Taco Bell

61-22H, Fresh Pond Rd, Middle Village
(718) 885-4298

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Feroze Rana

Abeer with the beard is very kind and helping’he helps me by giving my food good and I like him so much. Best employee of the month.

Judes Thats Me

They never get orders right especially if you are substituting chicken for beef. Either they are lazy or just don't care. Went there at 5 one day and placed a big order. After waiting 20 mins I was asked if I would prefer steak or beef for my food because THEY WERE OUT OF CHICKEN. How about a sign telling people this before wasting my time. Don't bother with this place.

andrzej chojnowski

Food quality is terrible always soggy and thrown together without any care at all. Also beware of the prices. They charge 10$ for a cravings box when every other taco bell charges 5, 6 or 7$ for it. Everything on the menu is priced way more then any other taco bell in the area. Even more expensive then Manhattan prices. But to think the food would be excellent at those prices? Nope, worse then the cheaper ones. I drive 10 minutes away and get great prepared tacos for HALF the price. Clowns.

Izabel Daisy

First of all save your money . This location over charges , especially on the app . Up to a 5 DOLLAR difference between here and other locations . Just check on the mobile app and you’ll see how much they over charge here . Let me not get started on the management . They always find a way to mess up your order .. it sucks because it’s the closest Taco Bell on fresh pond but I’ll take a drive before over paying for horrible cold food . Taco Bell is still my favorite but this place is a big no .

Ana Balcarcel

they actually did not send everything we order it grub hub and yried to call no one answer the phone very disappointed

Kamil Skorupa

I've been going there for months, and after over 100 orders I have never gotten a wrong order and the food has been warm each time. There have only been 2 or 3 occassions where the portions were a tad skimpish. So a 2-3% fail rate isn't bad.

Nathaly Pulido

This place needs better management.Everytime we order online there's an issue with the order. The service and food quality at this one is trash. Expect soggy food everytime. The restaurant is dirty and the wait times are obnoxious for orders on the tacobell app.The staff never knows what is going on. I avoided posting a review because since it's a new location we assumed it'd take a few months for it to run smoothly but by the looks of it as time passes by the place only gets worse.


Went to this taco bell on July 1st. Ordered some food and before leaving ask to use the bathroom. The cashier told me someone was cleaning it. When the employee came out ask again this time to the manager and he told me NO. This is a brand new location and if someone was cleaning the restrooms is because work. Will writing a woman came in, her order was completely wrong. This is good opportunity to re-train on customer service. By the way I saw a lady working in the kitchen on flip flop, safety hazard!!!

June L

Ordered from Uber food was soggy cold and didn't get my extra cheese which I paid extra 4

Zia Jamal Z.

Definitely one of the better serviced Taco Bell, I usually get the breakfast at this location

melissa nelson

Finally went to this location yesterdayThe people are nice.But when it came to my order it was lukewarm more on th cold side!Also the taco shell was suggy had to throw it away.I placed an order to go. I am only like a 2 minute drive from my house and I had to heat up my burrito ? and nacho fries.I was truly disappointed ?


I ordered chalupa Supreme twice at this location and both times ended up eating empty flatbread with a sprinkle of meat and lettuce. Stop being cheap please ?

Jan Siolkowski

The food was good, but the restaurant was very messy. Minimal traffic and 5-6 employees just standing around in the kitchen and chatting. Would have taken literally 5 minutes for one of them to clean up a bit.


Close to work and the only tb I know in new york with dine in open, I'd say I'm pretty lucky.Only reasons I ain't ratin this one a 5 are specific to ny and tb in the current year really- the food's always cheap (and a dollar cheaper here than at the others I've been to in ny, they dont surge price somehow!) and I've no complaints about it that aren't menu related- taco bell switches out a lot of it's good items for some reason, recently the grilled cheese and 5 layer burritos. Sometimes the doritos locos tacos sweat into the cardboard and back onto the shell which is often messy but I've never been to a tb that doesnt have this problem. This location's only disappointed me with 2 or 3 of those since opening I'd say.Secondarily, months after said opening someguy'd asked me rather rudely for id after I'd given it to the register and folks upfront. Not a cop or nothin but an employee, I didnt do it and nothin happened, but it was rather rude. Pretty sure it had somethin to do with ny covid stuff that ain't really my problem, but that was the last time it happened.Final problem's that the wifi intermittently breaks and doesnt return for days or weeks, which isnt a problem if you've data and dunkin donuts nextdoor offers it aswell.Best of luck to the nice folks runnin this place though, apart from the one guy every experience I've had here's been pretty nice! Orders're dead on as well :)


The assistant manager is really nice and understanding! Love the speed and accuracy of the employees. All very nice and friendly people

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