Wong's Garden

1203 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 355-0568

Recent Reviews

Ray Saccone

Love the taste of the food, great service and nice people. Best Chinese aroundFood: 5/5


This used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant. Since the pandemic the sit down meals have not been up to par. I am not sure what is happening in their kitchen. You will have to get there early if you intend to dine in since their cut off seems to be 7PM. I think they focus on take out.

Caitlin Tillson

Honestly some of the worst Chinese food I've had in awhile. The scallion pancakes were so oily and flavorless, and the Chinese roast pork was large chunks in a container of broth (which isn't how I've ever had it, usually it's sliced and glazed). My boyfriend's rice was overcooked, which he said has never happened to him with a Chinese restaurant before, and the sesame chicken was giant chunks with soggy breading. Just overall disappointing and poor quality.

Danielle B.

Always fast, hot, delicious and reasonably priced. It took a couple of tries, but im happy to finally find a good spot for Chinese food around here!

Kevin Lee

Terrible Chinese food. It's ok for non-Chinese, you will not know the difference. Be careful they will charge you more than what the menu says. I even show them on my phone calculator and they will not budge. Always ask $1-2 more. I paid cash so its not like they charging me a credit card fee.

Barry S

You tell them less sauce, then they pile it on. Inedible

Robert K.

Ordered a ton of stuff for the office, it came in no time, and entire office enjoyed. Great Job!

Nancy B.

We used to get delivery from here all the time. But since covid I've been cooking more and ordering less. The food is fine. Nothing bad nothing good. It's fresh and their delivery is reliable. It's just basic Chinese. Lots of goopy sauces, over meats and vegetables. It's on a main road so there's no parking. There are definitely better places around but this is not a terrible choice if you're in a hurry.

DoneDeal Service

Great place, favor is always as expected, really good all the time, and they are very organized. You will even get a text message when you food is ready to pick up. They also have many ways to order online. Including their own website. They do take credit cards as well.

Vin D

I rarely give 1 star reviews however this food was so bad, not sure how the rating is so high. I eat a lot of Chinese American take out and this was so below average that I had to review it. The chicken and broccoli was completely tasteless, no salt and drenched in oil not brown sauce. The Ta Chein Chicken was described as hot and spicy but it was super sweet with no spice on top of being so soggy and inedible. I also ordered pineapple chunks on the menu thinking it would be fresh cut fruit but it was from a can! So upset I wasted $40 on food I’m throwing out.

Sheryl Baboolal

Good food and they follow directions well.

Andrea C.

I was thoroughly disappointed when I ordered from here yesterday. I have been ordering here for 20 years, so I am very used to the menu and quality, but yesterday was off. I ordered beef with broccoli, which is one of my favorites and the beef tasted old. Ordered wontons as well which were delicious. Hoping it was just an off day. Very disappointed.

Sim Lyriti

We are using Wong's Garden for 20 years, when the girl was in school and doing her homework in the restaurant, a small kid, wearing glasses, cute as a button. Now she takes care of the place, still a family owned, Chinese restaurant, very small but always busy. We never had a problem or complaint about the quality or time, we order by phone, and by the time we go to pick up it is ready; we live at 10 min. walking. The portions are big, we never finish it in one day, fresh and tasty. Fair prices and very polite, always.

Dhir Shah

Scallops were fake. NOT HAPPY AT ALLLook I've had imitation crab before and am not against it. But to not SPECIFY that it is imitation is not ethical.

Barbara M

Good prices fresh tasting food and fast delivery

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