310 Bowery Bar

310 Bowery, New York
(917) 409-3036

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The guy told me to sit down??? Then they made us stand up. And it took me 20 minutes to get my credit card back.

Kaden Knott

Crystal (manager) bringing personal vendettas to work? Place is so trash and not only trash..... but expensive. plenty of bars within a 3 minute walk, much better deals, much better drinks too. not gon lie, bartenders aren't bad at all, wait staff was not bad. but that crystal ??? so so sour. wouldn't go there because their management doesn't respect clients. S/o the bouncer tho. To the owner I hope to aspire you to bring in management that is happy to have clients in their restaurant. Nothing worse than being in a restaurant where you aren't wanted. The worst part is we moved our table TWICE to help bowery accommodate a larger party... Really showed their appreciation for helping them out.

Connor Kostyra

Definitely one of my favorite spots in NYC, the bartenders are actually attentive, and it’s a lively place. The bouncers are always shining their light and telling you to move on the dance floor which is kinda annoying never felt safe standing anywhere haha

ted williams

Waited almost 30 minutes outside to get in and got turned around because I was alone. Honestly wouldn't have mind if there was at least a reason for this ridiculous rule which they also fail to advertise anywhere. There were 2 guys in front and 5 behind me. So in a club were they prioritize letting women in they chose to turn away one guy over a group of 2 or 5? Anyways I guess I will just lie next time and say that I am with a group already inside since that is what the bouncer was hinting at. Outrageous.

Wyatt Garfield

Nothing like trying to enjoy yourself while having stroboscopic flashlights shone in your face by employees policing every aspect of this space. Not a real party.

Karla Baez

This place has potential, but the service is QUESTIONABLE; we went on a Thursday night it was busy but manageable. The two girls tending the bar here rather talk to each other than anything else . Very frustrating also they either haven’t been trained or are incompetent the drinks where terrible . We didn’t even get a menu offered to us . Just depressing.


Such a cool vibe there, staff and management are very nice and down to earth.

Protim Choudhury

Was here for a birthday. Good pizza and beers on tap. The bartenders were both extremely friendly and professional.

The Commish

Cool bar and good service... Only thing holding them back from 5 stars is the mixed drinks were below average.

Shane Ward

Music was loud even early when that wasn't the vibe which made conversation impossible; probably a better spot later in the night.

Monte H

Great DJ. Ty at the door was mad cool. And the curly haired female blonde bar manager was super hospitable and kept the drinks coming. Place was packed and fun.

Nikita P.

Great vibes. Great songs. Good food and drinks. It does get packed so you gotta get there early if you want a good spot.

Miranda Roberts

This bar always has a super long line on Fri/Saturday nights. They let any girls cut if you just ask the bouncer, so expect a long wait - especially if you come after 8:30ish. Feels like a grown up frat party, lots of white men and mr brightside. Not worth it

Clark Rossman

Not a good bar. crowd is garbage. Most importantly this establishment is incompetent. Especially their blonde manager…. A KAREN.It says a lot when they don’t respond to their reviews. Take note people and drink somewhere else. Avoid the rats too.Update:This place is still TRASH. TRASH. TRASH. AND SOME MORE.

Michael Fuller

Great spot for a drink and some food. Pizza was solid, it's not a traditional New York spot but I prefer that from a bar. Something different. I enjoyed it, would absolutely go again.Pizza Adventures: Destination #150

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