16 Handles

153 2nd Ave, New York
(212) 260-4414

Recent Reviews

Lucy B.

The delivery is consistently prompt. The preparation is quality. Great variety of flavors and toppings.

Pedro guzman

There's a lot of flavor to choose from very tasty . Very clean , pleasant work and a nice place to go to .

Jaspreet U.

The froyo and topping options here are great! The interior has a fun, hipster vibe. My complaint is around food safety concerning food allergies and the lack of awareness that the employees have. I came in here after dinner with a friend while visiting town. I noticed the Reece's topping bits were scattered all around the counter area near the bin, which is also where a few of the toppings I wanted were located. I asked the employee if I could please scoop the cheesecake and Oreo toppings from the container behind the counter as I am concerned the Reece's may have cross contaminated the other bins and I have a severe peanut allergy. I'm not sure if the employee did not understand the severity of an allergy or if he was surely convinced that there was no cross contamination, but he responded with "that's in a separate bit". I tried to repeat the cross contamination issue and he replied with "the cheese bits are frozen in the middle". I was very confused by his response and a bit appalled at the establishments lack of education to their employees on allergies. I ended up scooping a few toppings from a non-peanut zone and still enjoyed my froyo. However I think it is really important to have more caution and awareness for food allergies, especially at a place that may be frequented by little kids.

Diego Toro Muñoz

It's icecream is good...tks my friends!!

Reah Miyara

Good yogurt. Staff hate their lives and hate you as a result. Don't ask for a sample cup, they might throw it at you.... speaking from experience.

jose cruz

Great experience with my kids, such a nice staff

Sheridan S.

Incredibly rude women working customer service. Two girls with straight hair treating us horribly. Will not be returning, were not being treated as paying customers. Pink berry is better anyway-

Sara A.

Please change your RUDE associate with the red hair and nose piercing. No greeting.. rolling of the eyes.. rude excuse me when I stopped for a SECOND from getting the birthday cake yogurt and I didn't even get to pay.. not happy, don't work! Disgusting kind of thing. I usually love the frozen yogurt but I left that frozen yogurt in the cup right there to walk out. Replace her and get a new individual who likes to smile for the front.

Robert Connolly

The place was great! Such a unique combo of food. Might be a good idea to have some ginger to cleanse the palate if you switch from the burgers to the sushi. The remixes on the radio were a nice touch! I’d definitely recommend.

Graceson Purvis

We've been coming to 16 Handles for years. Always a great selection of flavors and toppings. The facility is also clean and well kept. Thanks for the wonderful treats!

Ali Kortal

Worst service ever in my life. We got there right before they are closing last night, me and my friend were getting toppings we both were gonna get strawberries but there was cover on them. We tried opening it but they didnt let us open it. I mean since you are still open as a business mind as well let us pick what we want. So this place is not worth dont waste your time and money in this place.

Glori Rivera

So yummy! Enjoyed going with my daughter

railfanner6605 - Max Plati

Friendly staff, and very good fro-yo. Only one problem, not enough seating here

Miliana B.

I really liked it! Not enormously (or even a little) crowded, which may explain how clean the facility was, but I have no complaints about that! I did find that the choices, despite the title of the restaurant, were a bit lacking in ingenuity (especially compared the database of flavors available online). One thing I would like to see would be more separation between the frozen yogurt and the gelato flavors. As someone who eats within a meal plan, I would have appreciated more distinction between the two. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by this location and will definitely stop by again!

Leonard Charleston

Just had here the most amazing Yogurt. So amazing that I am afraid to get addicted lol. I cant say I am the biggest Yogurt fan, but here they have something else. Got little attitude coming from the person who work by the cashier. But still the Yogurt make up for that.

Deb L.

I placed an order for 2 frozen yogurts at 10:30. The store called twice immediately, saying that they were out of things. We asked for replacement items and were told they were putting the order together. Then...nothing. No delivery person ever came. I called the place at 11:30 (an hour after I was told it was in the worjs) and there was no answer. Finally (at Midnight) I had to call Seamless and cancel. This place is terrible.

Scarlett Taylor

I only like the cashew milk chocolate, and they don't always have it, but I understand.

Adam L.

Came in and was immediately greeted. Walked towards the back and customer service was beyond great. I've been coming here a lot and today when I came I felt really welcomed. The girl in the front I believe her name is Shay was really great. Will definitely be coming back more frequently.

Berenice Krohmer

Rude and unexperienced staff. Very bad customer service. I got to the story 10 minutes before closing and was told upfront that the story was closing on 10 minutes. I didn’t see the point but didn’t say anything. After I got my frozen yogurt that took me less than 3 minutes I started getting some chocolate toppings and the server rudely took the pot of chocolate away stating that that pot was already closed. Ii said that it wasn’t right to take a product of the customer’s hands and she didn’t apologized. Although I really wanted that frozen yogurt, I didn’t buy it. I said that I was going to call the manager and both servers kept laughing. They really need to learn how to provide quality customer services.

Dushyant Bharat Karani

Wasn’t very fond of frozen yogurt until I visited the east village location and was introduced to the numerous flavors that they had. Also don’t forget to ask the vendor for a free tasting, grab a few cups and get on it.

Jacqueline N.

The vegan froyo is SO GOOD. As someone who's horribly allergic to dairy, I like that there are ample options that actually taste amazing, and are low calorie. I go here way more often than I'd like to admit and will continue to.

Theresa S.

Trying to cool off and greeted by a rude employee. Greeted us to tell us we had 5 minutes. I turned to tell my friends to hurry up and started counting down- now 4 minutes. How RUDE!!! Next time lock the door near closing time.

Kait K.

Honestly, over it. They have increased the prices SO MUCH. Just paid $9.80 for a norm amount of yogurt and toppings. Insanity.

Carol Segura

The best ever!!! Love the flavors nice environment and not feeling guilty after eating

xiomara cortes

My son loves 16 handles so we come here often. The only thing I would say is the employees are careless. Blasting music so loud you can't hear anything they're saying. And most of the time they have an attitude.

Carmen K.

$14 for a cup of frozen yogurt...please justify this pricing for a treat. One lost customer among a sea people is no loss I know however your surrounding frozen treat competition gained my commitment of 30 plus visits this season....greed doesn't pay

Albert K.

Awesome frozen yogurt venue. Tons of toppings and choices with abundant seating inside also. The chocolate was spot on. Wish they had OREO toppings, but the variety with snickers, heath, and kit kat was more than most froyo venues.

Mays K.

If you like self serve froyo - I think there is no better place in terms of quality, variety of froyo flavor, and quality toppings than 16 handles. You can go healthy or indulge in cookie dough/pound cake toppings (yum)! I liked this wayy better than culture.

Smit Mehta

Amazing selection of frozen yogurt flavors along with dairy free options as well. Wide range of toppings available as well

Kelli D.

This is a plea for 16 Handles to please go back to its original formula/recipe for frozen yogurt. Every flavor tastes like the recipe has changed, and it doesn't taste as good as it used to. All the 16 Handles locations used to have amazing tasting froyo, my favorite it the city. Now my friends and I unanimously agree it tastes different and not as good, starting about 2 years ago.

Jordan A.

The name alone tells you that this place will be great, and it is. The flavors are unique and delicious. Service is just fine. Toppings are good, but I would be content with the flavors alone. Will definitely be going back!

Jazmin Garcia

I came to this site and the cashier was new but somehow really good. She was friendly, the environment was clean and it wasnt loud. I had a great experience here

Jennifer Michel

They are always adding a different yogurt base. I do love the cookies and cream cradled side by side with the strawberry cheesecake. Toppings? Go nuts! Although this particular location didnt have all the toppings available, it was more than enough to satiate the gluttony for froyo.

Jennifer Prushan

Amazing experience. Delicious froyo. Big fan.

Ginette Michel

They are always adding a different yogurt base. I do love the cookies and cream cradled side by side with the strawberry cheesecake. Toppings? Go nuts! Although this particular location didnt have all the toppings available, it was more than enough to satiate the gluttony for froyo.

Patrice Bailey

Try the Mango with mango flavor balls. Its delicious

Delores Nichols

One of the best and most refreshing icecream I have ever had, and I have a lot of icecream. When visiting SF we first tried their icecream from the cute truck in the parking lot. We loved it so much we had to go back. The mint icecream actually tasted like fresh mint so I'm considering that healthy. When we went to the shop, we got a tasting flight and no flavor disappointed. Can't wait to come back!!

Karl M.

I don't know how this place still has good reviews, terrible service, half the flavors are out or a different/wrong texture, and either the staff are crazy or their prices have gone way up. They tried to charge $30 for two small sizes!?! I've never paid more than $16 for two let alone one. . Not worth it at all. Not sure if it's worse that the actual price has gone up that much or if the staff are overcharging people blindly. .

Joey G.

Zero Stars!! This place is a joke. I placed an order and it is now an hour past its delivery time. I contacted a representative to find out they do not have a driver available for delivery!! Why are you taking orders if you can not even make deliveries?

Kelsey Boeshore

Disappointing experience. They ran out of the classic tart yogurt flavor and cookie dough and m and ms, which are the only two toppings I wanted. I asked if they had more and they said they ran out, I asked if they run out of things a lot and the manager said yes. I then asked that if they know they run out a lot, why don’t they anticipate it and have a backup of certain items. Manager basically shrugged.