David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

61 W 62nd St, New York
(212) 875-5456

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Lukas Kondrotas

Free wifi, quiet place and very good to study or relax

Sandra Serebin

They had a wounderful lemon tarts

Luna Lunita

Amazing sound system, aways a good place to dance, free events all year long.

Beau R.

This is marked as closed, but it is very much open as of 11/25/22.I've seen this mentioned as a good place to remote work in a couple lists online. It's a nice atrium adjacent to the ticketing office across the street from the Lincoln Center.Beautiful space on the whole, slightly unclean vibe one might expect from a well trafficked public space. Has maybe 20 or so tables that can seat four each. Has solid free wifi but not seeing any outlets.

Brett Kelly

Nice little refuge at Lincoln Center for taking a break, getting information, having a refreshment, and hearing some excellent music if you hit it right. Worth passing through when in the neighborhood.COVID has rendered this place practically abandoned during the day which is tragic. Check it out. So peaceful.

jess b.

I've never left a Yelp review before, but as a professional musician I had to let people know about this venue if they care about the live music experience. This is truly one of the worst places to listen to live music in NYC. Not because of the staff (they're lovely), not because of the bar (it's totally acceptable), but because of the materials of the room (& possibly the sound mix). Cacophony bending sound into more cacophony. It's torture on your eardrums. Maybe this place is acceptable for an acoustic guitar & 1 vocal, but a basic 4 piece band cannot be heard - & musicians deserve to be heard!

Blaine A.

last i checked, this place is temporarily closed. not sure when they'll open up again but it seems like a great space!

Lincoln S.

Calming space, an oasis in the city. I studied for my securities exams there. A friend who studied for the bar there suggested the space. Livelier than a library therefore you can stay awake but you can also put on your earphones and get work done. You can also get a beverage and a snack there. One of the best spaces in NYC that can be defined as a "Third Space" (Sleepless in Seattle reference).

A. Olatuja

A lovely venue with a warm and beautiful staff that makes you feel like family! A definite stop for both tourists, artists and locals who have an appreciation for the arts!

Gabriela Vergara

The lovely music was wonderful, the Musicians are so talented and happy to share their gifts, they got us all singing and swinging! ????

Linda Madueme

Wonderful venue with great live music performances and dance parties. I've been to several of the Vaya! 63 parties (on Friday evenings--always free) and seen incredible bands with lots of salsa dancers. Just be sure to get there early as the venue can sometimes reach capacity quickly,.forcing latecomers to wait in long lines indefinitely. But if you ever find yourself in that position, just wait it out, it'll be worth it!

Cyrus Somevani (Cyrus-the-Virus)

One of the better free venues with free internet. Over the years it's become a hangout for "homeless" people and many of them smell bad, and worst they smell up the bathrooms too. Such a shame, this used to be so much cleaner and cool.

Robert Fertig

They have great performances, and they are sometimes free!Downsides: the coffee is very expensive and they need to get more chairs

Marie Enigma

This review might seems strange to some or extremely helpful to others. In search of a bathroom and a decent place to study, I stumbled upon this place. I've walked by here numerous times but I didn't know it was open to the public. This is a great place to get some studying in if you can grab a good spot and have some headphones. This is a great spot to watch some live performances. This is also a amazing spot if you need to use the bathroom. After trying 2 different Starbucks, this was definitely a step up. A lovely front desk officer directed me to the bathroom which was on the second floor. They give you a key specific to the bathroom door you'll use and it can't be opened without it (I love privacy and security in a bathroom) and the door is from top to bottom. They even care about conserving water. I'm such a geek for these things. Definitely returning and not just to use the bathroom ?.

Tim Hays

Lovely location, plants, low key lighting. Designated quiet low noise zone. Cafe w hot drinks, soups, snacks. Lincoln Center ticket booth. Gets crowded, patrons tend to be territorial about limited seats w backs, tables. Benches available, drank coffee, sat on floor. Not the best but okay.

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David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

61 W 62nd St, New York, NY 10023
(212) 875-5456