Ha Long Bay - Vietnamese Sandwiches

1200 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 780-0550

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Jessica A.

Just visited this place yesterday for dinner with my boyfriend because we both were recommended this place by a few friends. We ordered a plate of veggie spring rolls and both got our own bowl of pho soup. My boyfriend got the Pho Beef and I got the Pho Chicken. The veggie spring rolls were very good! The soup was the best part! My only complaint was that the chicken Pho I ordered, I wished that the chicken was in the soup but either way, the chicken was tender, juicy and the sauce marninated on it was delicious! The soups were flavorful and fresh! Would highly recommend this place. The place was pretty small inside but the place had a couple tables. The place itself was nice, casual and clean. The staff there were very nice and accommodating!

Dan Y.

Been coming here since they opened in the area. All my previous experiences have been overall positive except for the one time they gave my take out order to someone else and it took an extraordinarily long amount of time to remake my order. Even still they were the best tasting Vietnamese food in the area. Not as good as what you get in flushing but good enough for the convenience. This all changed on my last visit....the food was no longer good. It is very apparent they cut costs any where they could. The sandwiches were stuffed with about 1/3 of the fillings I was used to getting. No longer was there any intense flavor from the pate or fresh crunch tartness from the pickled veg. It was a sad looking sandwich to say the least. And then there was the Pho....it was the saddest looking bowl of beef pho I have ever seen! Pho I got off the street in Vietnam for $0.75 looked more filling. There was literally 1 beef ball cut in half and 8 slices of beef!! The broth was also lack luster. If you are going to only offer two types of pho with a very limited ingredient list then it better be the bast damn version of it. Sadly this was not that and I can no longer recommend.

Joyce C.

Good enough IF this is the only closest Long Island pho restaurant near you AND you are craving an emergency bowl of hot noodles. Soup was hot and the food came out fast. HOWEVER... based on my experience today, the beef in the beef pho was tough, over cooked, and the 1/2 portion meatball was flavorless and rubbery. The bowl was good portion, though the broth was on the sweet side as if sugar was added. Strange. As typical, Healthy large portion of fresh basil, fresh jalapeño, fresh bean sprouts was provided. Thumbs up for that. I'm all for supporting comparably higher priced mom&pop small shops, but I ask for owners to over compensate in flavor and quality. I will probably save myself for the Elmhurst pho restaurants for now.

Katie-Ann F.

I came here with a friend on a whim, but it did not disappoint! At first, we were confused on the seating or how the restaurant ran. But you are to order in the back and then choose your seats by yourself (if you are dining in). The staff will then bring you water, plates, napkins, and then your order once it's ready. Note that it is also quite a small restaurant, so seating may be limited at times. I got the Pork Chop Banh Mi Sandwich ($10.50) and my friend the Long Bay Special Banh Mi Sandwich ($10.50) The bread had a super crispy crust and a soft, fluffy interior. The cubed pork was warm, packed with flavor, and literally glistening from all the juice and sauces. It came with some vegetables like carrots and cucumber, cilantro, and a "spicy mayo" type of sauce but more flavorful. I was planning on eating only half the sandwich, but I ended up finishing it all. My friend also enjoyed his sandwich as well. Overall, it was not the best Banh Mi I've ever had, but I would come back. The price is not terrible, although a bit on the more expensive side for a somewhat small sandwich. I would recommend if you want a quick bite and are craving Vietnamese food.

Sam O.

Solid Option. Great family run business. Best when fresh (in store v. Delivery). Have been 3 times and will go back again!

Laura K.

These guys do a fantastic Pork Chop Pho! I always order on UberEats so the noodles, meat, toppings & broth comes separately which i love. Their lychee tea was also very good but I haven't seen on the menu recently.

Jill R.

The banh mi are really good and arrive still crispy/fresh from delivery! The veggie pho is good too, i like the soft egg and the two kinds of mushrooms.

Nancy B.

Relatively new restaurant to the area. I've never had Vietnamese food but the reviews looked good so I decided to give it a try. I had a Long Bay sandwich and was very impressed. The roll was crusty and delicious on the outside but soft inside. I had to pull the out the cucumber which I don't like but otherwise it was a winner. There's only one reason I gave it four stars instead of five. They had a couple posters up of really good looking dumplings. That's what I wanted to order and they said they were out of them. A little strange to be out of all the different kinds of dumplings but that was their answer. This is a local restaurant to me so I will definitely be back.

Stacy J.

This place is close by our house used to be a bakery and we kept saying we wanted to try it. One day we did and I was definitely not disappointed. The key to a good ban mahi sandwich Is the bread and their is super fresh! We ordered a chicken a pork and a duck. my only negative comment would be there wasn't a lot of duck meat in the sandwich the other two are fine. Displays also carries bubble tea but we were running late so I couldn't wait and order. will have to go back again and try next time.

William Hingston

If you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese pho this is not the place. The base had no flavour at all. I suspect they just used beef stock cubes.

Biyi Ruan

Ordered an Uber eat from this restaurant. Super bad. Not authentic Vietnamese pho. Destroyed my whole mood tonight. Also I ordered brown sugar milk tea. It’s terrible. How come a bubble tea without tapiocas? It looks it isn’t worth $1 to me but it charges me $6.50. Super unhappy experience. Don’t order it if you know what real pho tastes like and bubble tea is.

Marina C.

3.5 stars When I first saw the great reviews I was pretty happy. Amazing sandwiches they said... I was like.. Banh mi that delivers to my house??? if I was rating the chicken sandwich alone it would be about 2.5 stars... Granted it did not say lemongrass chicken .. I received an extremely salty, over marinated chicken. Thank goodness there were carrots and cucumbers but I also ordered it spicy, there was no heat whatsoever. The marinade was just so basic, the dark chicken didn't look appetizing, nor did it taste good to me... it didn't have that grilled flavor which would've helped a lot. Guess it was a bad day.. but if someone likes really salty food they wouldn't care as much. At least the pork chop banh mi was a lot better.. not as salty, yet still flavorful, I was able to taste the pickled carrots. The bread was nice and fresh. Very crispy. The fries were hand cut but cold. Good portion. I've definitely had better banh mis in the city for cheaper and not from Banh mi Saigon. I guess it could've been just a bad day..


Delicious ?food , from appetizers to main dishes, you won't be disappointed, flavors explosion. Fresh ingredients and the Vietnamese Coffee is the Best.!!!

Alex C.

Excellent Banh Mi - the baguette was perfect, crunchy and light, picked carrots were fresh, the pate and ham were top quality. My wife's pork chop and rice was good - marinated well and very flavorful.

Brittany T.

The Beef pho was perfect. Large serving size, served hot, fresh bean sprouts, jalapeños, and lime on the side so that you can add to taste. The broth tasted great I did not need to add any sauces. I stopped here before working a night shift for a quick bite and the service and chefs made me feel welcome. Will be back.

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