Southern Spice

1635 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park
(516) 216-5448

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Tommy Wu

A decent place for Indian!I'd say it is above average, but not absolutely amazing.The mango lassi had a nice consistency, but it had too much of the yogurt flavor and not enough of the mango.The Chettinad curry was flavorful and spicy, but the sauce was a little watery in my opinion. The meat and veggies inside were okay.The cheese naan was a nice side.Overall, it was an enjoyable meal, but there was something that left me not completely satisfied and I'm not sure what it was.I'm not sure how prices are in other Indian spots lately, but everything pictured costs $30.

Dr.Anju Nair

One of the worst South Indian restaurants far by quality and taste.This was a good 30 mins ride from home to this place and the expectations hit ground level when we tasted it for the first time.The Chettinad chicken was so watery and very salty.The Chicken 65 was a horrendous small portion of dry chicken just tossed in some weird spices.And the Malabar Parrotta could never be eaten even by a Sabre tooth!! It was so hard and rubbery.Worst experience doing take out here.Don't recommend this place ever and never going back again.


Unbelievable cuisine served by a super friendly and attentive staff. Great spice and variety with different tastes than we’ve tasted. The kiddos loved it too. If you are in the area you have to stop in. This is the best Indian experience we’ve ever had…full stop. Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Sharon Alex

I got the chicken 65, chicken tikka and naan. The chicken 65 was so tasty and flavorful. The chicken tikka masala on the other hand wasn’t that great. The curry was the watery, had barely any flavor and the chicken was over cooked. The naan was okay it tasted regular, I would definitely recommend the chicken 65 if you visit.

Megha M.

Bought garlic naan and regular naan with butter chicken after having a major craving. The butter chicken was horrible. It was super watery with no flavor. We got it spicy and there was a little kick but it tasted horrible. I'm giving 2 stars because the naan was good and it was a while naan unlike some stores that sell 1/2 a naan. Was expecting better because of the reviews though.

G G.

So I ordered from here a few times now and my favorite items were the dosa and the whole fish in a banana leaf with the lentils and rice! I've tried the chicken tikka masala but not a huge fan! The best items were the items I mentioned already! Full of flavor!

brian pymm

Got take-out there. Awesome food and me being on a vegan diet they had Awesome options..

sinjojeseph joseph

I will never order from hear again cus its very expensive and I ordred beef fry, the quantity was so low. I was thinking it will be good for atleast 4 people and was not even good for two people. Iam very disappointed the owner needs to charge little more and give a bigger portion on his orders. Dear owner restaurants near you offer bigger portion for a cheaper or the same price. But why would you charge more and be very grimy on portion size. Please work on your portion size and charge extra if need be!!

LetMe B.

Not impressed by the food and especially the bad service. Plates didn't look clean. Food could've been 3 stars but deducting a star for the girl's poor service. Not coming back again. Jessi's in NHP is much better.

Kavita B.

Not sure how you can serve butter paneer without any salt...I requested it to be mild, not spicy - that doesn't mean no salt. I've dined in here before and liked the food, but this order for delivery was terrible. I felt embarrassed to have my guests eating this. Not going to order here again.

Joe K.

I ordered the veggie samosas and the chicken biryani. Spicy without being overwhelming and the rice was done nicely. I'll be going here again. My mom was very enthusiastic.

Valerie B.

Love this restaurant!! So happy to enjoy the food and the service is great. The owner is so personable and nice to chat with when my family and I visit. And we love to get take away as well. Love their chicken 65. It has great heat. Maybe a little too spicy for my dad but he's wimpy haha. Their samosas are delicious as well. They're huge too! So worth the money. We ALWAYS get the navratan kurma! It's delicious! It is chock full of vegetables. There's a lot of variety of veggies in it and the sauce is delicious. I love dipping the naan in the sauce. So good. We also love their paneer in butter sauce. Yummy!! You won't regret it! And their fruits and nuts naan is so sweets it's like dessert. Really we've not had anything bad here over the years!

Cindy Lan

We stopped in for a late lunch. Ordered butter chicken, malai kofta, and alu gobi, and paratha. I’m in a bit of a food coma following our feast but wow was it delicious. Each dish had such care into the preparation of all components, and such freshness in the curries. The malai kofta may be the best I’ve ever had, so tender and delicious and the curry was phenomenal. We always order alu gobi and somehow this was also an especially delicious preparation. Will definitely stop by again when we’re in the area.

Strider Syed

I have a lot of experience with Southeast Asian food given that my background and heritage is from there. The quality of the food at Southern Spice is among the best that I have ever had. The owner is very considerate and professional, you will not find better service elsewhere. If you are in the area, this is the place to go to fulfill your Indian cuisine cravings.

William G.

Rude staff, they "pre-make" most of their orders as per the man who answered the phone. Not worth the effort

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