Banh Mi Cart

Hanover Square, New York
(347) 633-7563

Recent Reviews

De Xuan Deng

bread is crunchy and yummy The ingredients are great

Elyse M.

Best lunch in Fidi. $6 is a steal--these sandwiches are HUGE. Don't bother with Subway. The bread is so perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft(er) on the inside. The pate and the pickled veggies are such nice contrasting flavors! I get it at least once a week and still haven't gotten sick of it.

Morris Logsdon

I usually get the #1 special baguette and it's great. Every time I get it, there's a good amount of meat and veggies. The workers at the cart are super nice and welcoming.

Emery Jennings

This restaurant is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this place. Whenever I feel like having a good supper, this restaurant comes first to my head. extremely good and many types of food and a large list of dishes.generous staff members, and great atmosphere. Also important, the cost is good. I recommend this place with no hesitation.

Joette Jones

I really like this cart and have been there several times over the past 8-9 years. It’s a good $6-$7 sandwich which has been pretty consistent in quality. Recently, however, the special baguette (#1) was served to me cold. I ordered the grilled chicken baguette two weeks ago. It was very tasty, until I noticed a foreign item in it that I’m thinking was a paper towel. Perhaps they were working too quickly (it was during the lunch rush) but now I can’t put it out of my head.

Jeremiah Johnson

Which one??? Really! they're all over Vietnam! And to this South Philly boy they are a gift from the heavens! Imagine eating hoagies for breakfast everyday! Thank You Vietnam! (Cam on Viet nam! )

Annie Y.

I love that there's finally another good place for banh mi sandwiches other than Banh Mi Saigon in Chinatown. I've been here multiple times and it's located right by the Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts on Water Street in South Street Seaport. They usually sell out of the Special Baguette but I think the Grilled Pork Baguette is better. There's nothing special about the sliced pork and the grilled pork also comes with pate. What more could you ask for? You can definitely get your lunch within 10 mins. and it'll still be warm by the time you get back to the office. Give them a try if you're looking for a quick bite!

Mark P.

Been coming to this cart infrequently, but for 8yrs. Can't comment whether it's been the same owners throughout, but it's been the same cart, slinging the same sandwiches on the same corner the whole time. A bit amazing. The sandwiches are pretty's tasty, pretty large and pretty filling. Combine that with a $6-7 price point (cash) and I think you have yourself a pretty good deal, especially in the Wall Street area where a sandwich or salad at other spots run between $9-13

Eric Shum

Great Viet iced coffee. Banh Mi is average. Not amazing but given it is a for truck, it is pretty good. I haven't tried their pho.

Shireen Kaboli

Delicious sandwiches and one of the best spots downtown for some authentic Vietnamese. Super quick too!

Doggos G.

It is good . I loved the #1and the #7

Jay L.

Excellent banh mi sandwich, very inexpensive, and the service was fast and courteous. It's now one of my 4 go-to inexpensive places in the fidi.

Dot Quach

Was hopeful for some good fast food Vietnamese in New York (finally), but unfortunately, this falls in par with all the others. Not enough flavor, too much bread, not a good ratio of meat to veggies. Summer rolls were also bland. The only plus side is that cart is quick and it’s very affordable! $6 for a foot long banh mi is rare in NYC, but it’s all about quantity and not quality.

Morgan Lopez

Delicious sandwiches. The tofu one my favorite.

Marc W

Same as all the others carts, but that is good

Brittney C.

The Banh Mi Cart popped up at the corner of John st. And Water st a few weeks ago. I am obsessed with the Pork chops with Vietnamese Vermicelli, also the Grilled Pork Chop Baguette. Prices are fair/cheap compared to eateries around the area ($6-$10), but you get a solid bang for your buck. Also, the worker is always pleasantly friendly. Wait time is a little long after you order (about 10 - 15mins), but it's definitely worth it. You can also call in advance to pick up.

Ami Y.

I was in the neighborhood and looking to buy a reasonably-priced lunch. The special bahn mi (first one on the menu) is $6 and it's about 30cm, which makes it a good lunch. The sandwich is pretty decent.

Michelle Z.

Pretty good banh mi cart in this area. Price friendly and delicious food. Make sure to come before the lunch rush (I went around 11:30)

Jeff Tan

Great, quick comfort food Vietnamese sandwich

Sharon L.

Third time...went for the third time. Am addicted to the pork baguette. Bread is so good and the taste of the sandwich is just perfect. Such a great value. Will try the other stuff one day. :)

J. Andrew Smith

Authentic food, quick and friendly service. Hanover Square every day - don't miss it!

Daniel Burka

Love this cart

Jeenie Y.

$6 for ab entire baguette of delicious meat and veggies? SIGN. ME. UP. So easy to order, delicious food, cheap, and perfect for a quick bite or for a picnic lunch with your coworkers or friends.

Vivian N.

I usually get the #1 special baguette and it's great. Every time I get it, there's a good amount of meat and veggies. The workers at the cart are super nice and welcoming.

Señora Seward

Sooooo good! It hit the spot. It might if gekped I cane here at 11:30am. Everything was fresh and I didn’t even finish my soup. I was so surprised how tasty it was. A true pho joint but from a cart!

James B.

I got the lemongrass pork on rice stick here, there was not an ounce of lemongrass flavor on it and the pork was dried out. The price is good and the people are nice. I'll stop by if i am absolutely desperate for vietnamese food.

Sarah L.

First encountered the BMC in 2014. A star removed because the wait can be godawful, but that aside, solid sandwich and obviously one of few culinary things I don't mind eating in that neighborhod that won't bankrupt me either.

Andrew G.

This is run by the same people who run the Hanover Sq cart. I have not tried that one but this cart on the corner of Water and John Streets serves up delicious fresh ingredients on real baguettes. Fresh crunchy bread, fresh veggies, cilantro, jalapenos. Great value too. I hope they stay!

andrew reis

legitimate banh mi - almost as good at marrickville, sydney.

Crystal Gale

Sooooo good! It hit the spot. It might if gekped I cane here at 11:30am. Everything was fresh and I didn’t even finish my soup. I was so surprised how tasty it was. A true pho joint but from a cart!

Sal L.

Great food cart in lower Manhattan by the financial district. The Vietnamese food is very good. The chicken noodle soup might seem pricey at $9 but it's really loaded with big pieces of delicious chicken, tons of those thin rice noodles and a quart of hot broth that you add to your bowl as you see fit. It's very filling. On my second trip there I tried the lemongrass pork chop on a bed of white rice and some veggies. Very tasty and again a nice, filling portion. I guess their "specialty" would be the sandwiches but I try to stay clear if bread so.... Worth the trip and the wait for the food which was pretty quick anyway.

Andreas Vagelatos

Good banh mi on very thick bread. Nice people too!

Jane D.

I was forced to deviate from my go-to lunch (summer rolls) after the BMC ran out of them by 12:30 p.m. on a recent weekday, and grudgingly ordered the beef pho, instead. My no-summer-roll funk didn't last too long, though. The generous portion of steaming hot, northern Vietnamese-style pho I received wasn't half bad, especially for a teeny cart specializing in banh mi. Fairly priced for the neighborhood and portion size, the $9 beef pho was packaged properly for takeout, with broth and noodles in separate containers, so that diners can combine them just before eating. My order came with two different cuts of beef, which I think were sliced flank steak (a lean and tender cut) and maybe chuck steak (thinly sliced with alternating stripes of fat and meat). The sliced flank was not served raw as it is in many places, for diners to cook in hot broth themselves, but it was still tender, flavorful and juicy, a good quality cut. The all-important broth was also fair, a simple and straightforward northern style without the anise, cinnamon or other the sweet spices used in southern-Vietnamese phos, not as fatty and unctuous as more traditional knuckle- / marrow-fortified versions. I had no desire to use the hoisin or hot sauces provided. Portions were generous, with a good ratio of noodles, meat and broth. The cons: - The flank steak was sliced very thick. It ought to be sliced very thin. (I prefer mine shaved, but I might be an extremist.) And it wouldn't hurt to have more variety in beef cuts IMHO -- but this might be another southern-Vietnamese bias. I would be beyond happy if I could get some brisket and tendon in the mix. - The pho came with cilantro, scallions, thin slivers of red onion, a lime wedge and a few stray mung bean sprouts, but no hot peppers, basil, culantro or mint. I missed my basil. - The thin (southern style) rice noodles were already on the soft side dry, so adding broth made them overly soft in almost no time. I personally don't mind ultra-soft noodles, but I know most folks prefer a bit more bite. Knowing my summer-roll fiending tendencies, I'll probably still try to score them, even in the dead of winter. But as the weather gets cooler in the coming months, I plan to chase those rolls with more bowls of pho -- even if I have to BYOB (Bring Your Own Basil). Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a thing.

Nicki Dobkin

the special sandwich was a little bizarre but the baguette was fresh. other items look much better and you definitely can't beat the price

Diogenes M.

Below average banh mi. If you haven't had one in a while and you are craving it, this will hit the spot. But if you are used to a quality banh mi and are expecting that here, it will disappoint. The bread and pickled vegetables are fine, but the meat is just rubbery. No other way to describe it then that. Is it pork? Is it rubber? Is it half pork and half rubber? The Vietnamese ice coffee here is solid, though. Probably should change their name from banh mi cart to Vietnamese coffee cart and less people would be disappointed, and I would have given a higher rating.

Anne L.

The banh mi is good. I can't really find any place that sells banh mi and this is the closest place that is convenient for me during my lunch break. If you look at the photos on the app, it is possible that you might think that there's too little filling. It's actually enough and filling. Also, as a tip, tell them to cut your sandwich in half. It usually should be done by default but they didn't do it for me. I would definitely come back.

Joseph Teutonico

A lot of bang for the buck.

Wil Tuan

Good bahn mi's and best value beef pho in FIDI. I usually get the traditional bahn mi ($6), and grilled pork (ground $6) and decided to try the raw beef pho ($9) just to see how it compared to the other Viet places around.

Vincent Jansen

Best Bahn Mi. Not just in fidi


You can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches. Nearly a foot long for under $10. The combination of sweet, sour, and spicy make your mouth come alive.