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China Blue is one of the best upscale Chinese restaurants I have been to in New York. The food is very authentic and I love the old vintage Shanghai decor. Compared to your typical Chinese restaurant, the portions are a little smaller for the price; however, the food really makes up for the price. I recommend the: 1. Shredded Pig Ears in Sesame-Chili Sauce 2. Fried Fish with Salted Duck Egg 3. Pork Belly with Mustard Greens

Came here for Sunday brunch with a friend and was able to enjoy a couple of dishes done very well. We decided to share vegetable dumplings, the eggplant with garlic dish, and one thousand year egg. The first to come out was the egg appetizer, which was pleasing to the eyes. The yolk had a creamy texture and the whites was transparent. The chili oil complemented the taste well. Next were the vegetable dumplings which were pretty standard. Good- the skin was thin and full review

This is a true HIDDEN gem. I put emphasis on hidden because I passed it everyday and didn't even know it was a restaurant!! It is extremely low key with minimal storefront advertising. But once inside you will be transformed into a unique space. The food is super authentic and it can be a bit crowded. So for being so hidden but still a great amount of visitors must mean they're doing something right!

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59 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018
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