Café Frederick

mNJ book moiBlvd, 2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York
(212) 222-1987

Recent Reviews

Miles McDonald

Cozy shop with good music playing accompanied by excellent service.

Dee M.

Gave it another few tries. They don't care. There's about as much concern for the customers as someone minding a laundrymat. I'm now actively avoiding this place. Also, the coffee itself was never that good anyway. Something about the water they're using. Also, I'm looking at some of these other "5 star" reviews and they look fishy. I'm pretty sure I've been to this place more than most since it's very close to my home and I've never seen a cute design in my coffee and the food (when it's rarely available) never looks as good as the stuff I'm seeing in those photos. Are Amazon-style paid reviews now on Yelp or something? This is not a 5 star cafe. I would 'love' for it to be, but it's not.

Kelly W.

I go here, no joke, everyday for an Iced Tea. They have the cutest store and they have the best and reasonably priced tea around. Can't say enough about this small business. Highly recommend!

Anja Gardemyr

Rather small place - few tables, occupied by laptop-people. Took salad and an omelette - expected more for the money..

Jessica Hicks

Very cute neighborhood shop in Harlem. It's small, but there was enough seating on a busy Saturday morning. There was a mixed crowd when I went. The location is nice in Central Harlem and the selection of teas, coffees and breakfast items was nice. Prices were decent as well. I will definitely be back and recommend to others in the area to visit.

Vicky R.

I love this cafe. It's the perfect working environment, with a good mix of cozy couches and ample table space. Although it gets busy, I've never had trouble finding seats. It doesn't have many outlets but it does have fast WiFi and a bathroom! They have a lot of food options (crepes!!) that I've been eyeing for a while. But so far I've only come for their drinks. Their best drink is definitely their Nutella latte. A couple times I tried to be healthy, and get a normal latte but it definitely has a bitter aftertaste that the Nutella hides well.

Karla Sutton

By far, my favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood. I've tried all the newer ones that have popped up on Frederick Douglass, but I feel most at home here. They have the most room, with the best decor and the most consistently perfect coffee. Love the crepes and in the fall the hot apple cider.

Chi I

Excellent, very friendly service, outdoor seating options, good coffee and gluten-free crepes. One of my favorites!

Karla S.

This is by far my favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood. I try to come here as often as I can even after trying all the newer coffee shops that have popped up along Frederick Douglass Blvd. This one was here first and it feels the most welcoming and has the most consistently perfect coffee. There's also plenty of room to come in and sit and write or work on the computer or chat with a friend. It's bright, but cozy. I also love their savory buckwheat crepes and in the fall, the hot apple cider.

Debbie L.

The woman working alone did an amazing job serving everyone in a timely fashion. The coffee and breakfasts were light and delicious. This place was perfect.

Jane R.

Good coffee: tried latte, cappuccino, cafe au lait, espresso. Tasty crepes, savory ones look more like galette (buckwheat flour). Quiet cozy place.

Anne Fernandena

I can highly recommend this place. I worked there and had both breakfast and lunch. The food was good and affordable (Creme cheese bagel + tea for 5$ and salad + soda for ~11$). Also, the windows are huge and let a lot of light in, the seats are comfortable, and the atmoshere is calm and working friendly. The staff is fast and very friendly. If you want to work or have a coffee with a friend, this is the place to go.

Kevin W.

Love this cute little restaurant and it's menu. I came in on a Saturday for brunch and it was one woman working, she was taking orders, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Considering how busy this cafe was, I was amazingly impressed and how efficient and quick she was, so my five stars is partially due to her amazing dedication and service. The food was also nothing short of amazing either. They are known for their crepe breakfast menu items and it didn't disappoint. Not the largest, but surprisingly filling. It may have been the buckwheat, but I left full and my girlfriend couldn't finish her meal. Very well cooked, no part of the crepe was dry or burnt, and the breakfast ingredients worked very well with the buckwheat crepe. Also has a small outdoor seating area if you're here in the right weather.

Christopher Focht

Great place to sit down and get some work done. Fair prices for some decent food and good coffee. The staff is friendly.

Will Shelton

Bought this breakfast crepe, tasted vaguely of soap. Also bought a macchiato which was fine, but my food was straight bad.

Alana T.

My regular spot to work -- after living in the neighborhood for a decade, this cute cafe is exactly what I'm looking for with wonderful lighting, great WiFi, decent drinks, and nice seating. The drinks are a bit pricey, especially for the neighborhood, but for the entire experience, it's worth it. The crowd also comprises other young professional types, trusty laptops in hand and AirPods in ear. A great neighborhood spot exemplifying the improvement in the area. So glad to have you!

Mekkie P.

If I could give no stars I would! I came into the cafe around 5:50 on Monday July 15, 2019. There were only 2 customers sitting in the cafe. I place my items down and went to the counter to order an ice tea. The man behind the counter never said hello to start off. I asked him for an iced mint tea. He said he didn't have it iced. I asked him if he could steep it and pour over ice. He said yea. Then he says $3. The board said 16oz $3.25. I asked could I have a large, he said it's $3. I paid and sat down. Then i went back up and asked for the wifi. While he's looking down he says it's over there. I'm like over where? He looks up and points to my left so I'm looking and I don't see anything on the wall. So once again I say excuse me I don't see it. He says in a not so nice manner "it's on the mirror." So I proceed to go back to ny computer to see if the WiFi is coming up. Of course it isn't so instead of bothering him from his looking at his phone, I'm choosing to leave. You would think that this place would value their customers, since there are several coffee shops popping up in the area. It's a shame that I won't be back, because I was planning to use this place to host weekly meetings with my clients.

Matt Emschwiller

Didn't try brunch food but the paninis were terrible, very dry. Also the side salad is of pretty bad quality.

Bernadette R.

Good place to do work. The wifi worked well (including outside). There is seating both outside and inside. I was there on a Sunday afternoon, and I felt comfortable doing work at this time even though there were people there for lunch at the same time. I was also happy to find a cafe that offers food beyond pastries. However, I am giving Cafe Frederick a 3 because I got the lox crepe, and I really didn't enjoy it. There was too much cream cheese and not enough salmon. It was hard to eat. I'll be back, but I won't be getting the same crepe and may be hesitant about ordering food.

Malik Abdur-Razzaq

Quaint uptown coffe/ breakfast spot. Amazing Café au lait

Wendy H.

Nice healthy breakfast spot that is one of the few places open early in the mornings. They serve Brooklyn Roasters coffee and have healthy options. The flavor of the cream in their berry crepes seemed a little odd to me until I found out it was a homemade cream with a sour cream as the base. They are going for healthy options, so I appreciate that! A nice relaxed vibe with a great view through their windows.

Principal Ellman

Cozy work space. Great food and service.

Tangerine L.

Crepes are premade and reheated. Bacon is precooked and deli meats are highly processed and everything including the chicken is microwaved. Overpriced for portion sizes and careless management.

Edret Matt

came here this morning for breakfast, and wow! the food was incredible, the theme and layout of the place was beautiful and retro, and had a great vibe. coffee fresh and good. would recommend to anyone staying in New York. amazing!

Chandell Gadbois

I really love this cafe, good vibe and good food. I really like the food, but it's in need of salt and pepper.

Samuel Leavin

Tasty food at a reasonable price in a great atmosphere with friendly staff.

Joao Pina

Good food, excellent service! Great Chocolate Oak Milk.

shana l.

Such a cute place. We came here to have some coffee after brunch. I had their Nutella latte. I'd travel all the way to Harlem from Brooklyn for this. It was really good. I expected it to be really sweet and it wasn't. Perfect balance of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut. It's a nice vibe in there and on the quiet side. Perfect if you have some work or reading to do. Their food looks delicious so will be back to try that next time I'm in the area.

Sunny Hamrick

Lovely cafe, delicious drinks, very friendly service, and a calm environment.

Marco L.

Love this place. Awesome vibe, and friendly staff. The food is really tasty for a cafe. Good place to study as well.

Eric C.

Perfect quaint environment for studying, having a small business meeting, or meeting friends a cup of coffee.

Kristine D.

On a main street in Harlem, Frederick Douglass Blvd. in the Upper Westside of NY, is this cute "Cafe Frederick." Not huge, but very cozy and well lit, which I love. It totally makes for the best foodie pics. Lots of art to look at, and a big painting of Frederick Douglass. Staff - friendly. Service - great. Food - delish and not crazily priced for being in NY. I usually associate any brunch spot in a big city with "expensive." Not the case here. I would say the prices are what you would pay at any brunch spot, really. What did we get? Hubby had a sweet Nutella and Banana crepe and iced coffee and I went with the Avocado Toast of course, and NUTELLA latte. Yummmmm. Everything was tasty and filling. Oh yeah, "Brooklyn Roasting Company" provides their coffee, and they also sell their bags of coffee here as well. I totally enjoyed my brunch experience here. Check them out when in Harlem! They are open DAILY, 10am-5pm. Review #3 of 2019

Kayla Franceschi

Really enjoyed this place. The food options are fairly basic and standard, but very well-priced compared to other places in the area. I loved it for the atmosphere. You could come here with family, with a friend, or alone to do work. Very cozy.

Metadmoor J

Cute and cozy Cafe, but the food was less than stellar. The spinach omelet was bland and the one piece of toast that was served, tasted cheap. It was also overly priced for the amount of food you get. I won't return.

Nigel Lake

Good quality coffee, friendly staff, decent snacks.


I stayed at an Airbnb nearby and my host recommended this gem. I put off visiting until the last day of my stay, wanting something quick. Now I regret putting it off. I could have eat here every day of my stay. Service was prompt and friendly. My crepe was fresh and superb. Latte was very good! Overall, very happy with my visit. I wish we have a place like this in my hometown!!

Kreale Buie

Cute little cafe with great decor and in a really good location. The staff is really nice and the food is definitely enjoyable. I read for a few hours while i was there.

Abbie M.

A cosy little cafe with chill music and comfy seating. I got the tomato cheese panini and a ginger tea. The barista was very nice and the order came quickly, he even brought it to my table. The prices were very reasonable and the atmosphere was just what I needed to do a bit of work and also relax. If you're in the neighborhood you should check it out!

SweetPea Jones

The history about F. Douglas and books is my favorite part, second only to the healthy and delicious food. But I love everything about this place.

Albert Min

Great neighborhood spot to grab a coffee, beer, and/or a small meal and get some work done.