New Jumbo Taste Inc

1008 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 355-5188

Recent Reviews

Wing Lee

I needed a dinner for myself and my wife and ordered a General Tsao chicken combo and a shrimp broccoli combo .We ate the General Tsao chicken and 20% of the shrimp broccoli,and will finish the leftover tomorrow.All that for $21.18. Good deal and decent food.

Silencio C

Found a dirty screw in my rise

Peter Zavorotnyi

The best

Jennifer Marasa

This is the best Chinese food place around here. Actually the best I personally have ever had.

Parker Parks

I meet with friends this great spot from time to time! This is the best place to have a bite. I visit this place at least once a month. The meals are of high quality, the workers are professional and the prices are reasonable. I enjoy being in this spot to have a good meal.

Skyler Vargas

This place is worth a visit. They serve big portions for convenient prices. Always clean and with good character. Would recommend to others.

enyee eng

Great prices, excellent foods.

Daniel B.

I've been going to jumbo taste for as long as they have been open. Last time I ordered (chicken broccoli /w egg roll) both food items had a disgusting smell to them. I could not stomach the chicken broccoli, the egg roll was clearly past it's usage date. When I called about my inedible food, I was only offered a new egg roll. You have lost a customer who has brought hundreds of dollars of business, for being very shady and lacking basic customer service. I wasn't going to beg for a refund or new food, I'll take my loss and never eat here again. The food quality has diminished over the years, do you're selves a favor and take an honest look at how you operate this business.

Peter Matthews

The food is consistently fresh and delightful, workers provides excellent customer service. I liked the cleanliness and atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.

Spagna Daniel

Forgot my soup and the gravy to my egg foo young was like water. Not going back any time soon.

Daniel J

The second time I ordered food and they never delivered it to me..... The new ownership so

Diane Balsamo

Usually very good. Today the eggrolls have a different crust. Too much flour i think. Also edamame overcooked. Not good.

Nicholas N.

Consistent every time. Beef and broccoli is solid. Kids get chicken fried rice which is affordable. Can't go wrong.

Christina R.

Me and my friends ordered sesame chicken, chicken lo mein, and rice and while eating the lo mein I noticed that there was a big bug within the food. I'm so disgusted and there was no possible way it was from an outside source as I served myself straight from the carton. I'm never ordering here again!

Christine Mazur

its not too bad moo shu anything is not good

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