliced to perfection - Jellyfish to start: this was the only dish I wasn't sold on, not enough taste. - Chicken: I always forget the name but it's the white chicken with tons of gravy! Good ole reliable


Had a great party for my daughter's 100 day celebration. The food was fantastic and everyone kept raving about the food. The restaurant was very accommodating and Amy was very helpful and nice.Dimsum is also really good here!

Yueying Z.

Absolutely terrible. This place is so expensive!! Don't be fool by the size of the dish, even it seem a lot, but is cheap. A fried beef noodle is like $18 and there is only little beef and the noodle don't worth that much. Plus the taste is really bad.

Johnny W.

Great place for dim sum. Clean and the food are tasty. Nice place to go with friends or family.


The best Cantonese restaurant ever!!! Everything was off the hook!! The best management!!!

Sam Chiu

It's a rarity to find whimsical, animal-themed Cantonese dim sum. A very nice touch. The food and service is great and we always make a stop here when I visit my extended family. I always forget the name of the restaurant but I will always remember the creations.

Eric Wong

I wouldn't think a Cantonese restaurant would be as good as those in Chinatown, Flushing, or Elmhurst, but I have to say the food here met or surpassed my expectations. Everything we ordered was delicious and hot coming out. You know this place is good when it is packed and there are people waiting outside. I would come back here 100%

Jesse Yuan

Went to LN1380 for Father’s Day dinner and aside from the sea of customers as to be expected on such holiday, the service and food was absolutely superb. This authentic Cantonese restaurant is perhaps the most well known throughout the Little Neck/Douglaston area, has so for many years.This restaurant is a bit pricier than others around the area but believe me, their dishes are absolutely worth every penny. All meats are tender and succulent with seafood ultra fresh. Corking fee is listed at $10 but often overlooked.Parking lot very limited in rear but ample street parking along Northern Blvd.

Christy Lin

We ordered dim sum here. It was very authentic and the prices were reasonable. My kids had an ordered of piggy bun. It was tasty and fun.

Jenny L

The food was pretty average. They had limited food options, so that was pretty disappointing. Their special buns were cute and delicious.Service was average.The restaurant felt a little tight inside with the carts going around.There's parking in the back but we found street parking before we made it to their lot.

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