134 Eldridge St, New York

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Bonnie P.

I love a good speakeasy and this place does not disappoint, the only issue is getting a reservation or even getting into the small place. I would say that tif you wanted to have this experience, I would highly recommend that you try to come during off-peak hours so that you can actually experience it, otherwise the bouncer will most likely not let you in, or add you to the never ending wait list (which from my experience I have sat through so many times and never actually got a call back to plan ahead). So there is no official menu, the bartender will come to you and ask you what you are feeling that day, from the type of liquor to the flavor and what you are generally in the mood for today. I had the pleasure to try three of their drinks and looking back I would say, three is definitely a lot! I probably should not have that many drinks in a short 1 hour reservation hahaha!! Would definitely recommend for an intimate night out with some folks!

Steven Z.

I'm a big fan of speakeasies, and Attaboy really encapsulates the true speakeasy experience with an inconspicuous entrance and no menu. You tell the bartenders what you're feeling and they'll whip up something for you. Both drinks I've had were great and the ambience inside was awesome. Each cocktail is $19 each, which is quite pricy. Great place to take a date or catch up with a friend!

Xs Xs

I don't enjoy writing reviews of any kind, be they positive or negative...but tonight warranted one. It was raining and as I went to put my umbrella away and walk inside, a woman comes barreling out and pushes me off of the sliver of step and onto the sidewalk. "YOU CAN'T COME IN HERE!" I try to explain to her that I wanted to grab a drink and put my umbrella away. I ask if the bar is full. Curtly, she says yes. Uhh, okay. The bouncer, or whoever (a larger black guy) comes out and asks to take my info for a reservation for a seat inside. He was rude, but not as bad as the woman who literally pushed me. At this point, I knew I probably shouldn't stay, but was unsure of where to go, so stood to the side to figure out my next move. It started raining a bit harder and there was a seat under their outdoor seating area, so decided to sit for a second. The "bouncer" came out and told me I couldn't sit there. To be completely honest, I only went because a bartender who works there had been my neighborhood bartender for years at another place, and I try to only go to bars and restaurants where I know either the staff is chill or the vibe avoid exactly what went down tonight. To top it off, I never received a call about my so-called reservation. Save yourself the headache and go to any other LES bar where the staff will not potentially cause you to crack your head open on the sidewalk if the bar is "full"/"lose" your reservation.

Laura Grant

The absolute best (well #1 out of 63 visited) in NYC, without a doubt. The cocktails are always balanced, creative, and designed for you by a highly-skilled and attentive bartender.

şükran meraklı

Amazing custom cocktails. Perfect experience to have your own taste....

Josh K.

Best cocktails I've had in Manhattan! It's very tough to get a table as the place is very small, but the vibe was great and the drinks were superb. They'll ask you what spirits and flavors you like, and make you a custom-made drink. Very cool bar!

Kevin's C.

Video Reviews here: Ok, so my friend's brother, who is way cooler than me, told me about Attaboy. This place is LOW KEY, hear?! If you're not intentionally planning to come here for cocktails, then you will likely overlook it. It gives very much exclusive energy. Like, the cool people club. You truly have to know about it to find it. In fact, you can't even just pull up and walk in. No ma'am. When you arrive, you have to knock on the door, ok? It's giving, "Wizard of Oz", when Dorothy and them pulled up to the Wizard's spot. They had to knock, first! Like, you have to knock if you wanna come in. Don't play with them lol. So, we sat outside because at the time, they were doing reservations only, and if you didn't make one to sit inside, then you were gonna have a seat outside lol. It was totally fine though. They had a nice outdoor set up, which actually made it more noticeable that there's a bar here. Without those tables, you'd have no idea. So, one of the most exciting parts took place after sitting down, ok? Listen. Our waiter comes out, greets us, and proceeds to ask us what we like. A menu? No. No menu. Let it go. He asked what kind of drinks I typically like, from sweet? to more dry? sophisticated? and so on. I usually go for a more dry, dark liquor cocktail, but knew I was getting 2 drinks, so decided to switch it up for my first drink. I told him I wanted something bright, with whiskey (my spirit of choice). He then asked more questions regarding what I like and don't like, so that the bartender could pretty much tailor a drink to my liking. This was beyond impressive. This guy KNOWS his.....stuff! Ok? The memory, the attention to detail. He didn't write anything down at all. It's very impressive and I don't think people realize just how much work this takes! These people are knowledgeable and deserve lots of credit. Ok so, he brought out my first drink and described it, beautifully! It was called a western sour. It was made with whiskey, sugar cane, freshly grated nutmeg, and lots of other delicious ingredients. It was a beautiful, mixologist cocktail, and tasted bright and smooth. It had a nice, large ice cube and a fancy straw. I mean, I truly was blown away. For the next drink, I told him I wanted to go in the dryer direction. I gave him more details as well, and he brought out an old fashioned. It was the best old fashioned I've ever tasted. Just so smooth and sophisticated. I was partially drunk by that point, so I forget the ingredients, but it was so well done. These are the types of drinks that I don't mind paying extra for. You're also getting a wonderful experience for the price. It's beyond impressive, and I plan to go again. Good, mixology-worthy drinks are not easy to come by, so I appreciate these gems! Attaboy is MUST!

Tiffany M.

My favorite thing about this place is the no menu concept. The interior design is very speakeasy and intimate. Though, this place is overpriced and a bit overhyped.

Jem S.

Adore the vibes and ambience at Attaboy. It is great for a small group of friends or a date. On weekends, there is bound to be a wait unless you get there upon opening. There are some outdoor tables. The bartender asks what kind of flavour profiles and base liquor you like and they make a drink for you. I've never had a drink there that I didn't like.

Alyssa P.

If you're looking to spend your money at a legit cocktail bar, then this is the place for you. Heads up, it helps to be hot or cool or the bouncer might conveniently tell you the place is full - worked for me and my friends but some guys who came before us didn't get in until much later. Anyway, Attaboy has a grand total of like 5 tables which only adds to its exclusive vibe. I'd tell you what I ordered but there is no menu. Yes, you read that right. No menu. Instead a professional mixologist comes to your table and asks about your spirit preferences and then they whip up something that fits the bill. Speaking of bill though, my drinks were pretty strong so I didn't remember how much the bill came to. My friends and I added it up and 9 drinks cost us over $200. It came out to be around $22 per drink. Hard to know how much you're spending when there isn't a menu but oh well - it was an experience. Overall, the drinks here are amazing, but if you're budget conscious or really picky then the lack of a menu or pricing might not be your jam. I'd definitely come back though.

Manil D.

Bouncer dose not know how to treat guests. He also does not know how to call people when it is time for them to enter the establishment.

Sanju S.

Came to Attaboy to give our name and number to the host at around 7 pm, we were told there was a 16 group wait but we were happy to hang in the area until we got a call. Strangely they don't use a reservation/ check-in software which would ease this process a lot. Instead, the host just calls you from his own phone... really weird and inconvenient. We ended up waiting for hours and hours without receiving a phone call. Came back to the place around 1 am to inquire and the host says he called us, but there was no missed call or text to be found. He handled the situation very poorly and was very unprofessional. We have heard about people having similar experiences and he treated other people in line poorly as well. Will not be returning. There are plenty of other bars in the area that are great and treat ALL customers well.

adalberto cruz

I got to try attaboys great cocktails!!! I love the concept of you tell the bartenders what you like and what you don't and they come out with perfect concoction. The room is tight and cozy. Definitely coming back. Make sure to reserve a table or try to go on a non busy day for walk-in.Tha k you for an awesome experience.

Tyler E.

Pretty cool speakeasy with an art gallery false front. Gets pretty packed. I don't recommend it if you want to go off menu with cocktails but I liked the rye drink & love that they named one of the gin drinks for Rose Selavy ♥️

fra a

One of the best cocktails I’ve ever hadAttaboy shows all the signs of a high-end cocktail bar: speakeasy-hidden bar entrance, delicious custom-built drinks according to your preferences, attentive service, great napkin game, and strong tap water refilling gameThe cocktail they made me was a Tequila twist on the classic Penicillin, one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. 5/5

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