2340 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 373-2340

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joe par

Experience here is really excellent. Friendly staff. Oh yeah by the way is food is excellent. The only thing churros are so tiny lol. Other than that I will definitely come back.

Leona Shi

Simply the best! We were in the park nearby and craving for good tacos. I googled and found this place. Amazing! The menus makes me want to try everything. The staff was sooooo friendly and welcoming. I love the vibe too.

Ann Acquaviva

What a nice surprise!My expectation was not very high as it’s a chain and also what I may consider fast foodish.You can order in and take out. You can order through app at table and have your bill settled directly through the app or have a live server. I opted for server.We started with the Brussel Sprouts app. Came in a small disposable cup. Brussels were roasted and garnished with nuts, cheese and a nice kick of spices. The disposable ware through me off however the flavor wasn’t effected. Very good.I had a Avo Tuna Bowl. The tuna was perfectly cooked and portion was generous along with the salad, mango, quinoa and sesame dressing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was a taste treat with a burst of many flavors. Really good!The vibe here is great. Lots of action. Bar was full and many patrons opting to sit and eat here.This is a great place to go to if you’re pressed for time, heading to a show, had a long day of work and don’t want to cook or if you just don’t feel up to a fancy dinner.Service was excellent and with a smile. Made ya feel welcome.Check it out. You’ll be happy you did!

Danielle Siegel

Great food and service is extremely friendly. I had a chicken quesadilla and chips & guacamole. Everything tastes fresh and the portions are a good size.

Tommy Chong

Love the tacos and quesadillas. You can either order from the cashier or be seated and scan the barcode on the table to order your food and waiter/waitress will come serve you.

Henning Witte

Food has been good quality every time I went. Diverse menu not only for meat lovers. Seafood and vegetarian dishes to choose from. Ordering through a web service is easy and convenient. Food came to the table quickly. But for tacos it’s not very low priced hence four out of five stars

Claritza Reyes

The food is a must try. The staff are sonice and very helpful. I definitely recommend it!! I'm definitely coming again. Nachos carnitas are so good. ???

Olivia T

Been a favorite for years now (this review is long overdue)!! Unique and delicious tacos, super accommodating with vegan and gluten free options, nicest staff. I don’t live super close, but make it a point to run errands around there so I can pick this up for lunch (probably too often. oh well). Never had a bad experience here.

Michael S.

The first impression is the furniture, looks like they were going for incredibly uncomfortable repurposed garbage, success! Ordered three underwhelming tacos one an ahi fish taco which was a deep-fried fish stick that had a gross fishy smell, one bite was all I could stomach before tossing it. Also, they topped the Tacos with Avacado which looks like it came out of a giant bag, a big turnoff. I guess they don't spell out Avacado in the name because you don't get fresh Avacado. Pass.

Sona S.

First time at Avo Taco and I was pleasantly surprised. The staff is so informative of the options on the menu. Friendly low key environment. Food puts you in cozy feels and is delicious. Decent pricing too. Can't wait to go again.

Nancy Lahlou

Not my first time coming here but …LOVE THIS PLACE!!!This new guacamole flight ..is everything !!!You get a little taste of everything.Love the new vegan additions to the menu.Want to try a place with great food and even better service ..this is your place.Convenient parking and plenty of seating.Overall a great atmosphere …..10 out 5 stars ⭐️

Amanda D

Delicious and fresh. Good portions. The wings are on point. The tacos were juicy and the ingredients perfectly came together. The customer service is friendly and awesome. Kid friendly restaurant and I enjoyed the music.

Brian Gonzalez

Avo Taco is one of the few taco places that I like and would order from frequently. Their Tuna Bowl is amazing! I’ve had this several times and it has always been cooked perfectly. It’s hard to describe the seasonings used to prepare the dish. I can tell you that every time Ive ordered this which until now has been primarily via food delivery.This was my first in person dining here. Their drinks are well priced. The off the menu drinks I had weren’t overly strong, but that’s not what I was looking for. I was looking to enjoy my dinner with a drink. My dining in experience delivered on my expectations.I am giving a five star rating because the end of our meal included a complimentary ice cream cone. This was unexpected and adds a nice touch to the dining in experience.

Ka C.

I was surprised that this was AVO TACO's only location outside of New Orleans (?!) because they are a stellar fast casual dining option. It is a fusion take on Mexican food.. think Chipotle with a Hawaiian twist. Seating inside is ample and it gets pretty packed during peak hours (Friday evenings, weekends). My favorite by far is the blackened shrimp bowl. It has mango and avocado and tastes fresh and the right amount of salt. I've also had the Hawaiian chicken quesadilla before, which was ok but I did not think the pineapple went well with how cheesy it was. The portion for the quesadilla is also a lot bigger than the bowls, and I was full from just having half of that. My boyfriend's go-to is the calypso steak and that appears to be a popular choice as well. It is a steak bowl but with truffle sauce and smells AMAZING! I would say my only complaint is that the wait time is quite long (about 20 minutes). So if you are looking for something that is quick this may not be the place for that. If you do take out, it is best to call ahead.

Ron K.

The tacos were delicious, the guacamole is overpriced for the quantity, however the calypso steak was bland and iced cold! Cold rice, chewy cold steak, even the peppers were cold. The virgin pina colada tastes like sprite with coconut cream, meh. Also, who puts ice in a pina colada!? No not blended ice, literally ice from an ice machine, and why is a pina colada carbonated???

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