Dim Sum Palace

59 2nd Ave, New York
(646) 476-8846

Recent Reviews

Joshua Creech

Good variety of traditional options. Fast and friendly service. I did not eat them but the table says a must eat is the BBQ Pork Buns.Food: 4/5

Jeffrey Mosburg

TMI version: Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and when the waiter saw our dim sum order he slowed our roll and cut our order in half. The result: 12 amazing dishes that left me satisfied but not bloated, which is my usual condition after visiting a dim sum establishment which I enjoy at the time but regret later.Short version: excellent food and staff that treat you like more than a customer.

Thanade Sawasdee

My first time eating Dimsum in New York city . The food very tasty. The service was great . I was order Soup Dumplings Shrimp.Noodles and Congee. I highly recommend my friend to come here to eat .Food: 5/5

Caro Wood

Reliable and traditional dim sum selection though you order from a graphic menu and food is served directly out of the kitchen rather than from rolling carts.Food: 4/5

Vu Tran

Possibly my favorite dim sum spots in the city.So many places’ shrimp dumplings are off the mark; with rubbery, hard to eat skin or skin that’s too loose, salty, and easily falls apart; but this restaurant’s is on par with some that I’ve had in Hong Kong- skin that isn’t soft but sturdy, and the meat is springy. A must order.The shu mai and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves were good as well, with soft and supple sticky rice, and savory shu mai.

Brian Kwong

While you won't get the classic smell of steamers, the rolling of carts, or the bustling sounds of table after table of Chinese banter, what you do get is a very comfortable and upscale experience. The ambiance is very modern, it's quieter, there's a bar with drinks and booths for seating. This isn't your classic Cantonese Dim Sum experience per se, but you do have all the options the culture has come to know and love. Is this the best dim sum you can get in NYC? No, but is it a solid choice on a hot summer day? Yes. If you're in the area and you want superb service and atmosphere while you eat dim sum in a very well air-conditioned venue, this is for you.

Jiacheng Liu

Nestled in the heart of the city, this 5-star dim sum palace is an absolute gem. From the moment you step inside, you're transported to a world of culinary excellence. The elegant decor, infused with traditional touches, creates a welcoming ambiance. The menu boasts an extensive selection of delicate and flavorful dim sum creations, each bite bursting with authenticity. Impeccable service adds to the overall experience, with attentive staff who cater to your every need. The attention to detail in presentation is awe-inspiring, and the flavors are harmonious and unforgettable. Indulging in this dim sum palace is a true delight for all the senses.

Annie Zhou

I love that they serve you water immediately. Lots of dim sum restaurants don’t do this. Good selection of dim sum. Kind of expensive, but very authentic food.Food: 4/5

David Carrasquillo

Very good food service for me was good they made sure I was happy. Came with my kid than at another visit came with my girlfriend.Kid-friendliness: Great with my children very interactive and very patient. Kids asked for many things and they were satisfied.

Alèxia Solé

Recommended by @foodiemagician on Instagram … ..

Talia Fried

I have been to Dim Sum Palace a few times since a friend who knows good food took me there for the first time a few years ago. Quality ingredients and great flavors. Staff is great, too. I got dim sum and the chicken chow fun and it was all delicious. I absolutely recommend this spot.

Amber Auberzinski

Get their general Tso’s! The beef and broccoli was also perfect. The portions are huge, the service was fast. We also got pork dim sum and it was super delicious as well. We will definitely be stopping back on our next trip

Diana N

Very friendly service by the man in the suit and “UCLA Uncle” cap. The soup dumplings (pork and shrimp) here are better than those at hyped places like Din Tai Fung. The food is made with love and care, and you can feel it in the atmosphere.I recommend the cucumber salad as an appetizer which also gives a refreshing cleanse of palate between dumplings.We loved it so much we came twice! We were surprised to have a dinner for 2 amount to only about $40 per person with lots of leftovers and a lunch for 2 to about $20 per person.I don’t always leave reviews but when I do it’s because the service was exceptional and I felt very welcomed.

Tim J.

Decided to check this place out for weekend lunch; the line was long as expected but we got seated in 20-25 minutes. The servers were attentive, refilled our hot teas as often as they can. We ordered various dim sum plates, and beef Lo Mein, which were flavorful and filling. There are a lot of options nearby, but this is definitely one good options to consider when you are debating about which one to check out!

Denitsa Kosharova

Enjoyed this place a lot. The food was quite good - we got mostly dimsum and loved every bite. Food came quickly and and was hot and delicious. With i had more soy sauce. Atmosphere can be hit ot miss. We got a large rather noisy group halfway trough our mean but that's a risk you run in East Village. Looking forward to checking out UWS location.

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