Omega Diner Restaurant

1809 Lakeville Rd, New Hyde Park
(516) 354-4666

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Steven DeSimone

Traditional but updated diner located in the heart of New Hyde Park. Easy access from hillside or Northern State. Service excellent food typical diner food, which means huge selection,variety and good quality. The owners are masked up while the wait staff and patrons have the option, Little unusual, but it's about choice , not mandatory,.

Orawan Nilkamhang

From the moment I passed by the diner I knew I had to give it a try… The prices are a bit expensive I would say $$-$$$ however the portions are well worth it. The portions are huge! The place is very clean and the interior design is beautiful. It has a old school diner design with a touch of modern. The food is delicious and the waiters are attentive. I would definitely go back. The place is also very spacious.

Cindy B.

Everything we had was delicious. Our waiter was very nice. The hostess was very nice as well !!

Frank Robinson

My wife and I traveled from the great state of Florida. To visit her family in New Hyde Park. we always stop at the Omega dinner the associates and management are so customer service oriented, it's a pleasure to dine here. It's always clean and everybody is friendly and they never make you feel like you are rushed out the door after you have finished eating. Highly recommended Frankie Lee and MaryAnn Robinson

Orawan N.

From the outside this diner reminds me of Vegas and once you go in it's this spacious, nice, & clean diner. As I looked at the menu I felt that the prices were just a little bit above average but nothing ridiculous. I figured it was because of how the well the place was....Until we got our food. It's not over priced at all, in fact it's generous. If you want good food and crave good diner food, please go here. However also be prepared to eat as if you were heading to a buffet. They serve family portions. The salad was good enough for 3-4 people. We all had doggy bags. I love baked clams but they usually come small, not theirs! I think I had two clams in one. I ordered the baked clams (6) which included salad and pasta. I'm glad I substituted their pasta for their French onion. The pasta would've been an entrée by itself. The soup was DELICIOUS and so were the clams. I definitely have to come back here, prepared next time.

Krystle Carrissa

Location is nice, with parking! Diner is clean & feels like home! It has been super rare to find that “diner” feel in New York lately, so having this close by is a gem. Staff is friendly, straight to the point, portions are satisfying and tasty! Overall the experience is great!

R Midomi

Absolutely horrible service from the moment we walked in. My husband and I arrived at 11:10pm and we were greeted by an elderly gentleman with “pick a booth, we close in 30 minutes.” Well hello to you as well. We sat and waited for about 10 minutes before a waiter approached us. We placed our order keeping in mind the 30 minute warning we received upon arrival. We ordered breakfast which you would assume would be hot or at least warm. Food came out about 6-7 minutes later cold as ice. My meal had toast on the side which came out with butter which had been used. So I can only assume it had been grabbed from another table. Absolutely disgusting and unbelievable that the waiter did not notice it as he was bringing it out. I pointed it out to him and he brought out new toast with unused butter. By then I was completely turned off by this place and barely touched the meal I paid for. First time eating at this place and I will never be back. What a horrible experience. I am aware we arrived near closing time but I would much rather have preferred that they turn us away instead of allowing us to be subjected to this horrible service.

Jesse Yuan

This is one of the better diner around the area with a good staff. I’ve been here several times and the food always came out in a timely manner and fresh. Not much more you can ask for in a diner.Nice restaurant to have a decent meal.

Nick K.

This place was great when I lived there and when I returned in the past few years. However, it looks like they went down in quality recently. I came back here the other day with a couple of people at around 8:30 in the evening and the first thing I noticed was that there were new lights installed which made the place look really bright. It was interesting to look at, but the rest of our time there was not so spectacular. We were seated and were given menus to look at. Our waitress came by shortly after and took our drink orders. All of us were ready to order our drinks except one person, and when she got to him and saw he wasn't ready, she said to us, "He's too slow!" Sure, he wasn't ready to decide on a drink, but she didn't really give us a lot of time to decide - and who says that kind of thing out loud, anyway?? We then got to deciding on what we wanted to eat, and the waitress did the same thing and rushed us and kind of talked down to us. Because some of us ordered burgers (I did not), she brought out coleslaw but spilled some on the table in front of me, which was kind of gross. She didn't even apologize or try to clean it up either. Then, when she brought out our food, she got one of the orders wrong and when we pointed it out, she said something about "I know" and took the plate away. I got the farmer's omelet, and it was really nothing special. The eggs were okay but the meat was a little bland. The home fries were burnt and I only took one bite before leaving the rest of it on the plate. The toast was pretty decent. Overall, it wasn't bad here but the food quality seems to have gone down a bit and the service was really poor. The waitress left us all with a bad taste in our mouths. It was disappointing and I don't know if I'll come back here.

Elaine Vasilopoulos

Best diner in the area. Loyal, attentive staff, good food, good prices and always hopping. Highly recommend the dinner specials. We often split them as the portions are so generous. And we prefer Omega to IHOP for breakfast! Go try it.

JJ Lee

I went there three days in a row with my little baby.spacious, clean toilets and friendly service.


I have been here several times and each time the food seems to get worse. The scrod they served was tough, overcooked and tasteless. The omelette was just ok. The waitress seemed put out when we asked for extra napkins. She didn't even ask about beverages. I think when you charge $22 for scrod it just taste decent. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience here. Don't get stuck eating here.

Sara Li

I went there three days in a row with my little baby.spacious, clean toilets and friendly service.

Silvia Bragulla

The best diner we had lunch in. Great food, generous portions and the staff is incredibly attentive. We were greeted and seated immediately. The place is immaculate. I gave them 5 stars but they deserve more.

Alyssa C.

Friendly, professional staff and good food in large portions (I.e., get your money's worth and leave satisfied!). There's parking all around the restaurant which is super convenient. I've always had good experiences with diner food, and Omega Diner lived up to that. The Manhattan clam chowder was just the right consistency, neither very thin nor very thick, and there were good amounts of potato chunks and clam. Very bright inside the restaurant, owing to the large windows allowing natural sunlight in addition to the lights inside. The coleslaw was also very creamy and not tart the way that I've found coleslaw elsewhere to have been. My entree, the diet burger platter, was a great value for only $11! The burger was a good size and very filling, especially for someone who hadn't had lunch. I love that it came with half a pear and half a peach with a large glob of cottage cheese (like half a container's worth that you'd see at the supermarket). I cut these fruits into cubes, and mixed them into the cottage cheese along with some honey (in one of those packets on the table), and there ya go, a cottage cheese parfait, if you will. Also happy with the service - friendly and attentive throughout. I recommend this diner for a good hearty meal!

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