Afghan Grill

1629 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park
(516) 998-4084

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Giovanni Sanseviero

A wonderful place to take the family for a tasty, traditional family-style experience. The staff is super polite and the food is authentic. I had the lamb shank with rice and raisins and all the spicy chutney and about three appetizers beforehand.No liquor served, but you can bring your own. Also, no coffee---pretty light on beverages, come to think of it; they did have bottled iced tea and some others, just don't remember. Look forward to going back soon with some friends from Florida.

Shafayt Rahman

It was ok not bad as it was described and such. The portions were small and that it was very expensive. Good customer service though but for the money not worth it will not come back.

Eva P.

This has been one of our go-to places for years. It's run by a lovely family and the food is excellent. The menu is varied and every meal I've had has been well-prepared and delicious. Their kebabs are tender, stews are flavorful and their appetizers are tasty. They don't serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. Unfortunately for us, we have recently moved from Queens, but hope to be back to this lovely gem when we visit friends in the area.

Ryan Delforge

Had great service along with a desire to serve to the best of their ability. Came here on vacation, trying new foods and is definitely a go to for me from now on. Fantastic service and food.

Pinklious L.

Went for lunch. Friendly staff, food is delicious. I recommend getting the rice with carrots and raisins.

Ali Kanch

Service was okay. Entire restaurant was empty yet had to look for the server. The appetizers we ordered felt frozen not fresh but the main entrée was delicious. Hence the 3 stars

brandon !!!

im not an afghan food expert by any means but this was bomb authentic afghan food for cheap prices. the waitress (who might be the owners wife?) was super super sweet and welcoming. definitely come here!

Sid S.

Delicous food! Not like those other "Afghan" places pretending to cook afghani food lol. I got the chapli kebab and barg kebab with rice. Also the fish kebab. Small place but friendly service and great food!

LaLa Miller

First time trying Afghani food … not disappointed at all .. place was pretty staff/owners were so inviting/friendly/ helpful The food was delicious from Apps to salad to entree to dessert …fresh , amazingly seasoned tasty cuisine ?.. We will definitely return !!!!!

Omie Ortegita

This is the best restaurant in the area, you'll be attended by owners, they're friendly and promptly to help you, the food very tasty and fresh they have no precooked food, Cooke at that moment. Highly recommend this place, simple the best!!!

Kevin P.

The place is never too packed when I've been, but it's some of the best kebabs that I have had on Long Island. The service was fantastic, and the person waiting on us was very considerate. The brown rice is fantastic too, always worth saving for later.

Joe P.

Great and food and really nice people! We ordered hummus, sambosas and bolanee. We were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of those but they were delicious. We love all of the sauces although the green may be my favorite. For entrees, we ordered kabob barg, shrimp kabob and Tikka (lamb) kabob. All were so delicious! The brown rice was so flavorful! And the onions really complement the meat and rice dishes. We were too full to order desserts.

Sami Kabir & Islamic Finance

Good food as expected but meat was over cooked and hard.Confusing menus.Ordering for group or family trays are super confusing and can be pricey. If you chose food for seven and get any Kabab item that is not ground meet, they will give you one skewer. Otherwise 2 skewers for ground meet.

Tommy Wu

Now I'm not am Afghan food expert but if you're looking for a flavor blast in your taste buds - this is a great spot for it!The sambosa was crispy and filled with an excellently seasoned ground beef and veggies. The green sauce also added tons of flavor (I believe this sauce is cilantro-based).The tikka lamb kebab was fantastic. The meat was juicy, grilled, and seasoned. The rice was also very soft and tasty.I will definitely be returning to try other menu items!

Alysse J.

It's so nice to have some delicious middle eastern food this close to home! Make sure you try all three of the sauces (the red one is spicy, the white is an herbal yogurt, and the green one is just vinegary deliciousness). I'm sure anything you order will be good, but do NOT forget to save room for dessert. Most baklava you get is extraordinarily ordinary. This was not, served warm and full of spice flavor. But the ice god. Do NOT sleep on the ice cream. It's house made and tastes like cardamom and saffron. Wow. And to top off the delicious food, our server was wonderful. Go to Afghan Grill!

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