Yesterday's Diner

443 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 352-5290

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Mike V.

Still the best diner in town great food. the staff is very attentive and they all make you feel like family especially jose, we were so sad to learn he is no longer working there. He was a big reason we came to the diner. He was always lots of fun. And we became use to seeing him wish him all the best

Jim D.

I stopped by there the other day on the way home from the casino. I've been there before and was pleased. Our experience the other day was fantastic. Everyone working there were happy and pleasant. We ordered our food and it's was delicious and the portions were huge. We had enough for the following days dinner. Our waitress, I think her name was Edith, was the best I've encountered in years! She couldn't do enough for us! I left a 30% tip, and I don't usually believe in tipping, lol. I can't wait to return. The specials were around $16. Mom and my girlfriend were similarly impressed!

Neil P.

Just average diner food. Not much love goes into the food. Tomatoes are almost transparent and appear to have been frozen. At least how they looked and tasted on my burger. IMO the omega diner is the best in the area

Yuri Langel

I have eaten here at least a dozen times, mostly for breakfast, and I have never been disappointed. Portions are large, service is fast and friendly, and prices are reasonable for the area.This place is aptly named, as it retains the 1950s look of a classic American diner.

Teddie A.

I have picked up a variety of things from this diner mainly veggies. Their waffles are fantastic btw. But what moved me to write this review was a bad encounter I had from one of their waitresses. I had picked up an online order and when the waitress handed it off to me she had a look of disgust on her face and she made sure not to touch my hand. At first I figured maybe it was covid but she wasn’t even wearing a mask and I was funny enough. At first I thought my clothing repelled her but I was in my business casual work uniform. The interaction was so vile and bizzare that right after it happened I looked back at her and she still had a look of disgust while slowly walked away to the other end of the diner. Now the only thing I can think of was that she didn’t like my race I am black, and maybe this was a racist interaction. Which again is surprising since it’s the first time it happened there and there are many latino workers there.


Highly argumentative and rude owner! Youre not the only diner in this town lady. You can say buh bye to the 4s cuz 3.9s is right around the corner and you did it to yourself with your belligerent attitude in a service industry. Unbelievable! Oh and stop blessing people and wishing them the best when you don't mean it, what are you the pope?

Vincent Campanale

Great Place! We ordered breakfast. Poached eggs w bacon home fries and toast & Pancakes with Bacon. Everything was delicious, food was served quickly, staff was extremely friendly and attentitive. The owner came to our table and thanked us for coming. I will definitely be back again soon.

o zihovah

Chicken fingers didnt taste too good. Brown in the middle, ordered a childs meal hotdog, fries and ice cream They didnt have a hotdog roll so they put it on a hamburger bun and gave us rice pudding, and mayo taste old.Burger, coleslaw and pickle was ok. Limited parking handicap parking isnt wide or long enough another car will hit your car reversing out.

Joe M.

I serve at a diner in New Jersey, So I know how a diner should operate... And boy was this diner great! My server was so welcoming and friendly. Service was really fast and the food tasted amazing. Im not often in this area, but I defiantly want to come back.

Rick L

Wow. I'm taking my family out tonight and was researching this place. The owner's response to every negative review, even the mild ones, seems to be "not my fault", "I've been here 20 years so, too bad", or simply some version of Don't come here if you don't like it. I would say with reactions like those, the over-under would be a lot less than 20 more years. I'll find some place else.

Bhavesh Gandhi

Great little diner that we frequent. Staff is friendly and remembers our preferences. Food is good, fast and fresh. Always hits the spot. They were a little short handed today but service was still acceptable. They forgot to serve the waffle we ordered or the jello from the child’s meal.


Great spot for Brunch. Excellent service and food.

Rachel Ortiz

Wonderful customer service. The waitress was accommodating, knowledgeable on all questions asked by my mom and she had a great sense of humor. I ordered Belgium waffles with over easy eggs, oh my goodness YUM! I have pinned this spot to my Google maps. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by.

Susan Cromwell Lee

The best homemade soups! Today, I ordered the steak shish kabob. The steak was so tender, served with ( soup- Yankee Bean is my favorite)vegetables and yellow rice, with a light gravy. Absolutely unbeatable. Yet, I say that about everything they do, as they do it with pride and love for their customers.

John Lawrence

Great classic diner. I had the western omelette with american and a side of sausage. Exactly what you would expect when you crave an old school diner .

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