Chef Wang

1902 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 354-2858

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Patty Cakes

After reading the vast many positive reviews of this restaurant, I decided to give them a try. Boy, am I happy I did! From the Beef fried rice to the Wonton soup, to the Eggroll, and Chicken with Cashews, everything was SUPERB!! I also ordered Mongolian beef, which I have to admit, I was disappointed in. (I was comparing to PF Chang Mongolian Beef, which I think is 10X better)Nonetheless, this restaurant rocks, and I would certainly recommend to anyone wanting authentic Szechuan Chinese cuisine!

Julien Matthew

There is a hate in people that pours out in the way they speak to others and I found that in there with their front desk person. Almost gave him a cultural pass yet right before me was a Caucasian group dining in for lunch, there was that smile and the slight bowing of the head. Walk up and he told me my order was not ready.. went to my car for 25 minutes came back and there it was his nasty attitude had to check him and let him know he was not speaking to a child. There is a entitlement there that's on full display. If you look and listen it won't take you long to see and hear.

Masayo K.

Food is great! There is a hit-and-miss, but overall they have consistently provided authentic great food. I don't want to say they have bad service. The servers are very attentive. I feel a little understaffed. But I wish they had paid a little attention to the service; the dining experience will be much better. We regularly have a big party (like a party of 8). So it is an excellent place for a big party. We order West Lake minced beef soup (a big bowl of soup regularly shared at the table) and five small orders of wonton soup. I wish they didn't bring five wonton soup first. Five people had soup, three others had nothing to eat, and I felt awkward because West Lake Soup came much later. (Do I specifically tell them when to bring wonton soup? ) If they brought wonton soup at the same time as West Lake Minced Beef soup, it would be a more thoughtful service. Also, the wait staff was wasting time to keep pouring water. The team should have just left us with a pitcher of water. Since Sichuan food is spicy and it is hard to reach out to keep filling empty glasses. We purposely ordered the main dishes later. Because previously, we ordered appetizers and main dishes altogether. They would bring whatever the dish was ready, and some appetizers came last. I know; that is the Asian way. Bring everything out and share family style, whatever comes. But the menu says "Appetizers," they should be brought at the beginning of the meals, and main dishes should come after appetizers. Pretty much all Asian restaurants have this issue. Appetizer - Main Dishes. Because the menu is vast and various types of food are served under one roof, it is difficult to do "Authentic" service as trying to fit into Western culture. Anyway, the price is reasonable. So I may be asking too much for service, but I wish this restaurant take some more steps to improve the service quality. The restaurant needs more staff training in the kitchen and floor to do more thoughtful service. Besides the soup incident, Chef Wang is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. I love this place. I'm not too fond of green beans, but I love green beans HERE. It's just sooooo yummy. Ma Po Tofu is delicious. Sichuan pepper has a great kick, and its exquisite flavor is excellent with a bowl of white rice. Diced Chicken Puff Pastry is excellent. It is Spicy Fried popcorn chicken. Smoke Tea Duck is excellent to share as an appetizer. Mongolian beef for people cannot have spicy food. Yan Zhou Fried rice is delicious. Sauteed Snow Pea Sprout has excellent taste and texture.

Tanya King

This place is awesome. I can now stop searching for some fried rice. If I could afford it to eat there everyday I would eat their. So tasty, deliciousand freshly prepared. Words cannot describe my experience there. Go and experience it yourself. It's the best ?

Ds L.

We've been eating at Chef Wang for years and it's one of the most authentic Chinese food in the area. If you want truly authentic Chinese cuisine with great service and friendly staff I highly recommend it. Their Japanese menu items are just as great as their Chinese menu. Highly recommended!

Donna N.

The worst service I have ever seen. I have been here in the past but it keeps getting worse and worse. The food takes over an hour to come out. One person n at the table gets the good 45 minutes before the rest. The waitress was very very rude and barely came to the table. Stay away.

Ivan T.

This is the place I used to buy lunch its good prices and is also authentic. If you like authentic Sichuan food this is the place to go in new hyde park. The owner old man seems nice and friendly but the other guy younger man at the cashier who wears glasses is unfriendly

Kevin Lee

Great place for takeout. Authentic Chinese restaurant in Long Island. Prices are higher than the American Chinese takeouts around the neighborhood. This is my go to place whenever feel like not cooking. Tip: the lunch specials ends late, around 3pm, so it's perfect to get and reheat for dinner time. I like how they separate the chicken from the sauce to keep it crispy.

Stuart W.

Best Chinese food in the area. Many unusual items, way beyond the expected offerings.

Nimish D.

Good food. But poor service and poor customer satisfaction efforts. They want to charge for chili oil for takeout but one can have unlimited chili oil if you dine in. Perhaps I'm missing something? But it doesn't make sense to me.


A varied menu and good food make this restaurant an excellent choice. Service here is usually good depending on who you get. Like all restaurants service can fall off in peak periods like Saturday's. Worth a visit,.

Octavia Anderson

Food was amazing and fresh. I recommend to anyone looking to eat REAL Chinese food. Compared to the hundreds of other Chinese restaurants on LI, this is it! Prices are reasonable and customer service is good.

Anand V.

Did takeout from Chef Wang, and it's good food, a good quantity for price and quality. Got some nice Dan-Dan noodles, chicken pad Thai, braised pork belly (Sichuan style), Chengdu roast duck, braised beef in chili oil. Good food.

Robert L.

Always good. Lots of options. And we like the people. We usually carry out Worth a trip.

Double Drats

Always good. Take-out is prompt. I especially like their Sushi. The sushi chef is off on Mondays.

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