Fortune East

2123 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park
(516) 739-8639

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Sankar Nair

Food is excellent, reasonably priced. But make sure to have it always delivered. Dont go there to pick up - they are too busy to show you any common courtesyFood: 5/5

Leon Chen

Ordered a few times from here for contractors who was helping me with some works. The first thing I noticed was their price is above what a typical Chinese-American restaurants in the City would charge.The contractors complained about food being below average. The lady tends to round the bill up even though I was paying using credit card sometimes which seems to be absurd - definitely not coming back again.I do not recommend this Chinese-American restaurant.

Kelvin Abraham

first bite is borderline decent and then you keep eating and you realize how bad the food is, stomach pain was uncanny, if you want GOOD chinese food go to New Jumbo Taste in new hyde park!

judith gilchriest

Food excellent above average mandarin dish good n bean sauce so good nice soup tasty

Yuvika Bist

Solid neighborhood Chinese takeout, especially if you want want you're food spicy, they actually make it spicy

Ash Math

Was recommended this place by friends and felt reassured by the 4 star rating. The food quality was extremely poor. Ordered shrimp and chicken fried rice. Rice was stale and tasteless. Appeared to be days old rice, definitely not freshly made. Ordered chicken with broccoli as a safe choice. The chicken was rubbery and hard to chew- could not finish the meal. Only thing that was edible was the sesame chicken which was deep fried and breaded and coated in sauce- hard to mess up. Really difficult to find good quality Chinese food take away in East Queens- Long Island. Will not be ordering again- wondering who could give this place 4 stars.

Tina C

I'm sad to see these poor reviews. I love this place! Hands down the best.

Voguez Music

I've been ordering from this place for years now and they've always gave the rice on the side but now they're putting it together with your main dinner dish to make the portion size smaller. So basically you're paying the full price or a little more and getting half the serving size.

Joey C.

OK. where do I begin. There are a few things I want to touch base on in this review. first being the service , second the setting, and lastly quality... My first experience at fortune was very pleasant! I walked into the restaurant and I was instantly greeted by the lady working behind the counter, and it was for sure appreciated. Thank you for your phenomenal customer service skills. The one upsetting thing to me was the seating situation. Covid19 ... 1...9.. meaning covid is a thing of the past. Inside dining opened months ago.. It wasn't busy. Next time accommodate guest if they want to sit down and have a decent meal. thats all I ask. The cleanliness of the place was exceptional. The food... wow, I ordered a large chicken fried rice, chicken wings, and beef rolls. There a saying " Hit or Miss"... everything I touched was and instant hit! The food was simply amazing. The Chicken fried rice was not over cooked, the chicken wasn't to hard, and the rice had that perfect stick. Oh btw the flavor was perfect. The chicken wings were very good. Again, aside from my chicken fried rice the actual chicken wings were delicious. not to hard, and cooked well enough to satisfy my appetite. Lastly, those beef rolls were " on point" .. not much to say about them. Just know if you visit this area fortune is the spot. Your fortune will not run out! so go check them out!

Jordan Plummer

Don’t order from here. They gave me a small plate “lunch special” plate of chicken broccoli for 20 dollars overly expensive for no reason

Johanna Gilgin

Owner refuses to correct orders they have mistaken. Food is horrible! Proprietors rude and unwilling to accept the mistake they made. Will never return.

Jaideep Kaippallil

We have been going here for years, and the taste and quality has significantly decreased. They have increased the prices of everything, and gotten greedy. $2 increase in one month. We asked for extra spicy and they tried to charge extra. I've never heard of a restaurant charging extra for spicy. Ridiculous. The quantity of food has also decreased. They went from above average to below average. Wouldn't recommend anymore.

Amar Santhosh

The quality of the food has gone down significantly over the last few years while at the same time, the prices have gone up. They're charging extra for every add on (asking to make a dish spicy instead of regular). I'm not ordering from here anymore because they will bleed you dry.

Steven B.

The food here is terrific. I've tried the place twice as I live a little further away but was continually disappointed by my local places. The food at Fortune East is delicious. The ingredients are fresh and the dishes are properly made. I'll be returning again. Try it you'll like it.

Leo San

Top tier take out, been coming here since i was a boy.

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