Chipotle Mexican Grill

269 Amsterdam Ave Frnt 1, New York
(212) 580-6058

Recent Reviews

Ben Gordon

Great food that always leaves me full and satisfied. The service is also pretty good with servers that usually give you pretty large portions, but it?s overall a little expensive for what you get

Jami Stoudt

great food and great location. I would definitely come back again i highly recommend getting the stuffed eggplant for an app

Joshua D.

This is an excellent place to eat if you want practice working in the food service industry. The cashier threw a bag at me and told me to bag my own food because they were busy.

edward v.

This place is filthy. Every morning walk by garbage dumped into street on way to work.

Brett Goffin

I don?t understand why Chipotle has a good reputation. Been to this specific one three times and have always regretted it afterwards.

Julian Glickman

We ordered from here through Postmates. The chips were absolutely disgusting. They were too lemony, soggy and salty. Not to mention that the delivery took forever for a place that was 5 blocks away.

Einer Arevalo

The kids that work there serving with one hand and texting with the other. Very disrespectful not paying attention. The also put too much per on the chicken....

Rachel M.

I've come here a bunch and never had a problem. I ordered online and originally had a pick up time for 4:45 but then it bumped me back to 5pm. I got there at 4:45 and decided to stand in line since they didn't start my order yet and then I got to the front at 4:50 to tell her that I was the online order she said "10 more minutes" and made me wait even though no one else was in line behind me. AND they were out of Diet Coke last time I was here and this time water was coming out the Diet Coke button.


Genuinely an amazing delicious place to eat quick, easy and yummy.

Daniel D.

Just had the worst experience I've ever had at a chipotle at this location. Never have I felt so disrespected. As a heavy user (I eat chipotle 3-4 times a week) I will no longer be going to this location. I'm so frustrated and annoyed I don't even want to spend the time to explain everything that went wrong. Just go to a different one. If I could give zero stars I would.

A. Rivero

Shaquia is the best customer service employee. She jumps into to help wherever is needed and does it with a smile.

John Parente

Best chipotle in the area. No nonsense and well run.

Allison Cespedes

Some of the best Chipotle Iâ??ve ever had. Staff was super friendly and helpful after me telling them that I havenâ??t been here in over a year.

Mark Kenny

Friendly staff! Helps if youre not a jerk and dont think the price of your food includes belittling another human. Ive seen UWS snobs more than once unnecessarily being way too snooty and rude to the staff and they've always been so kind in return. Good people good spot for chipotle

Sartori A.

This Chipotle was the worst ever. Ran out of guacamole and Coca. I asked for 2 San Pellegrinos and I was given one. I had to question to get the second. Please take it down.

Enrique T.

I come here because it is convenient but this is easily the worst Chipotle restaurant I have ever been to. The following symptoms of bad service have characterized many of my visits to the establishment: -Salt bombs in the food. You'll take a bite and randomly be overpowered by an overwhelming concentration of salt in your meat, tofu or whatever. -Either noone here has been trained how to roll a burrito or they just don't give a crap. Your burrito will always be ripped or falling apart when you get it. -The line cooks will hang out and talk with eachother instead of serving their line of customers. I can't count how many times I've sat there waiting while they joked around with eachother instead of working. -They won't remember your order and you will need to repeat yourself if you want them to get it right. -They don't keep their dining in baskets stocked. You can eat your ripped burrito over the outside of a paper bag. If you ask for a basket like I did last time they'll give you one with paper that is dripping wet in one corner for some unknown reason. I think I might be a masochist having come back to this place so many times. I'm done. Peace.

Gracie G.

I decided to come here for a quick bite before work. The spot was empty but it was quite early in the day. The service was quick however, what I ended up receiving was a bowl of mess. They over did the sour cream and the guacamole. The lettuce was stale and the rice was hard to chew.

Jessy M.

Came for a quick lunch, and was extremely disappointed--although the service was quick, being in and out within five minutes with my bowl of white rice, chicken, black beans, salsa, and lettuce, I was disgusted to find tens of tiny hairs in my food. I first noticed it on pieces of chicken, which became pieces of lettuce, which became chipotle sauce, and noticed that it was even on the edges of my bowl! I am completely disappointed and repulsed at the thought of a worker's hair in my stomach, and I have never experienced this at any other Chipotle, much less any other restaurant before. I will not be returning.

Rio Wells

Went for all the veggie options on a burrito.

Donna Johnson

Terrible service. Employees are rude and food portions small. Go to another location.


Good place to cop a munch. Went for the first time yesterday and took the family. We all thought it was good. Fast and delicious.

Jefferson Lambert

Good place to cop a munch. Went for the first time yesterday and took the family. We all thought it was good. Fast and delicious.

Roger W.

I eat here almost once a week for years. How can it be the middle of summer and they are serving white lettuce? In fact this place offers stalks of white Romain lettuce year round on their salads and burritos. Come on Chipotle, if you are going to serve up healthy meals at least serve something with nutritional value.

Martha Panagiotopoulos

Worst service. I was given the wrong order, the staff were working that quickly, they appeared to want to be out of there before closing. Ordered a vegetarian burrito, was given a beef burrito with all the wrong fillings.

King Less

Great place to eat. Food was good, environment was clean, decent and quiet. Not much of a selection as its either a burrito or a bowl but you pick what you want. Expect to pay like $10 for a dish

Audrey Elumba

Affordable, super speedy service at the counter, and a hearty serving. Fast food but better. :)

Chris T

First time every at Chipotle as I am from Canada. Wonderful food. Thank you America.

Robert Murray

Good food for the most part. There seems to be a conscious effort to make portions smaller & smaller. This appears to be universal, more than 1 location, apparently a management decision. In the same sense, I'd recommend a conscious effort to explore your options & go elsewhere

Anne H.

I got food poisoning here! Severe food poisoning. I reported it to the health I hope they give this place a serious inspection. Chipotle has had some history of uncleanliness.... guess I know that for a fact now. Woof.

Carol D.

Terrible experience! They need to get it together before they have 0 customers. I asked for a bag w a handle and the ignorant girl behind the cash register says "you have to have more then 2 items"... So I say excuse me? And she proceeds to ignore me, not look at me and doesn't give me the bag. Since when do you have to FIGHT for a bag at Chipotle? Lol I mean cmon really?! Get it together!!! The manager goes what do you need? So I tell her the situation and she just hands me the bag. I'm like ok no apology? First of all, that is NO way to treat a customer and secondly when a customer asks for a bag w a handle you give it to them! Period.

Joshua Degreiff

Update 4/17/2019: No lettuce, the lady she didnâ??t any decent to put me lettuce even I asked here doesnâ??t matter what chipotle supposed to have lettuce, the portions are cheap as you can se win the photo no cool anymore since the manager Ariel left this store went downhill as you can see.

Sophie M.

EVERY time I go they they have run out of something. Lettuce. BOWLS. Chips. Rice. Guac will be a 20 min wait. Always, always missing something. And you still have to pay full price. They need to be managed better or have supplies planned better. Worst Chipotle.

Ivana Carevic

This was one of the worst experiences Iâ??ve had in Chipotle. Waited in line for more time than it should be bc online orders were being prepared by one person while the others didnâ??t bother to help customers in line. They didnâ??t have all the sides or the drinks that are clearly displayed. No forks. I would give them one star for service but i still love Chipotle food so two star would be enough for this particular establishment.

Jessica Keeley-Carter

The staff are super sassy and mean!! Good guacamole tho...

manuel Ferreira Martinez

What can I say every location is as good and consistently good food at a good price plus is way healthier than any fast food chain

Shorna marii

Food is okay. Attitude of workers are really bad. Theyâ??re very rude. They give attitude to customers and each other. I donâ??t know about anyone else but I wouldnâ??t trust people who conduct themselves like that, to make the food I eat. And the tables were dirty.

For the love of Animals

the food quality is excellent, the store is not, there was a bum with all his junk during in a window seat asleep, easy because it's out of view of employees, not particularly inviting when you coming in.

Margaret Cardenas

Food is fresh and yummy. The staff here is super nice and always very helpful. They have bowls, tacos, sladas, chips with guacamole and even margaritas!! Because of the location this place can get pretty packed especially during lunch hours. No parking structure only street parking. It is right across the street from the train station and bus stop so high traffic. Lots of tables so great for eating in or lunch date. Definitely try them!!

gina smith

The Patron margaritas are really good. Strong but not over powering. This location on W72nd is very popular so it can be hard to get indoor seating. Very clean, and staff is friendly.

Sam Kiamanesh

It's Chipotle. No amount of ecoli or food poisoning warnings will make me stop eating it.