Chipotle Mexican Grill

150 East 52nd Street, New York
(212) 682-9860

Recent Reviews

Briaunté W.

My mom and I have been on a Chipotle high for the past couple of weeks. Whenever she comes over she brings us take out from Chiptole. We both ordered burritos, one chicken and one carne asada. My carne asada burrito had white cilantro rice and my mom skipped out on the rice. She's not a fan of rice in her burrito. We asked for extra Chicken, extra Carne Asada, Queso, extra Corn Salsa, extra Shredded Cheese, extra Fajita Peppers, and guacamole. They screwed up our order and charged my mom for something she didn't actually receive.

Ricky T.

Worst location. Rice is always undercooked and they give half portions for everything. Any other chipotle I've been to gives portions that fill the bowl. This location gives barely half that.

Justine B.

I've been to this location a few times. You cannot go here for an earlyish lunch between 11 and 12 because all the ingredient they put out are not fresh and looks like they've been pre-made awhile ago. You have to wait for them to change all them out around 12:30. Seriously not exaggerating, the guacamole was totally brown and hard on top. It looks like it was made the night before. When I asked, "is that fresh, why is it brown?" the girl laughed and didn't answer me. You can't be pre making guacamole like that. That's not appetizing or sanitary.

Kevin A.

Chipotle, my faithful friend. There have been few times that i have been let down by a good ol' burrito bowl. This location was fast, friendly, and provided great portions and service even during the lunch rush. Was here twice in the past two days because i was so satisfied. i will probably visit another time before i leave.

Atoz W.

This is definitely one of the worst Chipotle's to go to. Always serving half, uncooked stuff. Most of the times, the rice is uncooked and served to unsuspecting customers. Obvious no way of checking before you trek back to your office and find the flaw. And then trek back for a refund or replacement. Avoid this location !!

Abe B.

I walk in at 9:15 pm. As I get to the counter the girl doesn't even make eye contact. She just starts saying "no black beans. No brown rice. No chicken for the night." Then just continues to sigh when I decide I'm still gonna order from what they have. I'm not asking to make more. I'm just saying ok I'll still order form what you gave. Sorry that you're still open and available to serve a customer. Step it up yo!


A good choice for fast food. We ate there twice and it was really tasty and fresh. Burrito with chicken was my favourite.Friendly service.


Took a few passes to communicate what we wanted with the person behind the counter. Ended up with the correct order. Food here is consistent with what you expect from Chipotle. No surprises good or bad involved.

Arlyssa C.

Great food. Fast service. I went today to pick up my food and Noelia, the girl that tendered me- noticed I was over charged and corrected it. I had no idea ! I will definitely return- especially since I work in the area. Always neat and clean - and all the staff are friendly and I have not had a bad experience thus far.

Tasnia S.

Last year I found a plastic gloves in my food. Never went back. This place needs to go through a sanitation check.

Will E.

Chipotle is awesome - it's a standard in fast casual dining at this point, and earned that title for a reason. Fast, easy, delicious, and generally high quality for a decent price ($11-12 for burrito + soda). Location Pros - Ample seating (most people dine out during the lunch rush) - Take-out window - Line moves fast during lunch rush - Free refills on soda - Clean Location Cons - Quality can be inconsistent compared to other locations (e.g., oversalted rice) - Subpar weatherproofing (eating there during the winter months can be a struggle since cold air wafts in whenever the door opens. This definitely needs improvement)

Commissar C

Cheap and healthy, nothing flash, just good honest tasty food. Donâ??t expect a scintillating conversation with the serving staff...

Pretty Ro

This was my 1st time at any of these restaurants. I was not impressed, the taco was just blah.


This Chipotle offers good food with quality service at a reasonable NYC price. I opted for the chicken burrito with chips and salsa and it runs at $12.00. The line moves quicky and efficiently.

Alvan Leung

Good food. The consistency has been lost some in the couple of years I've been eating here. But the store is always clean and the employees always friendly.

Tiana B.

This chipotle location is nice, upstairs seeting is always a plus, I however dont get the best service up there (sprint). They also dont have wifi, so if your looking to come here to work while eating, think again. Food is average chipotle taste, with employees being very friendly. I really recommend ordering ahead as this location gets PACKED. Lines are almost out the door at around 12-1PM (basic lunch rush).

Erin McMurtrey

Super disappointing today for lunch. My burrito was bland and small. I feel like their standards are really dropping.

Christo Meid

Amazing customer service. I overheard an employee training a new cashier: she was giving him life lessons and leading by example.

Alejandro Vite

I'm Mexican and the flavors and tastes made me feel at home. Get the Carnitas Bowl, it is authentic Mexican flavor!

Carlos Ramon

Welcoming staff. Good food but the portions seem a bit stingy. The prices are fair as well. If you fancy some chipotle this is a good spot.

Kaitlin Nelson

Taco Tuesdaaaaaay! I love getting tacos here when I'm not hungry enough for a whole burrito. And this location is never busy!


Busy during the day but super quiet at night. Great for late nights in the office.


The food is fresh and delicious for being basically a fast food place. It's like a subway, you pick what you want (salad, bowl, tacos, burrito etc) and then pick all your goodies/toppings and they make it there in front of you. The service at this location was great. Really good value for the price. I was definitely satisfied for $9


The food is fresh and delicious for being basically a fast food place. It's like a subway, you pick what you want (salad, bowl, tacos, burrito etc) and then pick all your goodies/toppings and they make it there in front of you. The service at this location was great. Really good value for the price. I was definitely satisfied for $9

Shana H.

I like this location because it's less crowded than a lot of the other chipotle locations. The atmosphere is more laid back and the associates are way more friendly than I've experienced at other locations.

Bethesda R.

OK so here's the deal. I LOVE Chiptole. Their chicken bowls with brown rice and guac are quick, fast, and easy and a great pick me up on the run. I never feel gross afterwards and they consistently taste AMAZING. The whole ecoli thing really freaked me out though. Like, how are you going to be a huge international chain and have Chiptoles EVERYWHERE and let that happen??? That is SO scary, especially for people like me who go and eat there 2 or 3 times a week!! Chipotle, I want to love you again but I'm not sure I can come back. This whole ecoli thing is a little too cray cray for me though so I think for now I'm going to have to PASS, even though it makes me VERY SAD!!! 3/5 stars


Great MEXICAN FOOD at a great price. We visited for the first time and loved the idea of a burrito or a bowl. Lots of food for the value of money and drinks go large here.


We decide to try this place and we were not disappointed, fresh, tasty food, service was excellent and the staff were very helpful

Denise R.

All chipotles are not the same !!! This chipotle had friendly staff, giving good sized portions !! I enjoyed every bite !! I can also appreciate when the fajitas aren't burned to a crisp and their peppers and onions were perfectly cooked !! Another great meal at chipotle !

Dani P.

Not the cleanest location. There was Sour cream from under my tray picked up from the counter but I love the outdoor seating. One time in this location long ago, I transported my stay-in tray to a table before digging in and my bowl slipped right off and dumped everywhere into a seat!! Rice and toppings everywhere! RIP! Some young guests beside me saw it all happen and convinced me to ask for a new one. Not escaping embarrassment, I did and one of the guests came beside to vouch for me joking he had proof because "it's all over Instagram!". Funny guy. The cashier reluctantly agreed with his help. Had I known better then, I would've bought them all a patron margarita. Anyway, the outdoor seating and hidden side street location sells me this place and I'm usually outside at night by myself.

Rachel Fox

I ordered online and it was very late. Would have been faster waiting in the long line. :(

Joy G.

I have witnessed many a terrible incident at a Chipotle. Once a woman screamed at the cashier for the unforgivable sin of putting guac directly onto her salad instead of on the side. Fisticuffs almost came to pass when an assembly-lineman accidentally used the tomatillo salsa instead of the fresh tomato salsa. A girl once asked for three extra helpings of fajita vegetables, thus leaving none for me. The problem with customizable Mexican fast food is that everyone thinks their combination is superior to all others when really ... you're just eating sour cream soup. This Chipotle is no different, though I imagine its location make the lunch lines pretty awful. The girl working the tortilla stand blinked at me when I made a split-second decision of skipping the rice for my burrito bowl (yes, I should have requested a salad, and yes, I messed up the precise order of How Things Are Done), but I'm giving extra points for that generous dollop of guac. Not going to say any errors that may have been committed by the people assembling my burrito bowl (er ... salad), because, well, it should be mandatory to work in a restaurant for at least a year, just so people know better than to scream at someone who makes their food.

Carol Lee

The quality of their food was absolutely failed to meet the standards of what I typically expect at a Chipotle (and I don't have high expectations for any Chipotle!).

Ahmed M.

Service here is iffy but I mean who looks for customer service at Chipotle? I don't know what the fuss is all about or why people love coming here. Its over priced mexican street food. I come here on occasion during lunch break at work but not my ideal lunch spot. Don't get me wrong, the food is not bad, its just bland. Even when you add all the things on the side, its still begging for flavor. Also its not exactly healthy either, watch when you add sour cream or guac, they will add a large soup spoon on top of it. Thats an added 1000 calories lol I will come here when there is no where else to eat but I rather go to Jackson heights and have some real mexican street vendor food than a commercialized over hyped over priced wanna be mexican spot.

Spencer Vairo

Friendly staff and quick lines during midtown lunch rush is a huge plus

Alfred N.

One of the hidden gems after a great workout out at Blink Murry Hill. Not situated on a high volume Street like Third Avenue or 42nd so you won't be on line with a walk in customer off the street. The chipotle customer at this location know exactly what they want and will not hold up the line because they are indecisive. My only wish is that Chipotle closes at 11 pm oppose to 10 pm so I can have a longer workout. This Chipotle was deep behind enemy lines and manages to stay afloat while the two Qdoba situated on a Main Avenue, (52nd, 40th & 3rd), with tremendous traffic like strollers to gridlock exposure still manages to fold. I can't believe how strong the brand Chipotle has become.

Karina F.

*TIP: Place your order online and you can pick up direct from cashier within 30 minutes! (If you arrive and order is not ready, they will prepare for you immediately which is like cutting in line :P) Burrito Bowl is the way to go! Sofritos (tofu blend) is actually really tasty. You can also do half/half different meats. $9 incl tax for chicken+sofritos. And I like adding all the different types of salsas so it's less dry of a bowl. Portions are pretty generous (not pre-measured) but if you want more, don't be afraid to ask! I've been to Chipotle for years and it's one of the more consistent options but I'm a huge fan of their ongoing "Food with Integrity" initiative.


Attack of the clones!

Peter M.

Nice chipotle's location. There is seating downstairs and upstairs. Remember, you can order online ahead of time to avoid the inevitable lines out the door! The online pickup option is so convenient and the young lady that handles this station is very pleasant :)

Jason R.

I think everyone in the world can appreciate Chipotle, I surely can. Anyhow, I guess it's technically a "Fast Food" Mexican restaurant. They have Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, and Nachos. The standard for Mexican. My two conplaints are the extremely long línes during lunch time (Anytime between 1230 and 2PM) and how cheap they can be with rice and/or meat. I typically get a veggie bowl without the meat and they barely give any brown rice( Ask for the extra scoop and they will give it to you). On the few occassions I do get the Steak bowl, they give too much steak, Go FIgure! Although, I have many fríends who are Chiplote enthusiasts who complain about the chicken portions they give. Overall, this place is great, fairly priced and I wish I could eat here daily, but Chiplote can also give you a heart attack when you have 50 people ahead of you during lunch hour and only an hour to eat!!