Aretsky's Patroon

160 E 46th St, New York
(212) 883-7373

Recent Reviews

Brad Williams

Both the service and the food were excellent and what you would expect from a high-end restaurant in mid-town. But the real credit goes to the bar and the bar tender. They have a great selection of spirits and a warm, environment to enjoy them in.

Alex Niederman

Stellar menu, space, and cocktails. You're paying for a midtown dinner, but it's great. The staff is also very accommodating. Highly recommended.


This is a classic NYC steak hous with a lot of atmosphere. Good bar and several private dining rooms who are great for business dinners. Food is good, service is very professional but was at our visit a bit too rushed for my taste...

Eric Y.

Normally I usually try to use restaurant week to try and find new restaurants with much more exotic cuisine. Unfortunately the Winter 2020 restaurant week in New York seemed a bit lacking. Despite this, I wanted to at least do something for restaurant week and luckily I found Aretsky's Patroon. To be completely honest, I didn't really know what to expect but it was highly rated and seemed like had a great prie fixe lineup. The more I looked into the restaurant the more I liked it, the case was closed and reservations were made when I found out that they have live jazz and no corkage fee for 2 bottles. We started with the Duck Ballotin and Quail appetizers. The duck wasn't bad but I felt that it was a bit lacking in seasoning, the mustards and gherkins that were paired with it were excellent. The Quail was beautifully presented and very assertive in its flavor profiles. Served boneless and with an excellent smoky sear, it could have easily stand against any other type of meat. For my main, i oped for their homemade mushroom pasta. Although I did like the dish a lot I think it could have used a larger variety of mushrooms. I also thought that the pasta was a bit overcooked. I feel as if a mushroom sauce would need a nicer textural balance between the mushrooms and the pasta. My girlfriend opted for the seafood bouillabaisse, which had a nice variety of different sea critters. The flavor was excellent with me using bread to finish her sauce. For our dessert, I opted for the peanut mousse while my girlfriend chose the panna cotta. Although the selection didn't really wow me at the time, the peanut mousse was alot better than expected. It wasn't overly cloying and super sweet but made a nice balance between the chocolate and peanut ice cream. To be honest it kind of tasted like a reeses cup and I love those. According to my girlfriend the panna cotta was great. She really liked the fresh grapefruit giving a nice texture to the dessert. All in all, after my experience at Aretsky's for restaurant week, I would love to come back and try their full menu especially because of the live music and no corkage fee. On Fridays it seems that they have a rotating prie fixe menu that seems like it would be a great value but I would like to see them take a bit more risk in their menus. I feel that offering a fried chicken main or a filet mignon main seems like they are playing it a bit too safe. Although it is a bit fancy, I do like dressing up and spending a classy night out and Aretsky's seems like a great place to do that (despite the fact that I'll probably bring a crappy 8$ wine).

Jennifer Grimm

Amazing service, great understanding of how to balance flavors in each of their dishes and excellent portion sizes.

Holly Schulz

Mr. Aretsky (on the right) joined us for chat and photo!! We love this place- the rooftop bar is very cool.


Attended a group dinner, way too loud to have a conversation, service really slow. Crab cake was the best I have ever had, however the filet was underwhelming (tough, chewy, lots of silver skin and undercooked for medium (cold center).

Andrew S.

Dinner at Aretsky's Patroon is like relaxing into a favorite armchair - warm, cozy, comfortable. The dining room is beautiful. The staff is welcoming - Ken Aretsky came by the table to welcome us and the sommelier carefully explained in enthusiastic depth the differences between two wines from the same vintner even though they were from the very bottom of the extensive wine list's price range. The noise level is just right - enough to feel the excitement of dining out, but low enough to enjoy your companions. But it is the food you will come back for again and again - if you can afford it. Everything we ate was wonderful - the watercress salad with barely cooked but perfectly charred calamari, the ballotine of duck and foie gras, the bouillabaise with, again, perfectly cooked fish, shrimp, mussels, and clams, the buttermilk panna cotta with blood orange and a Campari granita. I can't recommend Aretsky's Patroon highly enough. Go.

Christie Rhoney

Impeccable service and wonderfully creative menu..!! Wonderful treats from the chef and table side Caesar salad that’s scrumptious!


Aretsky’s Patroon is a hidden gem in midtown east off third avenue. The food is delicious, the wine list is quality and the decor screams expensive.

Nina Kimble

Great service, food was phenomenal. Bread was literally melt in your mouth yummy.

Chris Becker

Food was absolutely delicious. service was great. wish I could be there every night. highly recommend it


Great, restaurant and bar for business drinks and dinner. Conveniant midtown location. Unlike most restaurants in the area, it’s quiet enough to have a conversation and the staff respects their customers providing excellent service, while not rushing you. I will definitely return in the future.

J. Brian Mitchell

Went here for a Company gathering, and we were crowded into a corner section of the bar upstairs. The drinks were good, but I thought the food left a little to be desired. Other people stayed for dinner and I did not participate there. Perhaps another visit will allow me to sample more of their menu, and I'll be able to amend this review.

Cynthia R.

One of the best dining experience in New York City. The wait staff is so helpful and full of recommendations. Everthing here is delicious, but my favorite items is the pomme souffle, whatever I get I will always get this on the side. There is so much to say and pretty much everyone has said it. Go you will not be disappointed and for anyone who is, they are having an off day not the restaurant.

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