1803 NYC

82 Reade St, New York
(212) 267-3000

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Keri Aprivelo Bannon

Great space and great food

Joshua Zarwel

Some of the best bartenders and staff in the city.

Judy Sky

We were a party of three and dined outside. The tables were nicely spaced and the sound level was quiet. We started our meal with oysters which were fresh and delicious. My partner had the gumbo which He liked. I had the Duck breast which came with a huge portion of creamy sweet potatoes and not so much Duck breast. The Duck was really delicious but I wish there was more of it. My Son had the split pea soup and Catfish sandwich which he happily devoured. Overall we enjoyed our meal and the service was good. We will probably come back to sample some of their other dishes.

Alejandro Noyola

We have been wanting to go to this spot for weeks and yesterday we finally made it. Went for brunch and stuck with the brunch menu and we were not disappointed. The food was delish and the service top notch. Returning soon.

Kemi A.

Had dinner here last week Wednesday, we were outdoor but there is also indoor option. Many people stayed outside.Surprised to see that they had a live Jazz band so that was enjoyable. Initially we sat right in front of the band but we moved before they started just so it won't be too noisy with the music. Tables outside had Plexiglass dividers in some areas.As for the food, we stuck to the happy hour options. There are quite a few things there to pick. The one thing we wanted but ended up not getting was the brussel sprouts and the escargot. We ordered several items first and decided we would eat those, and then order more as needed.Turns out we were pretty content with just 1 round of orders.My friend got the Sangria x 2. She said it doesn't appear strong initially but during her 2nd glass she realized that she was fully tipsy.I had a virgin strawberry like mocktail. I enjoyed everything we got (Croquettes were prob my fave) but the chip and dip. I only ordered it because a prior review said it was good.Uhm..it was quite bland. There is some chili flakes on the chips themselves but that dip was missing about a couple of spices. I ended up dipping my chips in the Aioli sauce the came with the grilled shrimp. Grilled oysters were delicious, I would prefer having a few more pieces of bread in the dish to clean up the sauce left in the oyster shells.

Mabel Kett

The food was amazing, prices were reasonable, we had the happy hour outdoor dining but the staff was very rude. Nice place like this needs better customer service.

Robin L.

First stop here after a 4hr drive. We were originally seated outside at a two seater table but asked to move to a bigger table. They were actually able to accommodate us and seat us inside at a high top. My boyfriend and I decided to share a meal since we didn't want to over order. Here's what we got...Congo Square Rhythm-it was refreshing and sweet but a few sips in and definitely felt the buzz.Cajun Escargot-so flavorful! I wish I had more bread to dip all the sauce. The sauce tastes like it could've been in a seafood boil. Definitely should try this!Crawfish Benedict-Salad was actually yum! Potatoes were ok, I added a little salt and pepper. The crawfish Benedict itself was good. It actually had pieces of crawfish. Mac & Cheese-so freaking good and flavorful! Loved the crispy texture on top and the gooey cheese when mixed. Definitely should try this!I wouldn't mind coming back to try a few other tasty dishes.

Paola S.

I'm so glad this restaurant is still open, it's the best place to share with friends and enjoy with a live music... amazing food , amazing drinks and the staff is so friendly Come here to try the grilled oysters, yummy!!!

Shirley D.

I've been wanting to go this restaurant since I initially learned about it months ago, and let's say I was far from disappointed. For starters, I thought the wait would be a lot longer (since it's walk-in only), but the host sat us down in about 10 minutes, and must I say this was on a Friday night! Now to the good stuff! For drinks, I ordered the Rose Sangria, which I found to be perfect: delish, refreshing and not too sweet! My friend ordered the Hurricane and thoroughly enjoyed it. The food: started with the grilled oysters (a MUST HAVE), deep fried oysters (not bad but I found it to be heavy on the batter), and Brussels sprouts, which were also really good, but could've used a pinch of salt in my opinion. For the entree portion, we ordered the Chicken, shrimp and sausage Jambalaya-- OMG it was delicious and filled with great flavors!! The consistency of the rice was also on point. We also ordered the pulled pork sandwich because two of the waitresses mentioned it being their fave! Speaking of waitress, Ashley was AWESOME and provided great customer service. Oh yea, the sandwich was pretty good too! Lastly, the dessert: Bread pudding, which was delicious! Came out nice and warm with a scoop of creamy ice cream on top and caramel drizzle all over the plate (YUMMM!) Needless to say, loved the food, I'd go back, and you should too!

Raymond Gordon

This has been my first time dining out since the start of the pandemic. A friend convinced me to go out and picked this spot. I was impressed on attentive our server was as well as the bus staff and others. They were very quick to clean up any spills, messes and keeping the tables sanitized. Now to the food, tried a few appetizers because they all looked inviting and I was not disappointed in anyway, the oysters were SLAP! Man that hurricane sure was good, also tried a drink called Oh the places you'll go,, very good. Bread pudding was good, could've used a fruit puree or compote to top it off but good nonetheless. I had the jambalaya and it wasn't disappointing.

Sebastian B.

Love this place. Their jambalaya is as well as their poboys. Also do not hesitate on getting some Mac n cheese or Poutine. Overall you can't go wrong eating here.

DeVante S.

Cocktails were amazing and oysters were super fresh. Wait staff was very responsive, helpful and quick. The food is amazing. If your palette can handle Cajun heat you will walk away MORE than satisfied and planning your next visit.

Val Reyes

Food wise the restaurant is amazing the food is delicious and you gonna enjoy everything from cocktails to main course, appetizers everything is tasty.I am giving 4 stars because the food is amazing but the service was really bad.we came at 2:00 p.m. for lunch and the server who was serving us took her about 25 minutes to take our order while she only had 3 tables and one of those tables came after us, she serve them first. We feel like she was ignoring us intentionally.Again the food was amazing, I'll definitely come back for the food.Btw I am a server too and I never complain about service but this time was exception.

Lauren T.

Honestly, I do not think I need to say much but JUST GO. I have recommended this place to four different people and they all raved about how delicious the food was! If you're not sold yet continue reading about the service, food and COVID precautions. Covid: All staff wear masks and menus are accessible through a QR code. There is also hand sanitizer at each table. When I arrived the place wasn't taking reservations. It's a first come first serve basis. Service: Upon arrival I was able to pick my table (it was early September around 2pm). The waitress was attentive and checkin frequently. Food: The food here is absolutely amazing! It was so hard to decide what to get that I committed myself to returning just so I can eat more. I ordered the jambalaya. The portion was huge so I had left overs and it was very flavorful. We also ordered a Mac and cheese to share. You must order that if you got. My friend had a burger and fries which she said she enjoyed and it was delicious. I don't remember the names of drinks we had but those were equally as delicious! Overall, would I go again? Without hesitation!

Abel Gregory

I happened upon this place because of the live music. The ambience of the outdoor dining is great and they’ve done a good job at making it a place where I want to sit outside. Cocktails were great and the staff were super nice. The food however was ok. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it tasted like the frozen kind you buy at the supermarket. The spinach dip was great and so was the jambalaya.

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