Chipotle Mexican Grill

269 Amsterdam Ave Frnt 1, New York
(212) 580-6058

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Jon Gimpel

I am removing my post as a bad review as it was made up - but we all need to give each other a break. I get it, you have a hard day but so have "we", your customer... We are are also working as well long days (and stressful ones), NYC heat is oppressive and the last thing we look forward to is an easy meal.... I think we both need to remind ourselves with all of the stress out there. We need to give both each other a bit of a breathing moment, step back and charge forward. I appreciate the correction of the meal

Edward A.

Ordered 2 bowls and tacos through seamless. Food arrived late. We were handed the wrong bags. Delivery guy had to return. Only to realize the order was done 1/2 a disaster. Steak bowl, only had steak all the other food that goes into bowl completely missing; how does that happen. Tacos were soggy. Guacamole appeared "not fresh" but refrigerated from another day. What the hell. Seriously. Talk about poor training and lack of quality. Seriously disappointing. It will be a long long time before I can trust this place again.

Leo Sheppard

This spot offers amazing service as well as enjoyable menu. My favourite restaurant around here. The meals came out quick and the rates are reasonable. Will definitely recommend this place.

Betty c

One of my favorite places to eat. fantastic location, neat, and awesome service. Keep it up!

Supriya M.

They are notorious for messing up pick up or delivery orders- they only fill HALF the bowl! Last time they sent a chicken bowl when I ordered a vegan one, this time they forgot to add beans!! I am literally having rice with salsa and as usual no one is picking the phone up..they forgot to put guacamole on one of the three tacos- like this particular chipotle has never ONCE delivered the order correctly.. never ordering from here again

Ryan Clanahan

I love Chipotle, and this one is close so it’s not like I’m going to totally stop going. But it’s such a lousy experience that I go less often now and order less when I’m there.

Tina D

I walked in to place an order and the person gave me attitude because i told her to change her gloves as i am vegetarian. After telling her to add little more rice she started giving me attitude and telling me about portion size and that i cannot have rice and salad leaves together in a bowl. She rushed through the whole order and started telling the lady at the register to add extra charges for getting the sauces on the side. I told her i have been having chipotle since past 10 years and never had to pay extra for sauces. When i told her about the rice on the side, she said thats also extra. I have had a very horrible experience with this location. 2 veggie bowls that would have cost me $18 approximately ended up costing me $25 because i asked for hot sauce and sour cream on the side, the ingredients that are included in the bowl. I am highly disappointed as i work in the neighbourhood and thats the only chipotle around. I will not be returning to this location again. but one thing is for sure , such employees should not be hired if they dont have patience and manners in talking to their customers.

Rm a

The lady serving me was very rude, like I don’t understand why the white people in the area get special treatment and the blacks don’t. Seriously like lady I’m spending money too. Sorry you were mad like I’m a paying customer. Horrible experience

Layla Shedwell

Barely any tables but the food there is always great

James G.

A reliable chipotle location managed and run well by local young people. They are friendly keep the line moving, tables/facilities clean during peak hours understand this is a neighborhood hot spot for people of all stripes. Food is always fresh, warm and portions are generous. They even helped me find an alternate way to pay right before closing when I forgot my card. One if not the best fast casual option around!


The staff is great. Fast service.

John Ballard

The food was excellent as usual however the service was highly disorganized. When they confused an order they threw the food out instead of simply adding the food necessary to complete the order.

May X.

The staff were so rude. They literally based the portion they gave you on your gender and race. I went to this store quite a few times because it was convenient. After a Caucasian cashier yelled at me today, I cashed all my rewards and I will never go back again. What a pity, food was good, but terrible attitude. I hope their store manager sees this review.

Ladytron C.

Believe me, there is something special about the cuts and how they season their steak here. I discovered this totally by accident (I usually get chicken but got steak here on a whim while traveling through the city) and since that time, I've ordered steak bowls at other Chipotles (in NYC and elsewhere) and NONE of them compare to this location's. Now that I live on the UWS, if I happen to be around the 72nd St area, I will make time to get a steak bowl here. Haven't been disappointed with the taste and quality.

Shekeithra Foster

Some of the servers do good portions but I didn't get one of those servers. Also, I kmow its fast food but I felt rushed as I was trying to make my selections.

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