Bird On the Roof

47 S Elmwood Ave, Montauk
(631) 668-5833

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Yunseong Jang

It was closed and I don’t know why it says open on google map

Vanessa M.

Went here twice for breakfast during our stay in Montauk. Both times the food and service were excellent. This first morning I had the eggs Benedict trio. One type of each: Canadian bacon, smoked salmon, and prosciutto. Best hollandaise I've had. My husband had sausage gravy on cornbread with poached eggs. He said it was good. Second morning my hubby had the trio and I got huevos rancheros. Another excellent breakfast.

What Matthew Thinks

The service was not very friendly and the food cost way to much for simple and cheapness.. My ham tasted like spam and my eggs didn't taste very well either.. The coffee was OK dennys coffee lol. But my toast was great hahah. $13 for a couple eggs, toast, spam ham and coffee.. I should have eaten at the 7-Eleven lol

M S.

Worst pancakes I've ever had. My husband had huevos rancheros and said his was good. Bill was $36 for food and one coffee. The specials board didn't have prices so guess adding blueberries and real maple syrup added about an extra $10 to the bill.

Sam S.

This place is totally overrated, it's overpriced and it takes forever to get your food, I was there on the off-season and I still had to wait for my breakfast 35 minutes and the restaurant was almost empty the whole crew was hanging out in the back laughing, not working. And after all that the food was nothing to brag about

Annie L.

Great place for family/group breakfast. Freshly squeezed OJ was just what we were looking for at the end of a 4-day weekend. Crabby Benedict was ok. Not lump crab meat; a little fishy for my personal taste, but I'm picky with the freshness of seafood. The buerre blanc sauce on the craby Benedict was a little salty. The other 2 people that ordered Craby Benedict liked it a lot. Avocado Toast was good; as was the Triple Delight. Chocolate pancakes were a hit with the kiddos. Perfect well done home fries. Great service!

Lena L.

We were in Montauk for a wedding recently and stopped in for breakfast. I got a lovely hat on sale in the store and we sat down to eat. The menu leaves a lot to be desired as it seems very repetitive but then there is this handwritten board with all sorts of other good stuff. I got an avocado toast which i was craving and it hit the spot. Definitely a great place to pop in for breakfast!

Hiba Abbas

Reasonably priced for montauk with many options and specials. However they don’t accept credit card tip and then they said their credit card machine was broken so we had to get cash from the bank. The bathrooms say out of order when they really aren’t. It’s 100% necessary to have a working bathroom in a restaurant as per health department regulations.

Julie Smith

Awesome. As always

Milena R.

Cutest little spot to grab brunch from! My friends and I came here during the off season (end of September) so most places down here are closed. This was last on our list but we decided to give it a try and i absolutely adored it! The vibes of this place make you feel like you're in a mom & pop shop in the Bahamas - very beachy and simple. The food was delicious and the portions were huge. Definitely recommend.

Joselyn Q.

Absolutely loved their tacos, a breakfast must-try! It was busy, but the owners made sure to be super attentive. Definitely the IT spot in the summer! It's a boutique and restaurant in one.

Brittany P.

Second time at this restaurant. First time great, so we brought friends to try it. We waited an hour for our meals to arrive meanwhile tables next to us were sitting after us, eating and leaving before we even got our food. Two meals arrived and we waited another 10 mins for the other two meals. We also didn't even receive our full order and when asked about it the waiter basically told us we weren't getting it. I was then told to 'smile, it's only breakfast and not the end of the world' won't ever be back and it's too bad because the owners are wonderful. Maybe they need to hire new help.

Katherine T

Was in Montauk for Horseback riding. Did my research before for breakfast. Cute little spot and the food was really good. all the staff was very friendly.

Stella V.

One of the worst breakfast experiences. Place was packed and it took over 30 minutes to get served omelettes and pancakes. No order or system as people who came after us got served before us. When we requested to speak to the manager, the female owner came over and she gave us an attitude and said "oh it depends what you ordered" waved her hand and walked away. When the food came out one omelette had cheese and the other omelette was undercooked and running. The male owner was much nicer, apologized, and gave free muffins to the tables that were waiting a for their food. Don't recommend. Go somewhere else.

Christin M.

Here's the deal: the food is phenomenal....the service is unfortunately not. My family and I always make it a point to visit BotR when in Montauk during the weekends we're in town throughout the summer season. My husband is obsessed with the poached eggs on cornbread with sausage gravy and I love the variety of brunch entree specials offered. By the way, you also cannot beat the price of the Eggs a la Montauk (two eggs any style with toast) at $4.95. It's my classic go-to. But there is undoubtedly something on the menu for everyone... if you prefer a sweet start to your day, their pancakes are fluffy and the serving size massive. All of that is to say that we tolerate the awful service because the grub is so rewarding. More often than not, you'll be left waiting. First, once you're seated and ready to eat, it may take some time before someone comes around to take your order. And then again you'll be left to wait for your check. Both the coffee refills and the food do arrive rather quickly, although sometimes your order may be incomplete. During one visit, my husband never got his orange juice despite reminding the waitress every time he could grab her attention. Once the check finally arrived, it was a whole 'nother waiting game to have the never-received juice removed from the bill. This past visit, without incident or cause, our waiter was extremely curt and almost intolerant of our table. We were at first blind-sided and then defaulted to laughter at the absurdity of it all, better use of time to just focus on the delicious food.

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