783 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park
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tiffanie s

Ordered 5 combo platters for my coworkers and I.I specifically asked them to put the sauces on the side. They in return put the sauce directly on the dishes & the red sauce was so damn spicy we could not enjoy it so it all basically went in the garbage so I’m not sure what it tasted like. Waste of $80 bucks !!

Christina R

The food here is super flavorful. The combo over rice comes with a huge helping of both lamb and chicken unlike other similar stores that are skimpy. There is an option of brown rice and seasoned rice. I recommend the seasoned. Watch out for cardamom and cloves unless you enjoy chewing on them. Definitely get the green sauce on top. For the salad they add a mix of chopped tomatoes and cucumbers to the lettuce. There's lots of ice cream to choose from and other good options like burgers.

Carlos C.

Super Delicious Food. One of the best Halal places I've eaten at and keep doing so. Great customer service as well and decent prices. Hope they stay for a long time in Business.Vegetarian options: They have vegeterian Falafel balls and a few other options as well.

Manjit Kaur

Very friendly and great service! Made my order the way I asked. Food is solid and portions generous. I had the chicken over seasoned rice combo with white, hot and green sauces. Made my pita bread to perfection as well. Definitely recommend!

Abed Islam

Been going here since the launch of this place in New Hyde Park.Portions are well done. Flavor is top notch (lamb/chicken is pretty well cooked) Nothing seems overcooked which is a plus in my opinion.They don't have just halal food, they offer a wide variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, seafood items.Probably the best thing about this place is, the flavor has become way better since it first open.The staff is also very friendly.

ALI Bashkatov

Found this place near by as it showed different in the photos. Upon arrival the place sitting area is tight. To order is basic easy fast but food took very long. They were short staff. Lighting is very bright and not cozy to sit down to eat. Lots of men come to eat so don't take your girlfriend or date here but you can always eat in the car as we ended up doing since we were with baby. 2 simple mix platters cost little over $30.00 and that's too much. Food was hot and very tasty. Probably won't be going back anytime soon.

Matt Don

Excellent food and outstanding customer service. Restaurant is super clean and well stocked. The two young men who prepared our meals were super helpful, friendly and professional. We bought several chicken over rice combos with salad and they were superb. All our meals were super fresh and delicious. The masala fries were also fresh and delicious. I highly recommend Halal-n-Out in NHP for your next take out meal. I certainly will be going back.

Chaudhry Ahmed

I went halal and out on this weekend and tried there new tacos and they were fabulous. They had this amazing hombre salsa and guacamole and it was the best one I have ever got to try. They had this green sauce which hits different on the tacos. There customer service was amazing especially the Aunty in the front who gave a warm welcome and made amazing food. Would recommend to all my brothers and sisters out there.

Jaideep Kaippallil

Their chicken over rice platter is probably the best I've every had. The chicken is very well seasoned, as is the rice. The portion size is good, too.The only problem I have is the inconsistency in rules regarding toppings/soda depending on the worker serving you. Some employees will say that any and all toppings are free. Whereas, other employees say only one topping is free. One employee even said none of the toppings are free. Furthermore, soda is free depending on the employee.Masala fries are very flavorful. However, now they are cutting the potatoes as wedges, and only give a few of them. Not sure if it is worth the money.They used to not have a credit card surcharge, but now they do.

Deva Sharma

I walked in with a group of 4 and admittedly wasn't even sure what I'd get. I got the Philly cheese hero and got to try the rice and chicken bowl and gryos the others had ordered. The food was incredible all the way through. Just might be the best chicken I've had in new york, the way it was cooked and served was mouth watering.The customer service was the best I've honestly ever experienced. The atmosphere of being encouraged to try sauces or not be shy about asking for more was so appreciated. I highly recommend this place and hope everyone gives it a shot. You'll walk out feeling happy I guarantee it.

Terry Ragbeer

My son introduced me to this place and I would recommend to anybody!! Their server, Mohammed is a funny and generous person who won’t give you attitude what so ever. He would take his time with your order give you a splendid amount of white sauce. He has a lot of potential in this business and I support him all the way. I would leave the Bronx and come to New Hyde Park just to buy his food. Thank you and I wish you best of luck in your fast food business!!

salman waheed

I recommend the combo which was for 24.99 for 2 person.I ordered family combo spicy. Freshly cooked, quick service and good quality with quantity.1 of the best chicken tenders. The sandwich was on point the way a fried sandwich should be. Price was reasonable. Will defiantly go again.

Arsalan Batla

This place is great. It's my usual spot when I'm looking for something good to eat. Essentially like a deli where you order what you like and they make it for you on the spot. I usually get a grilled chicken sandwich on a hero. The guys who work there are great and super helpful when it comes to recommendations.

Sandra Chiu

6/2/2022Recently, my husband and I went out shopping. I was feeling ravenous and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Halal eatery in the little strip of stores near P.C. Richards, New Hyde Park. Without waiting to drive back to our "usual" Halal eatery, a block from our house, we ventured within this new place.I told the server, Moe, that "we are trying out your place today, cause we always go to the one near our house". Moe quickly responded "we are the Best". I said "we shall see"!Lo and Behold, Moe was correct. For just $1 more than our neighborhood eatery, Halal-n-Out is generous with its servings of meats and salads! Their serving scoop is about 3" in diameter and each scoop is almost heaped. We were given 2 scoops! Our neighborhood eatery's serving scoop is about 2" in diameter and each scoop is loosely filled. We were given 1 and 1/5 scoops!Both of these two Halal eateries sell white sauce for the same price. Halal-n-Out container is about 33.8 Fl Oz. whereas our neighborhood eatery container is about 16 Fl Oz.Halal-n-Out meat order (either lamb, chicken or combo) comes with half a slice of pita bread. And a can of FREE soda. Regrettably as of May 31 when we went in again, Halal-n-Out had changed its policy and charging an extra 50 cents for soda. This is totally understandable and acceptable, due to inflation.The interior of Halal-n-Out is clean and provides a few tables and chairs to accommodate customers.What makes Halal-n-Out stand out most is the service by Moe. He is very pleasant, courteous, considerate and generous with the sauces too. Hey, in this time and age, everyone enjoys good value for their money.Halal-n-Out is the eatery to go to if anyone wants hot food, served in "larger than normal" portion. And their menu is truly incredible - practically everything under the sun!Sandra :)

Robert Scheschuk (Robcabob1)

This place used to be really awesome and then suddenly they had a new manager and my food's made wrong every time. I used to get the delicious beef steak but now it's weird. This is the first place that has stuck mushrooms in it and I hate mushrooms. They also top it with lettuce and tomato, that doesn't make any sense. Even their over ice dishes are as good as they used to be. Whatever happened during that period Of time screwed this place upI previously rated this place five stars

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